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As Shakti works with personal students online

More one on one Shamanic

And as she passes on teachings we wanted to keep sharing here but

between free healings, free trauma sessions not just once but many times online

for people there is only so much we can offer for free due to natural therapy expenses and not living off the air yet, haha, onlyfans has been a great option for teachings to be passed on and not be shadowbanned etc. Plus still charge as low as $7.50 a month for a wealth of information, healthy sexual education, tantra, Nagual, psychedelics and more.

It's not your average onlyfans.

So I, Quan and Shakti decided to post more from the social media scroll

Country lol. It is Scroll country..the virtual🙏😜 we decided to not let it go to waste just there.

For Ma Shakti it was never has never been about the average and although

she reached many working in Tantra and with the Sacred Masculine alone for 3 years as well as women before that and festivals etc.

Her posts are all things for contemplation, celebrating and mini knowledge drops.

So as she expands and gets into passing on teachings further we decided not to let the blog be so silent. Here will be a collection of all the scrolled over gems that at times don't get scrolled over and end up being reasons to interact with beautiful Souls and that be what it is all about! Experiencing the connection.

And YES haha we are including the hashtags lol sometimes those were another story too.

Passion has nothing to do with harder. When you are passionate about any craft you are deep in the moment lost flowing ..the technique or performance is beyond the hold of the mind.Has nothing to do with harder. . harder harder is actually haha lack of flow & uptight.lack of control and ability attempting to free itself of its own shakles Just flow flow flow  Surrender and ride out in not just bliss but in Non illusory, control Live passionately f**k it  Shakti    The mind #intotheunknown #flow #seduce

“By oneself is evil done; by oneself is one defiled. By oneself is evil left undone; by oneself is one made pure. Purity and impurity depend on oneself; no one can purify another.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada) Beyond dances to Ogdoad music round and round I went.. To the west  Under all Way beyond  And through the fall A pimp walking stick of scrolls Gnomes and faeries Salamanders Waves  Particles 8 gathered round A merkaba of sound Infinite pulsation Empty space Subtle bodies Rattling bones Sizzles and sparks Sun gods and marks Tattooed mummies Crawling through my head. Am I dead?  I navigated following myself Chanting "I am the wind" Like Ahmaunet while deep in Amun I realized through the fractals  Eating myself through the eyes of an apple A torus  Seemed to be  All that I was  But then again  I began to eat myself up all over again! The rabbit holes are never ending As into me I see. Ramblings of a lost mind Demented in the multiverse of an orgasm that has never ended Shakti Durga  Shakti Durga Healing Arts That be me CodeX codes immortal scribe  Alchemist side walk poet Urban shaman  Ray of light  upon Mount Meru  Priestess  Not meant to be understood by all Cherub of Eden  Maybe ...north Star alien or of the seven sister stars No label for in being nothing  I am surely everything Ahhh some times I go to far for mortal mind 😂😂😂👽❤😜 #ramblings #torus #apple #mythology #unconditionallove❤️ #vibration #codes #infinity #lostintranslation #scribe #feedyourhead #justbe #intomeIsee #Merkaba #sacredgeometry #words #cryptic but #knowledge drop #doyouseewhatisee #Urbanshaman #creator #energy #poetic #chillosopher How is your womb or pelvic bowl feeling?  What frustrations have you been suppressing into that region? Swallowing.  What passive aggression lies in there? What is your root vibing like? What is every single cell and atom vibing like? Because THAT my friends is what not only I can pick up but is the radio signal (to put it mildly) that you are sending out to everything.  Shakti Very difficult to master self discipline if there is no self love.  You can follow orders but that can only serve as a building block. If you did it or do it for someone else then why not for yourself? However if you do it for others  in order to get a paycheck or degree or award etc and have no self love then why would you do it for yourself? What would you be receiving from yourself? The self love or at the very least the love for the experience of yourself must come first or even hand in hand because I guarantee you that the more you are disciplined for yourself the more you see yourself through  The more your self love unveils its power and gifts.  Shakti #Shaktidurgahealingarts  #shamanichealing  Non massage journeys are amazing Just sayin Ya gotta breathe  But ya got a #shaman and #guide  Let's journey #urban shaman #life #dailypractice #empoweredliving  #intune The funny thing is..you are the provider of your life lessons and medicine baby! You know what's up  All throughout the whole thing.  You can live aware and cocreating this or a victim to this.  I still feel that holy shit kinda way when leveling up. Because I know am stronger for a reason  Some next level shiiat be coming.  Like in my case now reaching more and more people. With doing more good the obvi pendulum swing will bring opposition but that be created by natural law and so in creating something we ourselves create the opposition and can also manage that beyond what words can describe in a simple post.  But you can. Shakti It's beautiful. The awareness of it all. Consciousness evolving, change& the awkward stillness in the chaos of it all.  It grew aware of itself too. For it was when God created man that man created God heightening it to new levels. Not a chorus of angels in sight just Zen.  Shakti #spitituallyAwakened #awakening #stillbessinchaos #beauty  #limitless #consciousness #intomeIsee  #beyond measure #love #experience Yourself Catalyst ..shouldah posted a funny meme ...all most can handle in such a busy not busy world The Wolf moon. Like wolves approaching mating season howling. What do you want to call in? What do you want to protect? What are you howling for deep within that heart of yours? Howl baby howl Make some moon water soak your crystals set your intentions clearly believe you are worthy. Don't for an instant or breath  Doubt. Because if you do then there be no point.  Believe in You and howl from the belly Call it in Like a lover callin in his or her beloved. Shakti Inspiration thanks to #lostinphases Tumblr When in doubt, be the SUN. In a world of so much disinformation. Of chakra spinners spinning chakras in all the wrong ways, complicating with interpretations, feeling feels they believe they are supposed to feel complete with uncertainty, sending loudly the radio signal of SOS joining in particle waves of people enslaved in New spiritual dogma false beliefs all over again, breaking free from one cage onto locks of another.. Just be the SUN in your universe.  Be easier All 80,000 chakras of you in you The answer is simple yet escapes even the scholar.  Yes I am that I am At times the sun, at times a colossal storm ~a raging~ pointing fingers at the weather ...sleeping and waking in a moment lost in time  Just hanging on by a breath.  Am not a guru, scientist or poet even,  Am more so a lover of a beloved that I myself created while walking alone through existence. Shakti www.shaktidurgahealingarts.com

First tutorial will be on your energy body, genitalia haha shame (guilty pleasures that block the whole lot of you. Can't have guilt and pleasure together) and more.  Not on onlyfans.com to show my C**T But instead to spit out some knowledge.  You've been therefore warned.  You don't fool anyone. Not even yourself.  Rayon doesn't look like silk. A custom tailored suit doesn't look like what you are wearing. A gentleman's actions can not be confused with a boys. A cold blooded hit man does not hold his gun like a thug. A lady and goddess does not walk wondering who be looking her way.  No need.  A gypsy quakes as if it were the first time boarding a plane at the sheer thought of a new home. For they all end up being home to a part of her.  A lover loves all for you see, they each be reflections of her soul. And above all  She be a lover of life.  Fall in love with the mystery that be You. With that. Much simpler. Never ending.  You don't have passed lives, you have one. Fall in love with it all. Love is the only real thing there is to lift the illusion you are drowning in sweet sailor.  How bittersweet it is. Stop pretending ya know it has seduced you and escaped you far too long.  Shakti These be my words n writes with a pirate n gypsy spell upon them 😂😂 Mmmmuah #shaktidurgahealingarts  #healer #madwoman #poet #divinefeminine  #ecstaticdancer #words #shamanic #letters from #beyond I do believe I crossed over #keepgoing  #exist #love  #Shakti #energy #transform by just #being #illusion #Maya

I like giving people inner peace.  I like getting their minds to  Stop I like expanding minds into what they are comfortably.  At ease.  Without an expensive retreat ..although time may seem to stop. The world be going on. And yet stillness. Naturally taking them there. At ease with who they are.  I like giving inner peace.  Fulfilling that is ..says yoda Shakti  Gratitude So many good vibes today.  Just lived Just done Empty cup every night  Fill cup throughout daily masquerade carnival mundane plays.  Learn. Savour ..enjoy just being still deep moving beyond the speed of chaos.  A middle ground from which to see What you be Become aware of yourself.  Not the grandeur of "it" outside yourself But You Becoming aware of  Yourself Experience yourself Create yourself.  Shakti #Shaktidurgahealingarts  Today I just lived Receiving  #life  #stilllife  Happiness, you should try it. Lick Stretch that tongue all the way down As far as you can.  No Not like that ..silly..like a Dog  No. Like a  God Yes Going inside Like towards The heart chakra Ice cream Cone Non dairy if you like And  Lick Lick Lick Savour it It melts and spreads Goes into all  That surrounds it Even  The empty space.  Lick  Lick  Lick Taste yourself.  Your light Crumbles and dark Be happy  Just  Because Of Nothing Shakti www.shaktidurgahealingarts.com All writes and typos original Pirate gypsy spell in spaces Caps n commas




It just Be

You waste your lives trying to be liked 


Forgiven for being


Attempting to fit in, you break yourself

Never more 

Like the Poe

Never more

As above so below

Just let it be

And let it rise rise rise

Ride the snake

Ride the snake 

You gotta fuck yourself 

To unfuck yourself ( I know...oh gotta way with words 😂😂) Just be

“The serpent represents the sexual fire of the Third Logos.  The blood of the serpent represents the waters of Genesis, the great universal sperm, the ens seminis or Christonic semen, in whose waters is the germ of all life.” -Master Samael Aun Weor Art~Jennifer Guidi, To Protect and Hold You Up  #onlygnosticmasters Tumblr “The more you try to ‘let go’ the stronger your grip on the cause of your suffering. The more you try to control life, the greater the unhappiness when it follows its own path. The more you try to make others agree and support your position the more you isolate yourself. Dhamma is not like this. The Dhamma heart stands firm but gentle neither needing nor seeking approval or support, after all 'when you know, you know,’ and that knowing cannot be shaken. This beautiful part of you radiates its fearless clarity into the universe and accepts the consequences of infinite compassionate love. Some things are worth having - freedom from the needs of self is the greatest.”Michael Kewley Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absent minded, intoxocated by love in rapture. Someone sober will worry about things going badly.  Let the lover  Be.  Essential Rumi One gets intoxicated by spirit by soul and things indefinable Unknown Needing nothing but to surrender to Self For it is in loving myself that I love you it is in loving you that I love myself It is in worshipping and honoring you that I honor myself~ Shakti www.shaktidurgahealingarts.com #rumi 🌀🌀🌀🌀🌈🌈🌈🌀🌀🌀🌀 It's funny how upside down  and  inside out  it all just.  is I seem to be.  right where I was Right.  where I  be When I was about 3 My mind filled with clouds  Feet in the sand In my own wonderland I seem to have lived just to get back  To me... And I~ for one  Never did struggle,  with that! It was absolutely where I  Longed to ......BE! I always liked me All of me Was a rebel without a cause Square peg in round world It never really mattered much Never really lost my touch I always did  always did  like Me. Didn't really understand  Why anyone  Would want to be Something They simply We're not.!!.. And in the changes  The saving graces The climbs and trying to fit into places✈✈✈✈✈ I always Yes!  always Longed to just be Very much so Just  Me So there I was... And that be where I have been  For a while now😊 Since the day I landed by lady lake and began to live as just plain old me👽 Ya see. 🐼 Funny how it goes  to make it out with your mind as a child  Mine never grew up... Did struggle with that So much I Had to let  That train Goooooo So Back  To  essence🗝  came all this way  Just to get back home To My silliness self  Wanna giggle but my belly may wiggle !! The answer to the riddle was me!!!!! To transform into something so far from myself  And oh boy I did I did! And yet  To  See  that It's all just A dream Or an ocean of me inside of me  Outside or inside Makes all the sense  To  Me 😂😂😂😂😂 Just  trippin on stardust In  A breath of eternity I be.  What dreams my come what dreams may go Where it ends Nobody Knnnooooowwwwwsssss And that be just Really Just  Faerie dust Pixie dust Ok By Me Not sure where I am going But I know where I be Perfectly  Perfectly  In A sea  Of Me. P.S and just to confess I care not who cares Who sees Who hates likes or goes to the sun or the moon. I Am happy just like when I was  3 Shakti E. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty. Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune (Dune Chronicles #6) I learned this later on my path but discipline leads to flow  But that's for you to figure out  Not I I have The only onlyfans for #sapiosexuals Yeah ..you have to read... Its about mastering the art of love..self love .. Homework Masturbate and meditate Goal.. To fucking Expand. Rise. Grow mind.body. soul 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 A force of nature I am all and nothing I just Be mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain. Frank Herbert, Dune (Dune Chronicles, #1) #shaktidurgahealingarts  #quotes #frankHerbert #fear #literature #read  #feedyourhead  The book is always better Exercise the imagination  The way out is IN anyway.. 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

Reach neutrality Shakti It'll be fun they said.... Trust neutrality is Amazing  But nothing is easy in the human state You just allow accept and find the ecstasy in the pain And suffer not But there is pain in the human state..of course there is The Humanity is wow! Its a gift. And love is allowance Acceptance Compassion Courage To me.. I respect you. And your beliefs fearlessly  You respect mine Fearlessly You fear or need to be right  then you must not believe in yourself much


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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