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For those Shamanic Chasing the Bunny

For those shamanic chasing the bunny In the lower vibration you hit Rock Bottom.

You blame others Say why me Piss and moan Blame your parents Your exes Your addictions Your past All sorts of bullshit Which deep inside you as always knew what was up.

Just like you knew there was more, you knew you felt like a piece of shit if you hit rock bottom. So usually rock bottom causes a "rise" and a continuance or a crack. Then life keeps going, You enter a deeper level Ascension speeds up Bliss You point out how fucked the grid is You feel like Neo Blowing up the Matrix You tell all how you are an empath You do more psychedelics and feel so good with endless knowledge and yada Yada Yada Ya hit a jungle or two Dropped some hallucinations in the forest or sweatin balls somewhere exotic. You wanted to save all the bottom fish, even fell back to sleep once or twice. To rise again and again, layer after layer, between waking and sleep.

The forest times, the isolation, or fringe dwelling times of all bodhisattva all dakini all disciples, all nomads, Thoreau*s, Hemingway's begin.

If you have gotten to the point of utmost extreme amazing liberation and yet shit is so intense you are feeling surreal mind fucking yourself. Going beyond limitations Mindful Less judgemental Mindful Health driven In love with yo self more than ever. But shit is intense! Your empath is on steroids and you are seeing the rise of the new and the fall of the old. That wave of letting go and back to find that good old peace of times forgotten. Society is cracking. Unfortunately the large Huge Amounts of bogus nformation based and born out of fear turned hustle. .even in the spiritual realm. The spiritual hierarchy. The "my path is only path" I say only the only way is your way. Your personal relationship with the God force creation force energy within yourself ... Take what you resonate with here and keep walking. Your life story is the best book you could read ever! Your lessons you have fed yourself and so on. Now you get to a point when the playing field is more intense, you are stronger, you are min fucked and yet this time You Can Not Blame Anyone Because you are now Aware Your abilities are growing You know the ones.😎.. Intuition Spiritualism Empathic on steroids Neurological conditions Forcing you to Slow it down Intense vibes are going on. A wave of letting go Don't you see it everywhere? All over people letting go Layers Faster time Fold over The government that told you weed was horrible now gives it to the rats to cope. Didn't cannabis make the hippies too peaceful in times when they were needed for war? You know it's funny. How they want the population calmer because they are so many mother fuckers. We are the 99%. Then back to the disinformation...intense as well how old teachers are leaving the scene, shutting down their sites, or taking down the good stuff. Way to much cyber theft. I have no interest in teaching everyone to navigate or to go down the rabbit hole. Not all can handle it ..plus I am not going to share sacred wisdom that is only to be passed on with integrity in forums and online for any to butcher and destroy it plus harm others. I am balls deep in I amness I must keep clear intention. I am navigating now much deeper. Inside. Pure soul is my path and not for sale. Just focus on you. You expand by blowing the fuck and finally Getting up and carrying your cross Leave it all behind Your wives your Towns and all the metaphors Screaming Let go if the mind. It is the mind that you must release Let go of all you know Don't act as you should..should what? Act from your essence without judgement. Allow the new to unfold before you. If you are to use technology use it. Don't be used by technology you created. Do not miss the signs. The more you awaken the more the energy of resistance happens to intensify. This is natural It's just math. Science. Life. To continue Hunt down sacred text Sacred old text Learn sanskrit Tamil Pashtu Old Hebrew Latin In order to get as close to truth as possible Cross reference at least. Be careful In order to crush it you must Put the mind on the cross and nail that bitch down As you do You will surrender to the heart. The heart mind came first. The gut mind. The three minds However to go deeper you must let go of the mind. Only you can do that. Not a guru Or a plant Only you. Choose wisely. The deeper you go the less you are riding deep. Meaning It is less people. You will leave the little pond and the bottom fish. You will keep hearing that inner drum only louder. You must feel with all your senses. You must think with something closer to your essence. Get primal. Surrender Kill your idols Let go of it all Your culture Your mind It will crush because down the rabbit hole the mind Pops. Aside from that restore, replenish Stop the chemical consumption in your foods. There is a huge spike in Neurological issues, different cancers, anxiety on steroids, musical ear, restless leg, disassociation, gall bladder, gastrointestinal problems, etc Its either Johnny Mnemonic was a documentary and not another Keanu /Morgan Freeman movie Or these are ASCENSION PROBLEMS Or both. Either way if you are expanding beyond the mind Going into higher Vibration Intentional Label free Non judgemental Living You must have more intense Devotion Self love Self care If you are vibrating faster you must Strengthen Your Body Your entire flesh suit needs to be able to hold the fastest vibrating energy. That is where all the pure techniques come in if you are following the bunny of enlightenment. If you are here for rejuvenation Runner's high A better sexual release and no more Don't worry your pretty little head. Just be entertained Or annoyed and just exit page But I felt many on the deeper levels wanted to hear some confirmation to the question "Shakti am I going Crazy?" " Shakti I feel stronger, like I am rising but shit is so insane!" Lol Yes you are losing your programmed mind. Liberation requires Responsibility Respect for self Self devotion Be devoted to your essence Go deeper Shakti Pardon any mispellz Over did it today. Was an amazing health day. Now blurry vision so pardon but talk to text sux. Just sayin Ya just gotta keep going baby We are visionary We must act like it Trust We are navigating the other 90% of our minds. Ya gotta be pure soul for clear intention Clear signals Manifest Destiny You have to be a fucking Samurai