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Continued Chakras revisited Sacral chakra

Sacral chakra and some info on how to recognize so as to explore this and connect with this which is a part of you more.

These are more of the prevalent /commonly experienced aspects of a weak sacral. Always good to not just know but to contemplate and make use of the knowledge for and in the process of self discovery.

We all experience imbalances through out life, we all experiences different things and attract our own medicine, our own soul medicine.

On our Hero's journey all is good. As long as you learn from any action and rise there is no shame in any of it. Definitely no reason to block that chakra system because it's all a most amazing journey. Guilt and shame do not serve anyone.

Courage is what is needed.

The sacral chakra

Your I have

Can experience negative effects from many things/ events/people and then some.

Trauma and abuse of course, take a tole on this chakra and it is one that is also about fulfillment and impacts pleasure as well as confidence/insecurity.

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, instant gratification


Unfulfilling sexual experiences just to have them

Impulse shopping

Excessive eating


Low vibe emotions


Apathy again as this is something that is ok at times.

There are things that you feel no connection to and can't relate to that are fine and healthy.

But then there is the blocking of emotions to avoid feeling them to most importantly avoid confronting certain aspects of self.

And if you can not feel/confront/ accept parts of yourself then how can you expect others to as well.

Also not being able to feel at all.

At times there are people that after a long time simply become very numb.

Sexually your fire is gone. You can fuck and perform literally but you are not even there at all.

Disconnected from self. Low desire because the gratification isn't flowing through you.

On a flip side hyperactive it becomes an insatiable libido. Off the charts but again, no matter the partner, never satisfied.

OCD can happen due to a weak sacral

Very hard core on having outside things be perfect to not have to deal with uncertainty or change.

(Kind of hard when change is inevitable)


Or sluggish

Low energy


Need to stir things up at times to feel validated

That angry sex junkie

Needing others emotional energy because of lack of courage to feel thrir own or deal with their own.

Many people will be addicted to dating drama or beautiful disasters (women too)

An extremist from no

emotions to too many.

Over dramatic

Again blowing up othets emotions and reacting in a hyper way to others instead of themselves.

Womb or feminine heath issues

Male erection or sexual issues

(Health as far as sexual organs/kidneys and lower back and stomach all in this region)

Some may apply some don't some come up in a major way after a season of trauma or you realize how you were vibing and how you attracted what you did.

If another person is vibing in the same way..you may be two different people but you are swimming in the same waves of low vibration and you will attract eachother. And if trying to save someone to avpid ypur own you will fail. If you are doing anything to avoid facing these you will fail.

Pretty basic or people will acquire this or that but still feel disconnected and numb.

Have a trophy wife but not feel emotionally satisfied etc. or Sexually fulfilled.

So always good to know thyself.

emerald tablets Thigh and such...not just my saying.

Much love


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