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Kashmir knowledge drops

Inspired from the Kashmir Shavaism teachings of

Swami Laksman Joo

Those with divine knowledge experience the waking state, as shiva manifests in forms, names, space and time. They feel the consciousness of Shiva everywhere in whatever they are doing. Yogis call the ordinary waking state


"One with whatever you perceive"


"Everywhere divine" state

The dream state or the pervasive state

They pervade

whatever they see in the dream-

their body, car, road the place they are going to. They exist in their own self. Jnanis call this state Pracaya

Since they experience the entire universal existence as undifferentiated in the state of totality without any succession.

Ordinary deep sleep is absolute silence.

Jnanis call this state a state of great pervasion since there is no objectivity or impressions.

The truya the fourth state the state where you are established in whatever you are. You dream and you are fully yourself on many other levels than simply just the waking state.

Yogis call it

"established in one's self"

One with nature as in the true nature of things.

The deep sleep state is also one when the body washes itself. literally does a full wash and restores, for those that work out you know what I mean. It is in deep sleep that the body repairs tissue that something like weight lifting pulls and damages and after repair comes larger and larger size.

The deep sleep stage is one where you are nature in nature and nature is within you hard at work. Cleansing. It is not a dormant nothing is going on state.

It is easier to experience that truya state in the deep sleep stage than the waking state since the deep sleep state is closer to the self.

Very young infants, children exists primarily in the dream state. They have no external thoughts.

They can immediately experience samadhi very easily.

In the fifth state Turyatita is the state of absoluteness of self.

You not only find this state in samadhi, you can also find this state in each and every activity in the world.

In this state there is no practice of yoga meaning no practice of achieving that union. In practice there is a place to go to but in this place there is nowhere to go to. Nothing to achieve.

Yogis call this state Satatoditan

"That state which has no pause no break"

It is a continuous and unitary state

It is indeed present in every individual in all states


Deep sleep



Jnanis call this state


The unlimited and unexplainable supreme totality.

We all experience

The world in the waking, the world of duality, we experience the world of the dreams, dreamland perceptions of the exterior outer world waking state, we experience the deep sleep state of darkness.

Now in that expression of the Shiva of the sacred masculine energy of infinite consciousness is where subject- object duality disappears. And when subject- object duality disappears

is where the self truly is.

And is filled with the light of the true self.

Dive deep into that breath

Observe all your stages and rest assured that in your deepest sleep you are already one with all and with and in and are true nature itself.

Yogic sleep or Yoga Nidra is a great practice with which you can get closer to observing all your stages.

Deep meditative states for me are ever so powerful.

When I have done 22 hour meditation cycles it has led to such a place of infinite awareness peace and nothingness all at once.

The heart still beating but the consciousness the beingness expanded beyond words.

It truly is divine.

One normally commonly can not do such long meditation journeys, you build up to them.

Haja I started the journey of meditating by slamming the door after "trying" to meditate for 5 minutes. By goddess I have witnesses!

But as your meditation practice grows and as you expand your awareness while in the simplest tasks you begin expanding all and into the true awareness of all that you are.

After a year of meditating 6 hours a day my teacher said I was to stop with that nonsense already. He believed I should already, after 20 years of meditation practice, be able to be in meditative state most of the day. This of course bringing me closer to samadhi and not trying to find that union people chase after but being it and being the true experience of nature itself.

Much love


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Eliminating greed

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Assuming may keep you from learning things your soul longs to hear for confirmation of ehat you already know in your heart. That's usually how it is ....🤗 why ? Because you really are all knowing and infinite already.

Peace and love to you

(C) 2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts


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