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Crystals,essence, sun or moon and h20

We will talk a little bit about essence. The nature of the Aquamarine is like mentioned before one of flow and fluidity. Helping us communicate with the outer. Very important to obtain high quality gems or crystals if you are going to put them in your water. To drink or bathe in. Also some get damaged in submersion so always ask me or a shop keeper that knows his or her stuff. These are all very individual. No dyes, no irridation and nothing harmful that could sleep out so to speak into your water. You can add something like a diamond or a clear quartz or a rose quartz to enhance the vibe with either more amplifying or more carrier energy or more love and compassion. You can take a few cups/ glasses daily or consume to another hourly or daily regiment, routine, preference. These things take time. Font expect to chug it and notice any huge blast of whatever expectations lurk in some heads. No expectations because you simply want to allow it. Just allow it to navigate from the physical body to the casual body and repair align as it goes. Aligning you to the larger blueprint, the larger cosmic web of communication that you are a part of. As I'm case you haven't noticed, all is communicating. All is communicating around you and even through you. Have patience and receive. So every time you take it, receive it. You want to begin with a couple of glasses and set a time period if you like but you can do this as long as you like. Place some sea salt just a pinch in the water and it will do oh so much more than hydrate you. This will help your energy flow better as it sounds through out your organs your five organ network, your nerve endings, electrical impulses and so on. More fluid energy verses rigid the rigidity we develop in under structures and preset patterns, the boxed thinking and the same rigidity we adopt later. Believing this is this and that is wrong or that is right and no real area to explore other possible ways of even communicating. There are some pre-made water and gem essence water bottles they sell. As with all I say make your own or at least be involved in the picking of your choice of gem elixir. You can make others with even 6 or 7 gems and stones, that you make under the sun or moonlight. Even with the one stone, you want to let it sit at the rise of the sun for a few, maybe an hour or so, not long or under the peak of the new moon or full moon and then if a very strong mix of stones and gems only place a few drops under the tongue along with inhaling some cool peppermint essence to open you up and do it in more simple yet still ceremonious way ( even if just giving thanks and doing a small breath exercise). But good to start with one stone and focus on your expansion for a while on let's say, the love of the rose quartz, really opening up that heart chakra and allowing yourself, throughout your time working with in this case the rose quartz, to receive it's atunement it's adjusting of the vibration. Focus on your heart chakra foods, good greens and yoga poses opening up the heart, or bench press, chest butterfly machines or just spreading your arms out and stretching feeling that intentional opening of the heart energy. With the Aquamarine we would eat all yummy blues for throat chakra foods, detoxifying blue berries, focus on speaking our truth, embracing the different ways in which we all communicate. Focus send your energy there throughout the days do that you may be more and more open to the adjustment and alignment the Aquamarine can bring. Otherwise you can drink it for months and see only that which you can receive and are open to and if not focusing energy there then you are lining yourself up with not receiving the maximum of its teachings, alignment and all the rest. So if you decide to do the essence waters, remember you can always a shop what treatment it went through. Some crystals get an acid wash of sorts others get irritated or have metals and so you can ask all this. But remember it's about the essence and nature of the stone or gem and all is pattern is associated with. All it physically holds for you is good to explore as you may resonate with it more than you know. Perhaps having used it past life or perhaps you were born in the area that it's found or perhaps you had dreamt it. Had seen it in a dream. The Citrine came to me exactly in that way. I wasn't even looking for stones and then I had a dream I was picking out a citrine and the shop keeper was telling about it. I went to a shop before leaving for Hawaii and they were out of it. It is hard to find and if you ever see a large one make sure it's real. If top cheap then it's not real. The real smaller ones need not be too expensive but the larger ones if real are normally very pricey. Anyway when I arrived in Hawaii over the course of a few weeks I went exploring and came upon the scene in the dream. The shop was at the Kona farmer's market and a man sold only stones and gems and had 3 good quality citrine and indeed he told me all about it. It was just what I needed. I have begun using Citrine again to help with any perhaps past life, karmic disease imprint. When dealing with anything like a chronic illness that be something you want to perhaps entertain, as in, is there a karmic tie to this disease pattern. When I work with chronic pain or illness even my own, I first must work with the person in the acceptance vs the resistance of the pain in order to find the lessons that are gifts. Strength of the person is enduring is very

much there and a gift for them to receive. Then it goes past that into healing if the mental body and owning that mind do as not to suffer. But then we go deeper beyond the recommended nutrition and things we do to be in more comfort less pain or to at least own the the mind enough to send the focus, the energy elsewhere. We exercise the physical body as well as the chakra system and we go deeper into the beautiful light body. Physical to casual body. To the basic core of it ..the beautiful sacred geometry of patterns that you are in and through and as your light body. We heal any patterns not just of the physical plane but also the karmic soul depth of it. If there are cords we cut and seal with light and our awareness, focus, our energy. Energy glowing and flowing healing and the healing can very well need to go deep and that is why if a person is open to it we do more we cross into soul retrieval work as well past life, ancestral or personal karmic healing. And the crystals are very much key. But again think about them in terms of data chips almost to say it in more modern day lingo. They hold so much data and coding from being from existing for so very long. If for anything at all. We don't need to go to into it for the possible value to be seen The essence and nature of these is precious information that you can ignore or fear or ridicule or use. All is absolutely ok. This be your path and you alone know what you resonate with. And if you don't stop resisting and listen to yourselves a while. Even when done people come to me they are actually answering their own questions however they want me to say something else when they know deep down exactly what it is they should do or allow themselves to work with. And so compassion comes in. Because everyone has their own path and it is their soul that provides itself the medicine it needs. Much love Shakti And of course fun easy to store quick flash card memes 💖

For my multi lingual students 😀👍💕