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Mindspace & Shroom space healing space

In the last blog we entertained a little science, cross reference links, a little knowledge drop and now let's talk about the navigation. Or a great steering power you have built in.

Assuming one has found a grand gnome friendly gardener.

Let's have a smile when talking about the magic mushrooms, shall we?

We decided we are doing mushrooms or they just happen to jump into our lives ..

Well assuming one found a cool grower. The closer to nature and the symphonic the better.


Now off we Gooooooo

I double checked buckle up.. all looks good but

Pardon typos in advance ..the night light pollution still bothers me and eye is irritated.


We have established a good time and place which we will get into later. But we basically know when and where.

Some may say the next is 50/50

Some like the idea of allowing it to just be and let go, trip balls or just do a targeted monster dose and seeing what happens.

And on occasion that be fine. As all is fine. And in the end whether it is by going around in circles or not, everyone is

going to do what they want.

So trip balls and enjoy.

I have.

But the other 90% of the time that I have had tea and enjoyed the ✨ magic I have followed the guideline of having an intention.

Not so much a question or not so much in the form of seeking an answer or being guided towards what would resonate as an answer for something. Which some may do when guiding. Seeking the resonance the particular feels that carry similar vibes. To me that is a good way to guide as all are but the first thing I wish to cover is doing mushrooms for other purposes.

Let me simplify and give you an example.

When I guide myself due to my physical condition which has no medical cure I go into the plant medicine for many things. I won't share all the places I go or things and gunnels I go down because some are meant just for my eyes and ears perspective. But...here's one that may inspire others to intelligently surrender the mind to the self source highest possibility.

Pain is inevitable it is a part of life.

You can have a sore face from laughing too much and experience pain.

You can honestly (or vulgarly put if you have never done it and the human body grosses you out) 😜you can honestly get a very stiff tongue and have problems eating if you have a night heavy in cunilingus and experience ....pain.

But when you have chronic pain, chronic illness things like

Psilocybe can be used to Transcend that pain.

By transcend I mean

Open your mind.

There are a couple of examples that I will give you.

Understanding I am coming from a Shamanic backgrounf by blood and culgure and personal path.

I am also coming from a perspective of someone who has a chronic illness and has had amazing yet difficult times of a year of chrmical burn pain to thr eyes ...and so much more.

And as a patient experienced modern medicine offer very little in terms of any of my conditions.

So for me going to the plant medicine for more specific reasons is just another facet of who I am.

There was a time last year when I was having a flare and all was well aligned (dark humor) to happen all at once.

I had been in pain for about 2 weeks straight and wanted something however things went round about a different way.

Although I had had some fungi from the same harvest they had not been as intense for me as they had been for others and that was perfectly ok but minutes before taking them I stated in a joking but solid way

"I deserve this ..I am going yo enjoy this. Its been two weeks of pain...I'm ready"

I took less than planned.

What I took fit in the palm of my hand and there was a plot twist.

My intention was just to not be in pain for a moment.

I ended up getting a message for the friend to whom I had said that I deserved it, a message from his deceased mother.

I saw them walking. I saw from her perspective.

I shared all my messages gor him that night.

But then suddenly it was as if i was being bathed with golden light.

An energy so beautiful showered me.

It came over me from the ceiling it seemed. It showered me with a feeling.

It wasnt watm or cold or anything I could describe with my words.

It was relief.

It was every muscle relaxing

It was bappiness multiplying.

It was tiny muscles unstiffening.

It was a relaxation

A bliss

A heart full of gratitude

It was like seeing light at the end of a long tunnel.

It was a slow intense rippling waves

it was everything ...

It was the first time I was pain free in many years.

I inhaled. Exhaled. Cried.


It was everything.

Unexpected and divine.

I have not been in as much pain as I was before that trip, since.

For that night I also used something else which was a focus exercise.

I placed a dot on the ceiling and I gave myaelf focus spots.

No matter how much the shadows or the lights danced before me. No matter how much the fractals filled the space I did an exercise as I say. I play and explore and go back to libraries (for lack of a better word) I make use of the space the fun guys host for me.

The second part of the exercise was to make certain sounds and in certain tones. For that I used a playlist that had a sound bell ten minute chime loop. So after the chime echoed across my ears into my frontal lobe I knew it was time to switch my sound or mantra.

Alot went on during that journey. Let's dissect it just a little more.

A lot happened and in a very short time.

It all happrned, crossed over spirits chats and healing all happened in about 4 hours max.

The sound and mantras are specifically to manipulate the energy within basically to do energy manipulation and since my original mind set was in such a vibration we can see why it increased the effectiveness of the surface intent.

I was Feeling "deserving"

I felt I deserved the healing

I deserved being pain free.

That right there made a difference.

A huge difference.


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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