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Crystals 4 Obsidian stones back to black

Many people are familiar with obsidian.

There are also yoni eggs that are obsidian and used for womb healing and strengthening such as us done in the yoni egg practice.

For those into scrying, you are already familiar with the qualities of obsidian.

They are great for divination for many.

Something many don't know is that they are nature's glass formed by cooling lava for the most part.

Due to its rapid formation, it doesn't get to become a true crystal.

However it is very powerful in its own unique way as all is.

When getting aquainted with crystals, gems and stones always notice the qualities and details.

In obsidian's case we have sharpness, reflective, darkness as well as black, clear slate not just darkness.

Therefore it is sharp in its delivery of magic or intentions of manifesting your energetic desires.

Obsidian forms quick therefore be careful what you wish for it block because it may happen sooner than you may expect. It can also block way before you get a chance to change your mind.

No turning back at times.

It can help with your shadow self work.

The void the darkness and shadow hold past knowledge we can see in patterns in order to be able to cut the right cords.

Obsidian is beautiful black and so don't fear. It can help you with those things unknown and with facing various things that may not be obvious to the naked eye and conditioned mind.

Placing small obsidian stones on third eye is good if using in awareness. Using it to not fear the unknown and to have sharp guidance for seeing that which serves you.

Lucky lucky Jade

For some, sitting at a poker table or playing the slots without jade on them is unthinkable!

Jade has great lure in Asian cultures for bringing good luck.

It is far easier to go d than other stones and gems as it is found almost throughout the world.

Knowing that it is in the same family as Nephrite and jadeite is good because much is sold out there and jade does come in many colors.

Not only was jade used for good luck but also for crossing over, safe passage and transition for facing the next stage of life and existence as death is a part of life

Nephrite jade eggs or nephrite yoni eggs are great for grounding, peace and compassion towards self.

Jade does not form in the speedy manner that Obsidian is, it takes time and may take longer than you want but it's energy is longevity, strong, brings good luck due to that not due to some quick fix. It works with you through you and yes! May take time longer than you think.

One of my favorite is Petrified Wood.

The qualities and nature of it?

It has made its transition and brings that success so to speak with it.

Transformed from tree, organic material to silica and other matter.

It transforms into it's beautiful petrified wood crystallized state sold in shops very much surrendered to the process.

With that in mind work with it when you begin, with it's qualities and strengths in mind.

Also Earthy so very grounding.

If using in sickness you can focus on accepting and making peace with the pain so that you may use it and learn from it verses resist and be at war with it.

Great for that surrender.

Moving back to Black


Growing in popularity for its powerful use against Emf exposure.

To find out about Emf exposure do check out this site.

Again, no affiliation. I would love to be an affiliate of some things and anything against and healing emf would be cool but no, am not affiliated however they even have cool studies on their site that you can review.


If you can~ placing Shungite stones or pyramids bear your computer station, in your bedroom and living area corners can be beneficial. Especially if you already have headaches, ringing ears, trouble sleeping and other uncomfortable or debilitating symptoms.

In my work I use stones, crystals and gems either for healing or the shamanic and this one I use more as a companion stone. Like companion planting in gardens. Or partnering ups stone that is also grounding to increase that grounding or to slow down a little or for better clearer undistorted messages.

Lastly for this one a little on the Lápiz lazuli

The lápiz is one that came to me actually. I didn't own it or have it around and then during an evening with an ex lover I instructed him to take the stone out of his wallet.

Surprised, because he hadn't told me or let me know that he had a stone in his wallet, he went to get it and the rest is for another day.

It can be found in archeology as the stone placed on the third eye of mummies of pharaohs in Egypt.

It also has been associated with the skies, galaxy and universal energy.

Meaning I wouldn't use it for grounding.

It also has Iron pyrite which is why you Should NOT use it as a yoni egg.

You don't want metal in your yoni flower.

In my work, whether it was in the Vama Marga Tantra or in shamanic, the blue lápiz is a tool I use for increasing the experience of the connection between the heart and mind.

I like moving people up the connectors. The sacral with the third eye, the heart and crown, etc. Always a good thing to strengthen those connections.

More up next.

As far as other ways to use your stones and experience your connection with and to them.


For more on any of the offerings with added crystal healing please contact by filling out a full contact form.