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Love Ya see?

Everyone is unique. You’ve got to listen to the human being. You’ve got to listen to who they think they are and how much they really want to come up for air. There are very few people who really want to awaken. Most people just want to avoid pain. And you’ve got to honor that. Give people plenty of space.  

Don’t get lost in your judging mind. You don’t judge one tree as better than another tree. It’s just different. This is part of the yoga of relationship, of acknowledging and allowing and yet being able to see through the veils of illusion of separateness in other people.   

When you judge, you are saying, “If only that person were this way, it would be so much nicer.” That’s saying, “Hey God, you really screwed up. If you hadn't made this person this way, wouldn’t it be nice?”   

How presumptuous!   

In relationships, better to give somebody the space to be who they need to be, and use whatever is abrasive as work on yourself. Work to keep your heart open with them just as they are. That way you become an environment in which they can change if they’re ready to. If your heart closes down when they are who they are, that’s called conditional love, and that keeps them locked in that form.   

But it’s very hard to be an unconditional lover. You can only be an unconditional lover if you’re resting in a place that isn’t vulnerable. If you think you have something to lose, you are bound to be conditional in your love. Do you see?  

Ram Dass

Source and ever so grateful for the reminder of this Quote @dasenergy

Quote and Inspiration and some Saturday Funnies like the old OG days

SM round up for those who don't do Social media. I am happy to say I have students and people I know that do not but ask me to post here. And indeed we will continue on with Unraveling conditioning and the Energy body series

Am continuing more on unraveling conditioning as far as with my small new group of shamanic Gurus (U R the Guru) that have come to me for this new season & on the blog .

"Shamanic" because of nature the elements & the way we are throughout our beings, nature itself and the teachings passed on are those of the Medicine men &Healer women of the native tribes. The tantric, tantric from the Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, even of the Egyptian Energy manipulation & teachings.

But ! it be about the Core

The essence.

It be about more Less All and nothing. In essence I simply pass on tools,the student is the guru not I at all.

Tools to peel layers off. To scream or cry or laugh a bit lighter in the end. A bit more as the self. The true self. It be about sitting in Neutrality in a a world of duality. It is not about being a "good" "spiritual" person "certified" and all because then that would not have taught you anything. That simply would be more decorations for "the mask" as Ram Dass and others call it

Why it not even be about being able to say at the end of the classes

"I Have lost my ego" for if you do say that then I would have passed on rubbish and taught you nothing.

For if the ego truly be lost there is no "I" to defend or clarify or specify.

The teachings are not for all because not all want to go that far Although it be as easy as turning a page, dropping everything and walking away ..it is not seen that way or recognized for what it truly is and so can not be what it truly is.

Easy simple subtle


I do not teach you anything. Saying that would be egoic of me. Absurd.

But I give you the tools to cut the cords. That be for sure.

Whether after the first few lessons you really want to cut them is another story.

Unraveling the conditioning Neutrality

but not by the way of

seeking but by way of doing.

The simplest thing of all ..being who you truly are.

Exciting good times. As all are


That is what I have journeyed into. And it is a bit of a riddle. Seemingly nonsense.

I experience nothing but it experiences

It is not offended

It is not lacking

It is not made to be happy

It is not defensive

It needs not say I

It needs not say


Have no ego

It needs not approval

It is needless

This state of presence.

Walking deep in the drama waves of others I see nothing to judge, nothing to fear, for the I is not present.

But at times the human condition and the ego mind and conditioning fiber optic like waves of attachment to even the most valid things like a child or family do fight back simply trying to do as all energy does~


Energy never dies and so to Be

And as




This be a truly wonderUS observation

A feeling observed and then released and the It

As always remains

The wars going on around it all

The cries, the performances, the lies, the truths, the sexuality, the personalities, the crowds the trees, the beach, the air, the houses and laborers that brought them to manifestation ..the thoughts, the expressions




And inner peace


Are the sound of a heart within itself experiencing itself.

May peace be with you as well in whatever way you wish to arrive at it.


Shakti Durga Healing Arts 🌻

Online offerings for Neutrality and life beyond it. Not just seeking it but walking it.

Unravel the conditioning

Shamanic Tantra classes, past life, shamanic readings and chakra energetic Shamanic breath sessions, journey to those crossed over, womb healing, trauma healing etc in person and online

Many speak and limit it all by saying

I have destroyed this or that

I am done and woke or on the flip side

Stay in

seeking mode

Vs transition into being guided

As stated in the previous posts and as I note in

Other medias

We can go down endless rabbit holes even with the knowledge left behind by one practice let alone the similarities of many practices which lead to not an ending

But a begining.

Indeed getting rid of the conditioning through transformation which can only truly occur through your presence

Is great getting to your own personal Neutrality is fantastic

Getting to balance is amazing

And then yes you have to be guided and stronger on different levels to live as that beautiful balance among many that are not in that same space.

Unless isolated in your balance &alone in nature with no one else you will still have to tread In one way shape or form, tread the illusion. & all can go from one illusion to the next. So your continuing presence and growth and expansion doesn't stop or gets easier it gets different.

And yes it is grand but even Baba Ram Dass and other great teachers have not gone from enlightenment to no other challenges and opportunities for growth. In the case of Ram Dass he was guided to even more liberation when faced with a stroke his later years.


It's very funny the way the physical conditioning cages get traded for other illusory spiritual cages.

It is a beautiful thing to be in balance to be in neutrality and to exist as far from the conditioning as possible but you still must then ..if ya leveled up .play truly play in a larger limitless playing field and that is the beauty of it.

The exploration never ends, the opportunities for growth keep coming & the illusions come & go, the conditioning,sleep and waking states continue but you are stronger and as your true essence are limitless.

It doesn't all end & the pearly gates open

C'mon The Buddha died from eating truffles ! Even he got served something others would call a negative thing happening to a good person but even in that there was transcendence.

#Conquer it all & then keep going

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