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Energy Body series COMMUNICATION

Friends and family wanted me to continue podcast

and with the plans for the new year taking a turn I had already done the year and simply

had moved on to taking the positive sexuality talks and teachings onto

Onlyfans, a less filtered source to discuss sexuality freely and have a set up where it was a paid subscription. For a one woman show that be important.

And!! this is Shaktidurgahealingarts

And oh I know that it is about more than healthy sex practices and that in order to get to healthy amazing sex, transform and growth it truly is a multi level process!

All blooming hand in hand

This is the second topic or subject

in the Energy Body series of short

audio clips which will wrap up in another 3 or 4 shorties

and then we will move onto

Self talk

Mental chatter

The most important communication

Please enjoy

Link to playlist

The energy body series:



Am moving into more teaching and doing of my path

because eye sight of one eye is about gone most days and so

I will continue in person healings and journeys but very selectively.

I offer true healing shamanic and traditional


Healthy sexuality, Taoist and Nagual teachings in a way for all to embrace or simply take what they resonate with.

As well as offering another dimension to our

definition of the Divine feminine energy by embodying it.

A woman can be strong, a mother, nurturer, sensual, sexually liberated and Picky as he'll

with that liberation plus be a gatherer /teacher/stufent/healer/magician

And balanced in her sacred masculine energy that she top poseses.

This helps our men

Our children and our society.

Am here for the Sacred Masculine as well because as noted in previous

Blog we all watched and participated in all that got us to where we are now.

If you desire in person or personal online services contact mindfully via contact form.

Enjoy all there is here

Store coming soon again..lol had it before but then 2020 happened. Lol

Any comments Questions or Concerns in your life practice

Reach out mindfully so we can schedule a chat.

Much love

For right now contribute by sharing and subscribing.

Later will add a donate or contribute section

I do not wish to be in the business of spirituality so want to always keep it as low as possible here yet of heart flowing value to anyone who comes with



And an open heart open mind.

Much love

Travel day to NeuroOpthamalogist

Wish me

Love 😊💪✈

All talk to text or with apps so pardon typos or grammar🙏❤👅

People always ask me for product recommendations

I am big on healthy teas, roots and herbs:

Also known as Indian Ginseng, this miracle adaptogen simultaneously provides energy during the day, while helping you achieve a sound sleep at night. A plethora of conditions find relief with ashwagandha, including helping to reduce anxiety, providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and acting as a tonic to boost overall health and longevity.

Find Ashwagandha tea and more here: https://www.buddhateas.com/?acc=466473650870501e3600d9a1b4ee5d44