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Masks Asks Why are we even discussing this?

We are met with

A mass population of

7.4 billion in a pandemic

With a world aching and on fire.

An Earth that needs our energy focused there to creating a new that transcends so as to save and improve a dying eco system.

We do not as a population need to see eye to eye. We are diverse, multi faceted and strong willed, determined, passionate, fiesty ground breakers at our best.

We need not see eye to eye.

We are different fits in the cosmic web of perspectives.

My neutrality could never be yours.

I have friends (more so acquaintances to be real)

that are 6ft away masker uppers, I have friends and family that would never miss a hug, some that would Listerine before and after a kiss, I have others that are very "detailed" conditional about it all. Those detailed ones can go from ok to spaZed out panic in 5 more people or a cough, 😂😂😂!

I am there for all of them.

I do have a solid bubble of people as recommended by Sanjay Gupta.

Seemed reasonable.

Know why? Because I live that way and already do that unless I was doing a festival a month or back packing different countries. Or raising family

I have always only chilled with a select few.

I have my own opinions about what's going on so no not a puppet not a pet. I believe it's worse and at times some may see it as necessary.. . ..

Population control, a far faster speeding up climatic ..pop! mixed with the value of a human being reduced to data. Evolution of the strongest, producing consumers. Riddle me this and that then analyze behavior and hey man, they couldn't sell war anymore. People got suckered into Iraq and later almost a decade still feeling it. Not to mention 911 when freedom got a new definition. Can't sell big massive military, but you can make people sick enough to keep wanting and needing to get better. Not heal anything. Not cancer .take out mammary glands...that is not curing. That is prolonging life by inducing harm as well. Not curing. That is cutting it off.

We breed. And do to mass breeding.. There has to be mass production of animals which harms environment and also the need for so many freaking crops demands engines and machinery so more pollution ..gas ..gas gas

But the people need to eat. Animals can only multiply so much. People's gluttony as well as laziness and sloth is what places those demands and the butchering and abuse of innocent animals on the flip side and the dark side of humanity.

They gotta feed the piggies.

The piggies that consume and need need need so easily programmed to protest at the drop of a hat. A hat yes a life but how long has this been going on and in numbers this could have already been done with. We all did not question as a humanity when they put a price on another man. We all as a humanity must accept, release, let go and hop on the evolution train.

The mask is not about politics, or being a chump or bad ass or whatever. ❤️🔥❤️🌎🔥🌠🌌

🌠If I meet you and you are a freak about your mask I will

"Observe and be mindful" be compassionate and humble and ask you if you would prefer I wear a mask if I was less than 6 feet away.

Out of respect (not because I am going to make you sick and kill you ..but because:

👉 it either makes you comfortable or not.

It may cause you anxiety or discomfort in different ways. I have nothing to prove or gain or lose that is of value to me, no fucks given, peaceful warrior simple traveler.

I will wear my mask if I can not social distance. If there is enough space then you need to chill. Especially if outdoors. Fo sho.

🌠Now if I am in a business small chill spot not bar, but kava, cafe, tea house, yoga, art gallery, chant, cryotherapy, float tank waiting area, open mic, I look around and people ARE intelligent. We are! If the place has few people and also people you know then good clean sanitary habits, space 3 to 6 and open area or open windows. If more people arrive then if more than 3 then move around and mask up.

Practical 😜

👴👵However If I am in a place not known to me. Or an isle in a store or familiar with the owner place (like today ..a store easy on the regulation so masks off if it is just us and masks on if another patron enters)

and in such a place we have an elderly couple coming down the aisle and I see and sense their discomfort at times even fear and anxiety ...I mask up.

Or down a path a sidewalk.

These days you can see fear in the eyes of most of the elderly no matter what nationality or political party. A good 70% are not too comfy with it.

And I have enough going on in my headspace to look at anything besides my high standards for myself and state of being. I do not need to To worry about rules concerning a stupid mask I use my humanity to do to act to create and to let em LIVE

I flow



I have to express my love and respect for life in my actions.

You are here and your life is an evolutionary miracle

For my

Personal inner zen that only I can bring to the table. From my sweet spot, my comfort zone of secure and comfortable within my space. Knowing that we all have differences, my highest purpose is not to convince you of anything or need your approval or need to make your life a decibel -worse- in any way, shape or form.

So if I simply have to put on a mask to make ~your stubborn silly or wise and slightly fear stricken of the unknown arse happy then who cares.

The worst should be to take care of your business and get out. Simple.

Not flip out #karen

Not anything less than what you are.

Anyway if me wearing a mask eases your day or helps make you comfy. Then no worries. I got you. 💝

If you are on the flip side, sick and tiered of the F**king mask ..been wearing it, putting it on and off. Don't give two f*+ks then I too will give 2 f*+ks. 😂

If more people come in I can, am able to observe the vibe, dive in and feel. Think for myself and what makes me personally feel balanced and at ease while providing a nurturing environment for new things to grow. Planting seeds. Clearing weeds. My energy and attention has value and I choose my battles very wisely and from the heart. I shoot from the heart. I receive with arms behind my back willingly. No resistance as much as I can ...baby steps still.

It is simply about being a good human.

Now if you do not care about other human beings or if you only care about a few and give 2 fks about the rest of civilization then that THAT is the matter at hand, being amplified. Massively through this experience.

If it is a fighting for liberty thing. I commend you but that energy, those thoughts those feels could be used elsewhere.

In things and for things that you would be amazing at and are so needed. This has again been a fantastic move on the part of the resistance/simple physics, other side, pendulum swings. But we don't have to give it such a place in the spectrum of things. Just act according to your environment. Like your brothers and sisters in some of their environments.

It's about compassion.

Respect for all quality of life. And many can not feel this unless they have found that divinity or zen comfort zone of balanced self. They are not like the ones Needing to be defensive or prove themselves needing to say "I am here! I do what I want!" Or "I am here and my choice matters"

Or needing to claim all lies and not a puppet.

Ok so go do some hard core activism or educate others and form groups researching. Create new ways to counter act the ways they analyse all your features , buying habits, social habits in order to make the most of you. You are walking on a sick planet. Water levels of pollution are ridiculously high yet acceptable under today's laws. You are being killed and poisoned in so many ways, minor example; disposers of toxic waste dispose of toxic waste near black communities or warn the white neighbors but not the black.

Many many other causes like that. And even then it is at the root not about money but about 🌠

Go use that energy to defend injustice, go create because we have enough people destroying the old and basically they have the population destroying itself. Same race against same race on this, on this ridiculous thing

Same race vs same race

They already separated the genders. Gotta divide from within even more.

And white or black the becoming data and worthless is really fully covered.

Meaning yes an exclusive bunch of people, some brilliant superb pop culture miracles are the elite. They call the shots. Some control technology others the science area, the government part the entertainment to keep all hooked on that instant gratification so as to not funk with quality consuming. Every second you scroll you are fed advertising, labeling one person. After the other , stimulation of the mind, emotional tug, pull, squeeze on the mind, and blow! Sensory overload ...not ADD. Bitch you're throwing too many things my way.

Why we are even having time for this. When .yes! Yes! It is only deadly to .2% not 2%

Just .2

And if the C 🤪👴👵🔥🌎 population control or ventilators, whatever only brings the reaper to only .2

That's cool except that is .2% of

7.4 billion

Or one statistic gave the number


Total cases


255,958 deaths.

Again do to what?

I personally do not know.

And those are done but it keeps going so I rather cut the BS time wasting and use my energy to at least question why we can not even cure the common cold, we just prolong death as comfortably as possible, to question technology and how much I want my life to revolve around it and in it.

To remember that that is not just a number

Or number after number

That it is 255,958 dead people

People who were alive and here before they were given a "diagnosis" that they had the bug

Now let's even say 50% of those are fake

That they tagged other deaths by natural causes as C deaths

But even then what heartless mofo's walk this earth that say

or could say that ..THAT! Is nothing?!

Say that to the families of about 128,000 people.

Their kids and parents...


Holding an event during Pandemic and why ..

How much do people want to escape and why? So many holding long distance, virtual relationships or all virtual friends true friends but no circle of in person friends. Because that virtual interaction is great! Don't get me wrong but the rest is of utmost importance for us, our health, it's in our background and roots to "gather". To interact. That energy causing motion one person to another, part of the balance.

Isolation, alienation making someone feel they have to stand up for or against the mask is unnecessary, beneath us.

I presented my rad opinions on it. I don't spread conspiracy. I say research it. There is a great stand up on the black man and endangered species. The way in which they divide people and get people so passionate about things just to oppose things and be in and form groups because they are struggling with the changes. Because in some way, shape or form, shit got weird.

We are going to be good humans and compassionate, secure, kind, emotionally intelligent people.

We are going to be humans. .


We dance we give space

We open doors

We ventilate, we move and clean, prevent and sterilize

Observe not just your boundaries, & the boundaries of others but be present and mindful. Instead of walking on egg shells

Observe and enjoy the moments you create.

Just enjoy them.

We have these great amazing bodies, we have so much knowledge to use, we know not all is being said, there's a lot of bs,some are making money, China's security and all seeing I super power player status is massive. But anyway.

I desire for all to be themselves and be humble, laugh at it but be respectful towards others feelings and emotions ( yes they may be reacting from a triggered 5 yr old but. .have a heart)

We will gather as God's.

Be sexy be sensual be practical be happy be humble be silly, funny, quiet non talker not rude, be a boundary master wall builder who just wants a night around others. In need of a friend night .missing festivals, cheap 3 day weekend rants, sharing drinks then even Tyson got Mono, plain and simple no need to spin it.

It's not about politics or what conspiracy theory we believe in or how ..if from a bio chem neighboring area or from bats or evolutionary bloopers,

Its not about liberty because we have a hell lot of other things to do in fighting for that.

It's about how a person feels about it. 🙏

How do they sound, listen

Pay attention

Experience this here thing called life instead of easily being manipulated.

Feel for yourselves.

If you get an opportunity to perform a random act of kindness then ..

Do it. ..

Be nice.

.be authentic no need to hide different opinion

you disagree


will respect their perspective because all are part of the same whole.

We will just be nice good humans because we encourage and cannot wait for new patrons.

We can accept the responsibility of sharing respectful evolving kava tribe space. Be together but not one hot up your ass mess. Instead at ease. Swords down.


If you have never had kava

now is the time because the mocktails are sexy on the lips nice. Liquid high feeling calming and anxiety relieving.


Kratom. Very much needed for those who want to take something besides Adderall , oxy or other opiates substances can be something new for you to try.

A pain reliever. An energy booster depending on the strain. Like cannabis, some strains and dirt ( area where grown like wine) affect the type of high you get.

Or perhaps you'd like a CBD beverage or kava mocktails, kombucha ..all cleansing mixed with such antioxidant and restorative factors Of other plants around them.