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Crystals continued taking it deeper in the crystalline vibe

Crystals continued

The crystal energy is very powerful if you are atuned to it. Working with them can help one tune in more and more with their frequency.

Recognize the subtle changes in vibration. The gentle stir. Then as you tune in you become more sensitive to, let's say more of the same type, if you will. Some people will begin with some agate and always pic even out of a bag, eyes closed, the agate stone whether blue agate or green or other but agate nonetheless.

Or they will pick a protector stone or a balancing one all the time for a season in which that is the energy they lacked meaning if open to recognize the benefits you would genuinely receive all that protector energy. If not yet open to recognizing it mentally your energy may very well do so. And in other cases the person will be hyper in another area to cause a distortion not an accurate experience because they may not recognize mentally or spiritually, a protective energy even if it slapped them in the face.

I was always far more attracted to the raw stone not the polished. It was stronger to me.

Just a bit of info on getting aquatinted with and when working with crystals. You can go head first and pick stones you are at least visually attracted to, if able and if you like go for it eyes closed and go for what you are more attracted to by sense of touch or the randomness of chance and just pick one. If you want to open yourself up more to yourself and allow your energy body to expand, you can set some stones and crystals maybe even petrified wood and some coral filled rock, river rocks ..whatever you like and close your eyes. Hold your open pain above them, extending your middle finger towards the crystals and rocks below only about 3 inches not far above and use that middle finger as a point of a compass and see where you feel a tiny electrical pull.

So stones, crystals set on a table or ground etc. Hand, palm facing down, open to receive, middle finger as a pointer extended a little lower than the rest to be the point of that energy receiver ..and see what crystal or stone gives you that electrical energetic pull, zap or twitch. Everyone will feel it differently because we all are different.

That's the fun reality of it.

Then see what each means stands for in the energetic realm of things.

Crystals hold a lot of information for some. I personally don't question that because of how long they have had to accumulate it.

They are seen as spiritual tools very early on in humanity. Also found in very early archeological findings as spiritual and magical Energy tools.

And it was and is still also exploited.

Some make a huge buck on selling fake or low quality things.

So beware.

Some stones are associated with planets, so can serve or amplify the energy of an astrologist. That makes sense as it is all about being the proper vessel.

Another basic make sense, perspective would be that if doing any type of energy work and you really want to make it solid. Although you, yourself are the THE absolute magic the use of tools from the plant kingdom (sage for example), the elemental such as candles for fire or incense for air, rocks or wood for Earth, fountains and such for water and the use of symbols is always seen as a nice way to amplify our energy work by elegantly aligning it more. By zeroing in one the mathematical and making use of tools to extend the power of our minds.

They are also beautiful reminders of how people have been in awareness and being creators for centuries. Doing energy work in a ritualistic way with respect and in a stance if power will obviously affect the mind and place it in a seat of visual and physical power. It seems itself as magician.

Because all though the soul knows it the mind can weaken energy work by trickles of doubt creeping in.

The ritual and tools can be of very incredible assistance in setting the mind straight and in bringing that experience of timelessness that also .


Amplifies that power that Energy.

Yes. Now we're cooking.

Do although to some it may all seem a little weird especially being a solo praxticioner it can even be relieving. Yes. Relieving of the mundane and plain, restoring us back to play the playfulness of a child. And to a softening of the unhealthy ego. The rigid one. Opening ourselves up. Because it is fun to throw on a cape or to hold a tool only you use and touch 8f we keep it open and playful without attachment just allowing it to be. And if you lose your crystal pouch remembering that you are not washed up and done, no no. No attachment like that. Allowing the universe to have them back for another to experience knowing you will attract more again.

Even in this, practicing non-attachment. We can always practice not being attached by simply not being attached and it is then that we get comfortable with exactly that and it is then we can grow in that.

In a nutshell many more benefits to working with crystals than meets the eye.

And society much to DO with them.

It's like meditation. One can never get really bored because one ran out of things to do with them.

By goddess you can even place them in your vagina! Lol. Certain ones mind you, not all.

One can dive deeply into these tools.

For example

Saturn is associated with the skeletal system. In alchemy, Lead is associated with Saturn.

Lead therefore would be a great link to that planets energy.

One can go deeper into the structure the patterns and bonds on a molecular level which would be a whole text book. For those that squired knowledge of recognizing the patterns and structure of things from an energetic third eye level. You see the patterns and light wave composition of things.

Those who trip and abuse the psychedelic plant medicine will merely see fractals and pretty visuals those I'd us who respect it. .read and decode translate and navigate. Again that's another text book of information. However the point is that be an elementary deeper perspective as to how they do affect the vibration of the energy work or field even on a molecular vibe level.

An example from notes .

Pyromorphite resembles the structure and composition of apatite which is an integral component in our physical bones.

These stones help the identify the skeletal components supporting and linking Karmic events.

In my Past life in person regressions. I use stones such as these linked with Saturn and also pick others that really come in specifically for the intent of that past life regression.

The use of these tools brings the images clearer the effect in the physical body clearer and the course of the casual energy as taught by several healers.

Indigo stones have also been associated with Saturn's energy.

Here expands the color knowledge.

I mentioned how there was more to the stone than it's color and there is more to the color than meets the eye.

Some colors, the vibration of said colors are linked with certain planets or other energies such as to different dirties or saints. For example: yellow for Oshun and fertility or white for purity or red for chango , associated with Mars as well and fire element ..you get the picture.

The colors are also at the deeper level all about the vibe ..tribe. ..


Days of the week are also mentioned by some as well as planetary hours, angelic hours, noon hours come into play in some paths

At first if in awareness you will automatically sense and observe that you do certain things at certain times out of a random coincidence. Of course it is not a coincidence but nice to have so many ways to KNOW THYSELF.

Before I had included some properties of some stones and here to add on to that a few other notes.

Giving you examples of what we just went over.


Very much associated with the water and air elements since its original name coming from the latin word meaning "sea foam"

And many would associate it with water or envision a blue sky ..the sea mixing with the air and bubbles if that sea foam playing at existence.

It has a flow about its energy.

It can be used in cleansing as for example, when we see water that color it is clean and clear. Not murky not dark. If it is that light a blue then it too carries light.

Very good to wear and to carry for that flow, that cleansing and that release of that which does not serve us.

And yes it's all about those patterns at an energy body level.

Unlike some stones that can only do so much before they crack or really change in even physical look, the Aquamarine us a long timer. It goes deeper and deeper into your bodies.

Clearing and increasing the flow as it goes. If course you want to charge them up and cleans with moonlight and things but it is a nice long timer.

Once your energy body is more comfortable vibrating higher the Aquamarine can energize.

So while done may just see it's pretty appeal and others might resonate with the flow and are able to receive more if it's benefits others can receive even more and feel electricity and charged up when using it.

Yes because they are open, alignment us right and so all of that energy can be received at a higher level. For some to the point where they can only wear it so long.

I have malas (prayer meditation bead necklace for those that are not familiar with), I can only wear them certain days and for only so long. They begin to feel incredibly heavy and I just gave to take them off.

Certain healer stones as well, stones that absorb toxic energy at times absorb do much of it that they let you know in their own ways that it be time to cleanse and recharge them or to simply take them off.

As stated in work by a Usui Reiki Ryoho

Aquamarine is one of the few crystals that conveys a deep relationship with the blue print of our existence. And yes! Yes embrace that at a nice cognitive level. Not just a fluffy level but at a scientific, energetic, pattern molecular vibe level.

At a very basic level it increases flow, clarity bearings light and flow into the energy field. Whether you are in actual ritual, magic circumstances or just in the sacred ritual that is your life, haha and wearing it or carrying it.

Other notes from source


Among many online but as far as me. Myself and I. .I liked their quick extras noted for some crystals so sharing not affiliated or know about the things sold. .just saying.

These however were and are very accurate.

  • Candle Color: Turquoise.

  • Chakra: Throat.

  • Element: Water.

  • Flowers & Plants: Honeysuckle and lemon blossom.

  • Herbs - Incenses - Oils: Eucalyptus, kelp, myrrh, tea tree and vanilla.

  • Planet: Neptune.

  • Zodiac: Pisces

Metaphysical Properties & Uses:

  • Animals: Aquamarine should be placed in a fish tank or pond to help ensure healthy marine life.

  • Children: It will help children to learn to swim or to overcome a fear of water.

  • Environment: Aquamarine is especially useful for helping to protect endangered oceanic species.

  • Finance & Prosperity: It is a business prosperity charm.

  • Health & Healing: Aquamarine will help to ease pain and to overcome panic attacks and phobias. It will also help to alleviate fears about visiting of the dentist. It is also good for bladder and kidney disorders, travel sickness and any gum, tooth or throat problem.

  • Home: It will help to resolve legal matters favorably.

  • Love: Aquamarine will help couples who have grown apart to re-establish communication.

  • Protection: -

  • Psychic: It will help to increase clairvoyance, intuition and the psychic awareness. It will also provide a good focus for meditation and visualization.

  • It Is The Stone Of: Distance healers, ecologists and long distance travelers.

  • Ritual: It should be used for any cleansing or protection rituals concerning the sea or sea life .

  • Work: It will help to attract overseas business.

Another example of how we go deep deep into the crystal teachings in the Shamanic classes offered through me is next! Don't like to make these too long but another one is being uploaded in a couple of hours.

.bear with any spelling typos ..as I streamline write alit and an still low vision (legally blind. -950 with other neurological dye issues and Fuchs Dystrophy so trust when I say I pass these teachings on in a state of love for my path. So I may have done typos lol)

Much love Shakti

Of course in classes we actually work with the stones quite profoundly and get to achieving the highest potential of the benefit the person can get from each stone. So we go from novice to mastery of the stones the student resonated with the most in the early stages.