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Basic breath ..treats in-between chakras

Basic breath but including the body and increasing the awareness within the breath and motion more.

This breath is very simple and is amazing for balance as well as really feeling that energy body.

Because in and through out all of this, a huge key element is balance.

We can lie down with our play partner or solo.

All that is needed is a safe/comfy place to lay

Lying with flat back nice and straight.

Take a moment to breathe in

A nice deep inhale through the nose and as you do so imagine only inhaling through the Left side.

Use that 3rd eye vision, imagination station, that imagination and visualize the bright white luminescent light coming in through your nostrils and filling up your left side only.

All the way down your left leg and down to your left foot.

Now exhale through the mouth.

Lips slightly parted.

And allow it to leave your left side.

Now add to that

Inhaling and raising the Left leg while you visualize the energy ..the drama the breath filling only that left side.

Exhale and bring that left leg down.

Do this a couple of times more..to a nice fully present 6 times.

Now reverse it and do the same for the right side and bringing up the right leg on the inhale and down on the exhale.

You can hold the inhalers and exhaled a bit ..to add on to the time in Awareness or to focus on the breath really filling each side and then releasing it. Allowing each side to fill and empty and pay attention to any tingles or sensations on each side.