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I teach these intensively when with students.

Once Qi Kundalini sequence is trademarked I will flow a bit more openly with this. For now I will put basic information that all yogis and tantric practitioners, chakra spinning livers should already be familiar as this is not new. And will be basic intro for those totally new to them

Mudras are not just hand gestures. Although you do use the hands to direct the flow of energy, you can and I do, use any part of the body to manipulate and alter energy.

Altering the flow of your energy can also alter your mood.

The object is not to just do the movement into the mudra and make a wish

Mudras work but adding the proper breath is important. Whether you do Kuji- in



Or any spiritual mystic mudra.

Understand at a Hindu and Buddhist level they can hold not just spiritual but psychic significance. At a yogic level they can hold a symbolic and mystical purpose and to also regulate the flow of prana.

Hand and body gestures tend to target the pelvic and or shoulder girdles.

Moving energy throughout and to different parts of the body is great for rejuvenation, health benefits, healing and so much more.

These can be added to any practice of Yoga, meditation or silence practice etc.

Here are some like I had posted before.

If we journey or you wish to study these in depth we can do so in person or in 2 or 3 classes for a mininal workshop pric .

There are many who claim yogi this or tantra that and then end up not really knowing important material so mine I share openly but not all online.

I prefer the more shamanic way and charge individually, fairly or at times free and by word of mouth. We can do an online workshop but the ultimate goal is to experience the connection and have you do it right.

On a simplified note here are some basic mudras.

I also teach the Kuji In with breathwork which I'd more for my martial artists and competition athletes.

Always feel free to contact me and let me know especially if local in Miami.

Root chakra mudra

Sacral chakra mudra

Solar chakra mudra

Heart chakra mudra

Throat chakra mudra

Third eye mudra

Crown chakra mudra

Live with Intention and add them slowly to your practice. Holding them for 10 minutes to optimally 15min. Create your own flow.

Much love