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Disconnect effect

"Most likely this is why so many people are seeking out shamanic experience and indigenous wisdom. At this time of environmental crisis, the seekers innately know this wisdom is needed to reconnect us with the very ground we walk upon, the waters we drink and air we breathe. These ancient traditions provide opportunities for healing body, mind and soul—paths that reveal a very different reality than what the modern world has created "(Winkelman, 2013)

The disconnect and very real need to connect more is actually an effect.

An effect of what we have done together as a humanity.

We are nature ..we are life itself and just as we were animalistic & capable of true darkness so too were we with Conscious and capable of being aware of our actions and all that was around us. Understanding ourselves through ourselves.

Our survival instinct and gut mind were much higher in the begining of our baby humanity days. We followed seasons, knew when to plant and when to harvest without one dang cell phone or Google. We were still very animalistic and we were guided, we listened more to our hearts, we cared for our home not even knowing how beautiful and great it was.

With our population growing & the environment and pandemic life it is something one can feel. The clinging to the nature we don't even feel a part of, or running to the hills, the missing of the good old days. The life was simpler times seem far away.

The fact that many are turning to the plant medicine and shamanic is not weird at all.

It's just an effect

Of humanity being so very far from its truth.

Humanity knows it feels that this lack of balance is not good. However in becoming comfortable it also now fears discomfort.

That be a huge opposite and a very real fear for those used to comfort & instant gratification

May you FEEL the connection with all that we are. Just by being open to it because with or without plant medicine you are not a part from you are the whole dang thing.

You are it.

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