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Aura colors snack bite

This really not be a full teaching on them I shall discuss more about how I perceive auras in

the Patreon and Conversations with Shaman, but for now am sharing a teaching of mine from 2013 or so to a student.

It's nice and sweet short do thought someone might like and resonate with it.

As a healer, I regularly work with the aura to heal the pains of others. The aura reveals information about areas of the body that are holding physical, emotional and spiritual pains, and being able to see this allows a healer to work on removing this negative energy. There are seven layers of the aura, and each layer reveals information about energy that has attached to the body.

Aura is referred to in many spiritual and reli gious traditions, from a halo around the head of Christ or the Buddha, the rainbow body discussed in Dzogchen, to the parts of the soul discussed in ancient Egyptian beliefs.

Aura levels

There are seven layers in the aura and each reveals information about someone. These can be looked at to glean information on what needs to be healed. Accurately reading these layers can assist someone to fully recover from any condition.

Etheric body: The etheric body extends 12cm

from the physical body, and contains an imprint on the health of the physical body and the senses. It is connected to the root chakra. (Muladhara)

Emotional body: The emotional body is connected to emotions of the self, potential and motivation. It is affected by suppressed emotions, rage, anger, depression etc. It is connected to the sacral chakra. (Svadisthana) Mental body: The mental body reflects a map of mental illnesses and pain, and when it is balanced it will keep the rational mind and the intuitive mind cooperating. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra. (Manipura)

Mental body: The mental body reflects a map of mental illnesses and pain, and when it is balanced it will keep the rational mind and the intuitive mind cooperating. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra. (Manipura)

Astral body: The astral body holds an imprint of the heart. Relationship pains with family, friends and partners are held here, as well as any hurts relating to discrimination and negative beliefs that have been used against someone. This is the body that travels to the astral and allows us to connect with spirits. It is connected to the heart chakra. (Anahata) Etheric template: The etheric template will hold pain related to the expression of the self, and how we relate to the world around us. Balance here helps us to find our place through speech, creativity, expression etc. It is connected to the throat chakra. (Vissudha) Celestial body: The celestial body is connected to the intuition, the spiritual realms and divine love. This is where evidence of spiritual attack can be seen the most. It is connected to the third eye chakra. (Ajna)

Ketheric template is a protective force that surrounds the aura

layers, that is strongly connected to Universal love. It restricts incoming energies and if it is blocked or out of balance it will be unable to block spiritual attack.

Aura blockages

Aura blockages result due to negative ener gies that have attached to the body. These can come about due to almost anything, from physical illness, racial discrimination, holding hate in the heart, emotions, or even just listening to a friend talk about their back pain (and then you take on the pain yourself). Healers often talk about meeting people whom have pain in the exact same spot that a friend carried pain. In my own healing journey I've experienced blockages due to someone mistreating part of my body, to blockages in the throat chakra and etheric template that came about due to screaming or talking out of anger. Blockages can come from almost anywhere, and you'd be surprised what your body can carry around that you hadn't even thought about

Aura Colours

The Aura can be multiple colours in each of its layers one colour, or the colours can hang around a particular spot on the body. Really there is no limit in the potential for variation here. The list below is some of the basic interpretations of the basic colours. There is always potential for variation in the colours as well or potential for unusual colours that may not be listed below.

Red: Related to the physical body, and the more dense the colour is, the more intense the worries and fears that are collected and carried in the body, and the more damage to the DNA from emotional and spiritual attachments, it is connected to survival and the instinct.

Pink: Loving, tender and compassionate nature. Can indicate clairaudience. When this colour is dark or muddied it indicates evidence of negativity being carried due to

dishonesty or immaturity. Often the colour found around a pet when nearby their human.

Orange: Emotions, vitality, creativity. Muddied colour indicates disturbances in self understanding.

Yellow: Life and spleen energy. Colour of

awakening and inspiration. Intelligence and playfulness. Muddied colour indicates struggling to maintain control, fatigue and stress. Taking on too much at once mentally. Green: Related to heart energy. Indicates growth and balance, a healer and love centred person. Often the colour of a pet's aura when around their human alongside pink or yellow. Muddy green indicates jealousy, resentment and playing the victim.

Blue: Cool and calm, the colour of beginning spiritual awareness. Related to the throat chakra. Peacefulness, clairvoyance and spiritual energy. Muddied colour indicates a fear of the future and unwillingness to face the truth.

Purple: Purple is the colour associated with the pituitary gland or spirituality. Visions of the highest level, someone connect with

spiritual love.

The color Grey can mean a blockage also where there are holes or gaps with grey or black muddy..it can mean addictions, past addictions, past trauma needing healing.

Some things can literally rip a home in your Aura.

As a healer I do a lot of work there for people. We do much needed recovery there.

The color Black: attachments, a person with all black Aura spots or visible darkness can also be shielding. Some do not mention this. A shield can come up in different ways ..

Edgar Cayce writings speak of him refusing or passing up a chance to get on an elevator. He confessed that when the doors parted he saw no auras around any of the people. That elevator went down .it crashes

down. All the people died.

Black also can mean entity attachments, past life hurt, Spiritual attacks and it can also be a parasitic person, an energy sucker, energy vampire.

People either can have a gift or message for you

You have a gift or message for them

Or be parasitic as Carlos Castañeda would say

So beware of those especially as an Empath. Shield yourself (even physically place your body in a shielding stance by crossing arms and legs)

As an Empath this greatly helps when people are dumping a bad day or their sad tales upon you.

So colors can mean things you read but also go with your gut as a healer and Aura seer because it's also perspective and interpretation. I follow the color norms and standards but my gut is top dog right beside that.