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Mindfucking evolution

The Human mind operates in a beautiful way. It too is a product of evolution. It grew and gained power when its avatar expanded. The physical erect creature. The tools it had simply in his body. The part of the brain that steered being the Animal. Evolved avatar as well. Plants and crystals beneathe it in vibration. Vibration meaning from the speed of light source.

The part that steers is triggered to decide based on fear, survival instinct, sex and Dominance. Known as the reptilian brain.

Dominance got us here. The survival mode went dormant for awhile and weakened. In order to fullfill replace the gap sexuality was triggered. Things grew from that . Anger, lust, anxiety, hunger. We are not so light filled but that is part of our nature. It is what we are.

We conquered the world through dominance, enslaved our own, destroyed the Earth. Ate and we're a glutinous bunch. Got greedier. And Dominance woke up. It's had its reign of terror. Years if darkness whatever. Just brain reactions baby. But then there is reason, patience, rimantisism. Not as high vibe as light but also products of the two parts.

But. Survival instinct has kicked back in. All has Been defined for us, told to us free will if the gift of the reptilian brain is being stripped. Triggered comes Survival. And that Survival mixed with empowered by The sexual energy makes that reptilian brain lit. And all the juices flowing, right conditions situations, fear is conquered and there lies another. Another part of the brain is evolving. More on that later.

So the awesome thing is that Yogi's, mystics, philosophers saw this coming. Shaman, healers, Buddhists monks in caves, cave writers, scribes, artists, left writings things, solid facts for all to see. Speaking of a way which they found to conquer that dominance. Because by increased connection to all they had more strength, it was just their vibration ~pure math that caused them to stay attracted more to nature, but using the awareness of consciousness which was smaller in evolution but grew along with fear and stronger proving that love , God force energy, being as light as gravity vibrating higher yet along with nature, awakes another part of the mind. Ladies and gentlemen, others know this there are more of us. We are not alone.

Using the knowledge gained by their awareness we are now Conscious of ourselves. Questioning yet again. Our survival instinct linked to the lower gut mind that moves us, directs us! Product of evolution too. The Survival mode kicked in and is mathematically vibrating faster than fear.

Fear as in overdrive. Getting crushed by the domineering at command.

We are getting crushed and the world is being destroyed we have predestined our famine and scorching.

Expanded and saw itself in itself.

It's a beautiful thing math, sound, light , seeing , vision.

To be continued. the teachings science is proving right. The shamanic connection,


Shakti Durga

©Shakti Durga Healing Arts 🌻


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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