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Everyone recites Eckhart & memes but ..

I see and hear tons of people reciting Eckhart, Osho and they know the law of attraction quotes by heart.

However that OS (operating system) is outdated & digested those quotes & memorized that lingo based on old predefined terms of for example: what sadness, suffering, beauty or rage.

So very much still STILL running on yo mamas drama, fears, ancestral and cultural belief system as well as your up to the day you read it ...mental/emotional place in life at the time you read it.

It's not rocket science for it is exactly how many describe reading a book at 10yrs of age & then at 40.

It is of course super cool to hear wonderful quoted meme knowledge recited~ at times used but that be an illusion. Perhaps a hard one to swallow.

Many highly successful people lead very suppressed suffering lives. Many very ill or chronically Ill people double that suffering due to an unhealed sensitive gifted childhood or a traumatic turning point or points throughout their lives. And the definitions they label everything with are based on a system that is not even genuinely theirs.

Unraveling the conditioning can be done through me, of course that be nice to get to work with anyone in the journey of their liberation but I recommend anything that leads you to that liberation.

A good therapist, physical activity motivation, support system etc.

However nothing will help if the person is trapped in fear or in a place to have the courage to go that route.

The first step is probably the biggest& most importantly the one in which the person opens up that cage& let's the light in&sits in hard as balls awareness and mindfulness

Because at times mindfulness is not all winnie pooh picnics it can be, if accompanied by self love and compassion towards self but it isn't easy. Let's be REAL. Many have had very very difficult lives so if at the time someone is still in trauma and begining THEIR joyrney~ to say it's all laugh and play is not kind.

Yes they can laugh& play and create a blissful world for themselves

Once they clear up, delete the old operating system that does not serve them.

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