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Holiday Satsang kinda vibe

If you wish to understand the mind you must go out of your mind. If you wish to know the mind you've got to feel it. Remember what that's like? And I don't mean happy or sad, I mean the full spectrum. People are more unable to deal with others because they lack the ability to recognize feelings within themselves well enough to contemplate them and handle/own and use them as tools and therefore can not begin to entertain what having the experience of the absolutely delicious human condition IS. It is a entrapment getting more and more serious with overwhelmingly large quantities of dissatisfied, sad, depressed, frustrated, hesitant, escapist, shut down, lost in translation---people. Scope out gather up the amazing blessing that 2020 was. If you don't see, can't see how it was a soul shakedown-baggage clearing- growing pain of a yum yum, well then a bit of a pity to go through all this and that for nothing. All paths are different and deserve respect as all is all and all just is. Far beyond judgement, some places are.

Then once without baggage let it go and blast out the gate like a racehorse at the derby.

Set your intention. Leave room for spontaneous moments that take breaths away vs the endless selfies and virtual. You are life itself. Act like it. Be the change vs call another out. You want to end growth hormoned filled eggs, dirty sea waste fish, grow something, do something go clean a beach, a park, you want to end racism go work in a shelter, volunteer in low income areas, mentor or go educate yourself in a library, get yourself a mentor, help someone be an apprentice ..offer them something so as to learn and not use excuses or accept the limitations of a faulty system not designed for you and rise up. Help your community, do public speaking reach the youth, mentor another race, expose yourself to others and learn how to embrace the differences. Embrace them with confidence not arrogance. Embrace them because you know who you are and you can share of yourself and allow another to share of him or herself. Respect yourself, respect others, set boundaries with love and compassion for all not just for yourself, have compassion towards the one you are expressing your boundaries to. Speak and learn to speak the very language of others. Language, tone, feel.

Step out of the box. Accept the beauty of the storm and the elegance of chaos.

Do not limit yourself from experiencing this human condition but take a long hard look. We have 7.4 billion people here. You wanna wake up. Wake up at least that.

If you want to understand the mind you have got to feel. Feel it all in order to know and recognize how your how brain works bio chemically and mechanically in order to retrain it. I suppose it may need courage and it is uncomfortable.

But although making humanity comfortable getting it used to doing whatever it takes for that comfort was a very very good intention....

Easy to capture ...train...debilitating , no survival skills which is kinda basic ...know how to survive if your alive. Not much in the grand scope of things.

Get to know yourself. Never mind the rest. Get to know you and as you do observe others with more love and compassion and allow them to get to know themselves and ask yourself how can you be of service to those you love and then expand that as you open up more to it all.

It's not scary...it's rather fucking fascinating.

Dreams of Zion