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Breath practice ecstatic breathing

Breath practice




Mmm yummy

This is more so for those who have done their breath practice and not really for someone coming from shallow average breath habits to this.

Lets do this.

Lie flat on the floor

No pillow

Flat back

Knees bent

Feet planted firmly on the floor.

Begin rhythmic breath

do so for a few moments

10minutes or so to empty the mind, observe thd thoughts

Put them in a cloud and let them

Allow them to go

Till you have a blue clear sky

Inhale through the nose and exhale as if you were blowing out a flame

Pucker up those lips blow out the birthday candles.

Now find that rhythm

Inhale and exhale without a gap at all

Keep it circular

Keep that circulation of the energy going.

Do so at a steady rhythm that isn't difficult but commands your presence.

Keep coming back to the NOW

based on the sound of your breath.

Sound = Now


Now add the pelvis

Begining of your thrust and breath at same time intro. Lol

Inhale and tilt pelvis up

Exhale through the mouth blowing out the candles and flatten the back.

Keep it going

Get lost in that


Rock pelvis


Imagine having sex

Get those fantasies going

Imagine thrusting into a beautiful warm pussy

Or thrusting up to receive a sweet hard shaft

Sexually open yourself up and be the expansive being that you are.

Breathe and rock that hip area and keep going imagine a spark and an intense ball of light building at your cock n balls or pussy.

Once you visualize

Sense or feel that it is lit

Inhale and exhale bringing that light up.

Like a ball of light moving up into the belly

Allow the body to do what it wants for now

Simply keeping in mind to witness


Observe the action

Observe the breath

Observe the motion

Observe the thoughts

Accept the ones that serve this purpose

Let the ones that do not go

You need not touch yourself for this one

At all

Allow yourself to get hard or wet just on Will

Allow yourself tp gurn yourself on.

Allow the energy to be

Just observe

You can will it up into your heart chakra or a lower chakra that may need more clearing.

Never allowing it to go down past base of spine

Do kegals male and female kegals

Both below in previous posts

Do kegals

Tighten sphincter

Tighten butt hole baby

Squeeze perin

But in rhythm

Inhale through the nose deeply

Exhale like you were blowing candles out

Rock hips up on inhale tilt lower pelvic area

Like when you fuck

Don't complicate it

Go slow but in rhythm


Spend time observing

Think sexual think hot with nonjudgent

Observe and accept yourself

Take it up to the heart and as you wind down breathe back to normal but deeply


And out

Visualize the inhale and exhale coming from the heart.

Spend time there

Happy trails


©2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts

If you wish to pursue the Shamanic more

Online is available however so keep very few students at a time

Any help questions etc

DM mindfully we can schedule a phone call where you have my undivided attention

Only way I do this.

The ascent of the Kundalini through the medullar canal is a very slow and difficult process. The path of the igneous serpent from one vertebra to another signifies terrible ordeals, trials, frightful sacrifices, and supreme purification. We must not only kill desire, but moreover, we must kill the very shadow of desire.

Samael Aun Weor

By destroying desire does not mean we do not experience pleasure mind you.

Remember rabbit....you were conditioned to believe you were weak and lacking. Shakti

As soon as beauty is known by the world as beautiful, it becomes ugly. As soon as virtue is being known as something good, it becomes evil. Therefore being and non-being give birth to each other. Difficult and easy accomplish each other. Long and short form each other. High and low distinguish each other. Sound and tone harmonize each other. Before and after follow each other as a sequence. Realizing this, the saint performs effortlessly according to the natural Way without personal desire, and practices the wordless teaching thru one’s deeds. The saint inspires the vitality of all lives, without holding back. He nurtures all beings with no wish to take possession of. He devotes all his energy but has no intention to hold on to the merit. When success is achieved, he seeks no recognition. Because he does not claim for the credit, hence shall not lose it.

Chapter Two - Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu