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Dietas and Plant Speak

Disinformation used to be somewhat funny but now it isn't at all. Especially since we are talking about a population that is desperately seeking instead of being guided, lacks unconditional self love and is experiencing dissociation, mental illness, stress, anxiety and finds itself lacking while being chess pieces played by the media and whomever can buy their way into influential power.

People can be served by the shamanic. The shamanic and plant medicine can serve as healing and unification which is much needed today.

Each plant has a different vibrational energy, teaching method and purpose.

The Shaman is truly not the guide nor the one in power.

A shaman who holds no humility in his or her heart is not a Shaman. For a shaman simply delivers the messages of the plant and guides to that individuals own interpretation of the message & healing.

A true shaman knows he/she is a servant and of service.

A true shaman will ask your intent but will listen to All.

All that you are saying in between the lines and in the silence with your whole body.

He or she will know the energies of the plants he/she has worked with.

Meaning grown the plant, cared for it, navigated with it, journeyed several times with it and learned from it not just by a trip experience but through the whole process of spending time with it not just in journey but caring for it.

Spending times of dieta before and after with it.

No matter how many say

"Well, we are in the West we don't have time for it "

Well then that's why they are not working for many. Why people have 1 life changing beautiful experience and find themselves in the same lives they had before that experience.

That's also why big pharma Will probably get its hands all over the plant medicine with the excuse to protect & serve.

And we know what that means.

A shaman doesn't have to live in the amazon.

But yes, even I spent time in tents serving the indigenous and learning from them.

And my grandmother was a necromancer shamanic force but I still felt I had to go grow these teachers and experience the ways of my people.

It is important.

For the same reason other things that are extracted from countries and cultures.

The WEST loves shortcuts.

Loves instant gratification.

Forgetting that it took thousands of years and generations of actions to get to this disconnected state.

Forgetting that we ARE on a Planet that can't afford any more shortcuts.

Today I will share a simple example of why the non psychoactive plant dietas months before the Plant medicine are so very very important.

When we do a dieta we open ourselves to a more elevated way of communicating with plant medicine as well as raising our vibration and receiving the benefits (the full benefits of the plants in general).

The plant dieta is one I gave my students.

They get to pick a good herb or plant to work with.

Since bathing with these is sometimes a fun ritualistic part of this, I simply make sure if a student is of child bearing years, that the plant does not posses abortive properties/ period inducing ...so yeah it is important to know how to do it, a shaman will know.

Once the herb or plant is picked we spend time with it. A month is the common tradition, till you hear the plant sing but can be done longer of course.

I then help students make a few recipes or find ways in which to do this while not in a hut in the beautiful jungle.

The consumption of the plant over that period of time, the placing of it around our day, the receiving nurturing from the plant on an individual way, the bathing with it and merging with it in ways we normally do not see in the West, is priceless.

That knowledge that experience is all yours and priceless.

I like people to do 2 months with 2 different plants/herbs because this gets them practicing speaking their plant speak.

The tradition is till you hear the plant sing to you because you do.

People begin dreaming with it.

People begin feeling the traveling energy of the mint, the protective, healing and adaptogen nature of the Holy Basil.

People are guided to open themselves up to feeling the nurturing of the plant and above all understanding it's language. It's way.

So that by the time they have their plant medicine experience they are already more tuned into the plant~speak.

They also develop relationships with some of the dieta plants and then give them as guides during their plant medicine journey.

The 30 days before Grandmother Ayahuasca I prefer people do the specific Ayahuasca diet not because I am stuck in my ways but because of the reason for doing so.

The cleaner your vessel is the better.

Just like Ayurvedic knowledge, some herbs and foods raise the body temperature and flow with anger and "physical lack" feeling needs, some foods and beverages and sex lower your energy.

Sex has been known to lower your Chi "energy" (if you don't do it in awareness and in the traditional tantric, taoist, energy building exchange ways) that's the basic reason for secustering olympic athletes and soccer players, boxers etc.

You want to have a clear vessel, pure mind with clear intent or surrender and your energy high not depleted.


In order to receive the most out of the plant medicine.

In order to give it a better chance to serve you.

And that is why you are doing it .....right?

We do the plant medicine for healing, guidance, purification etc. therefore it's important to see it as what it is

A being

Not a prop

An ally

Not a decoration

These are not synthetic made in labs that I am talking about.

Having Ayahuasca being grown in warehouses like cannabis is probably where the United States and others will take it but those will have no essence no true spiritual strength but that be another show/blog/subject. 🙏

These plants and all plants that grow on our planet are not just props that decorate our lands and forests and gardens.

How blind can humanity be?

Plants are not our props. And they do communicate.

Just because we do not fully understand their language does not mean they don't.

Various studies have been done proving they very well do.

Guiding people to experience these at the highest potential is what I enjoy doing.

Getting the wide eyed look and hearing

"I heard it! I heard it sing!"

And then

Having people tell me

"It was there! It was there! my dieta plant guarded me and translated for me I guess .I don't know!? But it was there It came out of me to help me!!"

And that my friends is far more effective and a Beautiful thing!

I write in simple ways just a dialogue cryptic at times speak ..somewhere between all I am and all I be..I share with you.

Much gratitude for reading.

Shakti Durga


Art by

Mauro Reategui Perez