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An ode to you

Have you been to the oneness? ...to the beauty of the stillness..? Have you seen the indefinable Nothing? Alone in a whisper, the one even Lao Tzu, tried to make sound Welcoming. Yet Have you passed the gate of screams? Powerful, no? Screams of illusion In delirium, Where with but a peek In a peak All humanity pain is felt Have you? Imagine not yours not his or hers But the tears of all running down your cosmic face. Stardust I tell you. Imagine to taste the vile Of every drunken soldier Fuck and lust, Pure disgust, Anguish, Pouring out with pure compassion From yourself In ..... Dismay and A hand taking you beyond Yourself. For in the human state The soul can only bear so much. Immortalis Chalis, Quan Yin, Mary, Sacred heart of Jesus, Savvy ...? One can not stare into the eyes of God too long Be crushed you will YodaLee. Way too much love Not pain. The screams Yes.....they are cosmic nature sounds. But the Love The love The love It is more than my human lips can wrap around your aching pulsating........ Much more beloved so much... It is you Whom I have seen. And you are Beyond words. Expand. 👉🐇 This be written by a servant of All. To not be used or replicated for each perception is of value and this be mine own. (C)ShaktiDurgaHealingArts.com I only guide #youarethedrug #vossosladroga #nodeath #expand #psychonaught #astronautadelamente Traducilo huevon #espiritualidad #cosmica #shaktidurgahealingarts #curandera #energia #ascension #poetry #wordporn #words #palabras #becarefulwhatyouwishfor #miami #miamibeach #mia #shaman #mystic #goddess Tantric shamanic #massage journeys and touchless No fucks given My sexuality is not for sale the journey is a trip not all can get high from #pastliferegression #visionquest Non massage offerings #events #nola coming at ya DM me my magic ones


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