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Crystals Fossils and more crystals 3

Crystals and more crystals 3

Fossils Shells, teeth, bones and skeletal things all are great tools as well to include in your crystal practice. They too carry knowledge or at least a vibration. You get from them as much as you are open to receive as well. They are Earth elemental so vibing high on that and grounding, material world manifesting as well as depending on what? Protective energy. Or if belonging to a long lived shark or gator perhaps an added stroke of longevity, long life, long traveling energy and so much more. But like a shark's tooth or bear claw or bones in a pouch shake rattle and rolling. Fossils add that connection to the material and earthly. We can use these with other stones or crystals for clarity as well. Like a with a pan sifting through the water. Getting the pebbles and grains of sand out of it. So to good for looking for common threads in life times, present life by aiding in the sorting out of things in the material realm. The planetary vibe would be Saturn and we can just feel that huge energy pouring in. Connection to outer realmsnd grounded. Sorting, sifting and getting to the clear vision.visualized or seeing patterns in the light. Being able to see your patterns. Making room for knowledge to read itself to you. Aligning things as we sort. We can meditate while holding them or carry them and make a pouch ...I carried around gator parts fossil parts, of course, for awhile. Some magical practices dig up bones for the energy they carry. Dark arts do more but many paths historically had bones clearly used in magical or healer, alchemical practices within the archeological finds. The teeth, the bones, the energy of the oceans secrets or simple vibration in shells. Somewhen carrying echoes of sounds far away. Beyond fossils I was very much do aligned with Amber early on. Perhaps because I was introduced to it on some nursery pre school trip and easily impressed. I loved seeing the perfectly preserved insects in the amber stones on jewelry they had at the gift shop in the museum. I also went by the nickname Electra later in life. Amber is electric. Not passive at all. It carries happy higher vibes. Preserves is a hint. It preserves. Go deeper into the contemplation of what a vibration that preserves would feel like and go there with it. It slows time down. In a way. It allows time to flow. Making the resistance almost as if non existent although still clearly passing by. All around changing yet something in an amber well preserved though life perhaps long gone the memory of it perhaps remains. When in doubt one can meditate upon an amber, an insect cool one can be with a bee preserved deep within. Not fake now! Beware of all the junk here too. Real amber 8s quite beautiful. But meditate with it to maybe slow those thoughts or hold space so as to read those thoughts better. See different perspectives and finding clearer direction. Getting aquatinted with the history, energy of the world around us through the tools all around us has many many benefits. Others may say they use it for healing as the energy preserve and so again another use. For the long lasting energy of a spell as well. Now onto one of my favorites. A place in Las Vegas at the forum had a store where they actually sold real Ammonite jewelry. Ammonites gave a spiral shape. These many carry as portals. Those of us who live between here and there. Healing in awareness sleep time. Storing and sorting data in awareness waking time. They help us to experience the nature of time better. The benefits of these are inmensurable in any time related energetic work. Be it family karmic cleansing or sexual karmic cleansing. As well as past life anything. Obviously with their pattern being the feature detail you already know .... Yes they help us in spotting patterns. The start of that pattern which saves a lot of time in and of itself. They are definitely things I own. Those of the fossil crew. Having spent a lot of time in Florida, even managing visits to Coral castle a few times, I have been around the coral energy for quite some time. Worked with it quite a bit. I always heard the energy that coral carried. Deeper farther away perhaps than the energy I heard in a shell but definitely filled with sounds. And some say that coral, does carry ancestral tones. Coral is made by the skeletons of millions of tiny organisms. This energy of group of collective can be used in clearing a town a group a family. It also attracts and makes similar vibe beings come together in an area a lot more. It amplifies so can very well attract more of the unlined if used in a negative way. But even when used in good when healing towns etc.The use of it goes deeper than just boom, family happy! Town healed. No. What is said to happen is the group of people involved, within the collective being healed, all begin to see the perspective of their part in the remaining stuck or wounded, cursed or tormented. And each heals at a molecular and through course of time, dna cords and all when certain work is done. But basically it may not be pretty. Expansion isn't usually a cake walk. Ut is what it is. It can be. The nature of coral amplifies the connection because it is the connectedness of the sea, sea animals, bacteria, earth, stone and is the collection. So the energy is very unifying. One can use it for experiencing the collective nature within oneself. The Fossils continue but we'll move onto some prettier gems, some daily wear magic or rarer powerful tools. All can be what you make it. Shakti