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"What we think, we become"


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Endings, meme drop, open wide! Receive

Yes see your true selves. Your physical body you know but not your energy body.

And IS NOT a myth or faerie tale. You are Energy and so the energetic form

the cluster of energy that be you. Anyway. Many cultures have see it and preached about it or simply left knowledge, sacred at that, for us to enjoy and to use so as to continue rising was a species.

Some just seemed to be ...

Feels good.

So good for The soul

Make those particles dance.

Book recommendations about root work

Elemental type shit and part of this realm

Working with the roots the herbs and growing.

I explored and learned the best from all

My Rainbow tribe.

Highly recommend reading it all. .mind off. Just on stand by to

record, Cross reference what you read then cross reference that.

Know where people's roots come from

People's beliefs and values give way to their language and

what program

What their frequency could handle

What socially was norm?

What did they grow up in?

Our interactions can raise our vibrationmaking even stronger

Our reach

Or can lower it

Or do Nothing

Stagnant is same as negative ...not wanted.

Low vibe low vibe

We are light and so it is our essence to

Vibe high and simply be


Such love love love to you



I studied root work

And homeopathic remedies together

Then medicinal plants and went to volunteer on farms

In order to be where the indigenous were

Where the teachers were.

Studied from and under and through a New Orleans hoodoo

Master, genius incarnation love.