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"What we think, we become"


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Catch up. pics and words

I can not teach you anything. Not really. Not anything that you don't already know. For all I know you have taught to me as I so politely asked you to. I picked out the scarios of your chosen drama to see through you what I longed to see in me. Then realized it wasn't just a part it was the whole. All was teaching me even the very nature of myself, the biological the alchemical the emotion of the light, energy, the dark matter itself. And in looking at those who seek I whisper "seek no more". Put them all out of business this thing you are creating out of being trapped in your own game. Of death and dying, seeking and weeping. That's not you. Nothing is. And yet it all is in your psychotic group delusion of being something you are not. Hush hush say the lips to the deaf and so it goes. Am here. But here is just an echo from long ago. It would be narcisistic to say I can help you reach the point of consciousness you desire. For it is I who after all Found it in You.


Me writes at times.

Number 2 of ramblings It's beautiful. The awareness of it all. Consciousness evolving, change& the awkward stillness in the chaos of it all. It grew aware of itself too. For it was when God created man that man created God heightening it to new levels. Not a chorus of angels in sight just Zen. Shakti