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Green Dragons Sacred Masculinity

Chinese Alchemy Elixirs

Microcosmic Orbit In ancient China, "Alchemy" was originally a search for immortality through various drugs, herbs, and chemicals. This is known as Wai Tan (External Alchemy). It was developed probably around the 4th century BC, half a millennium before the earliest reference to alchemy in the Western world. Alongside, a little later, was developed Nei Tan (Internal Alchemy), which was actually a sort of Taoist Yoga or Internal Meditation practices, not unlike Indian Tantra. It resembled external alchemy only in its terminology (the alchemical terms having a symbolic rather than a literal meaning). Internal Alchemy had as its aim the cultivation of the life-force, and the consequent attainment of Immortality of the personality. A basic premise of the the esoteric or Nei Tan Taoist Alchemy is that man has only a limited store of vital-force (Original Yuan Chi). This leaks away through day-to-day activities, and when it's all gone, the person's dead. But it is possible to make the Chi go back inside, rather than outwards, and then up the spine to the crown of the head. Taoist practitioners of "Internal Alchemy" (Nei Tan) refer to a continual circulation of the Chi (vitality) up the primary Yang (positive), back or Governor Channel (Du Mo) and down the primary Yin (negative), front or Functional Channel (Ren Mo) of the body. This has similarities to the Tantric Kundalini. In ascending, the Chi progresses through various stations, which are given exotic names like the Elixer-field, the Yellow Hall, the Heaven. The difference with Shakta based Tantra is that reaching the top of the head, the Chi then descends down the front of the body, down to the navel, and then around again, forming a complete circuit. This circuit is known as "Circulation of the Light" or "Microcosmic Orbit".

The Microcosmic Orbit contains and stores the Chi of the Energy Body. It is a dynamic meditation creating a balanced Yin/Yang flow of perpetual Chi, circling around the spine and chest. Also known as “Embryonic Breathing”, this meditation balances the pre-natal Chi (from Heaven) and post-natal blood (from Earth Body and Ancestors) and stabilizes all Yin/Yang Chi flow in the meridians. This is a tradition of transformation of the vital force, the so-called "Inner Alchemy" because it uses alchemical metaphors and is a quest for Immortality. It is this esoteric Taoism which constitutes the native Chinese counterpart to Indian and Tibetan Tantra and Western Qabalah. Fusion of the Five Elements Fusion of the Five Elements - Harmonizing the 'Five Phases of Chi Flow (Wu Xing)'. Fusion practice transforms negative emotions into positive. It harmonizes the 'Five Shen', the biological-psychological intelligences of the personal self. In this practice these "Five Vital Organ Spirits", also known as the “Interior Gods”, fuse their essence and natural virtue (De) into a pearl of 'Original Chi' (Yuan Chi) in the 'Belly Cauldron (Tan Tian)'. This 'Divine Pearl' activates the Yin/Yang pulsation of the 'Eight Cosmic Forces (Trigram Energy)' that flow into the 'Eight Extraordinary Vessels' of the human body. These deep energy channels form the blue print or matrix of our personal energy, and supplies the twelve regular meridians with Chi. When these eight psychic energy channels are activated, they collectively open the Macrocosmic Orbit (Large Heavenly Round) and can heal at a very deep level. It is faster and far more powerful than acupuncture or herbs for healing chronic illness. This practice opens deep awareness of the 'Chi Field' beyond the body, hence its reputation for awakening psychic powers (known as the eight Siddhas in a parallel Indian tradition).

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