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Multifaceted Orgasms and what they can teach us

Our senses get heightened or shaken. 

At times people orgasm so hard their ears need popping! All feels more intense for some, at times even, asking partners to stop. 

I pass on teachings that go into the various types of orgasm but for this post

the point is these teachings are for more than tantric sex. 

They are about all of it. 

Sexuality, self-acceptance, growth, unlearning and expanding.

Sexuality is not something we can put to the side and separate from the rest of it all.

Even those that say they never fall in love or do not need love or a connection to be present and that they just bang! Are lying to themselves if they do not accept that they too 

don't experience connections as deeply as others in mundane situations. That they often have partners complaining or telling them "forget it" "never mind". They too must admit that it is all connected within the self as well. How you are sexually goes very hand in hand with how you are in life, period.

These people that believe it is all so separate but with courage take the plunge into really going through the inner journey of exploration, self discovery and expansion often find that, indeed, they are detached from far more than the one night partners.

For those that just can not cognitively see it or grasp it there is not much that xan be done because its their personal journey and no one can really solve your sexual issues or blockages, even soneone like myself can only help you walk through the halls with answers but it is only up to you to seek or find the answers.

It is for them/you to explore or not to.

There is no right way. And all is ok.

However for those that do wish to explore it, it ends up being familiar or they resonate with the idea that it is all very tied together and the journey unfolds before them and the sexuality gets richer and more fulfilling along with their lives.

Once ya let go of that performance in bed you also find that you don't want to perform outside of the bedroom either. That you are more comfortable simply being and enjoying the discovery of your true self.

The orgasm itself to bring all into one focused thing and to metaphorically zoom in

haha, is a great gift and teacher. A great part of you with a powerful voice and message for you.

I pass on teachings that help people, get people to, stir people to,  

Rattle cages enough to, observe that the orgasm is something to observe. 

To savour 

To learn from.

There are many types of physical orgasms 

Many parts or stages levels of the orgasm

Many types of emotional and physical


Some make us want to stay there forever.

Some just feel so right (hollywood love or not).

Some are so powerful they almost scare us. 

Some leave is wanting..or empty..numb.

Some just give a relief, a true relief for a moment..

some take us out of our minds onto a journey somewhere we have never been but are blissfully delighted by. 

Some comfort us,

energize us!

Some make people cry

Or laugh endlessly not even knowing why.

The orgasm is to be witnessed. 

It speaks to us.

It reads itself to us in the language of sex.

What is your orgasm telling you you need?

Where is it coming from?

In moments of deep love many men find they can ejaculate even with a soft cock. That the orgasm is coming from a different place. The stimulated is not the cock, but the deep experience of that connection arouses the Body in different ways.

For a woman this happens by surprise. No build up needed. Its just a release.

Some women cry upon having these. And it seems so cushy so mushy "hollywood love story- like" but at times women don't even know if its so much love or simply a love for such a resonating experience. 

Other times they have no idea why they are crying but feel that perhaps the experience opened them up in a vulnerability-kinda-way and instead if just enhoying it and bathing in that bliss of a cocktail of "feels" they avoid and limitvthe extent of the pleasure. Or they are made to feel uncomfortable by partners that are not emotionally intelligent and open.

Many men get confused by this but it is merely in truth something for the woman to enjoy, face, confront or contemplate. Its very much a shared experience but each partner is an individual and in a whole world of their own. Holding space is the best anyone can do for their lovers when on that inner journey. Allow yourself and allow that person. Set boundaries yes but do not limit the soectrum of emotions and physical bliss of that "O"


Out of fear?

Not worth it

Its too good.

Sharing and holding space much better. Live and have love for the experience.

Many are struggling in their sexuality because just like all at this time, sexuality too is evolving. 

Why not?

What it exists in 

Is evolving?

The vessels it flows through (men and women) are evolving or devolving 👅 but are changing. 

The vessels (men and women) that 👉THAT sexual life force energy is flowing through, are changing.

Some are getting brighter, smarter, more intune, feeling more, learning more, expanding with technology and without it. 

Some are relying on technology for all, some are being controlled by the technology that man himself invented. Some are becoming numb. Some are detaching more and more.

Some are no longer comfortable with union. 

All is ok because all has that 

Those two charges


Yin yang ☯ sort of stuff



No judgement just what people are truthfully going through.

And not all need to become mushy lovers wearing sandles bathed in Buddha Butter wearing robes and set up in a love sanctuary Mr. Mojo kind. At all. 

But if you are in a time of introspection and recognizing more desire to have deeper self awareness then the orgasm can share with you much from your sacred inner lands. Shadow lands and all.

If you are in a time of introspection then being in awareness you can go deeper into that orgasm not just for pleasure but to perhaps gently and compassionately listen to your body.  By listening to what your orgasm is telling you.  For men some orgasms may come with or without an erection, some may be very energetic and others maybe intense on the genitals.  In evolving our sexuality much unlearning must be done.  It isn't a bad thing if you accept it as a gift.  Your "diving deeper" is a gift if you allow it.  If you embrace your curiosities and don't suppress that which your whole body/mind/soul is asking you to address or simply observe within yourself. The first thing to unlearn is the belief that the ejaculation alone is the orgasm.  The ejaculation is part of the Orgasm, yes! But not THE orgasm.  Just like women must compassionately embrace their cycles and stages so to must men compassionately embrace their needs coming through and expressing themselves through that orgasm. Men and women who believe its a performance based on NOT what they were taught in any sexuality class but through modern day sales oriented media is something that needs serious unlearning.  Both genders with age can feel a whole different spectrum of beautiful emotions, physical sensations and pleasure if they also embrace the various cycles of their lives.  Aging doesn't mean its all over.  At all.  The Master Chia has a 13 or 15 year old and he is in his 80s. I have met 70 year olds that have spoken to me openly about their struggles and courage and confessed to having a most deliscious sex life.  Men and women that can enjoy all their feelings during sex can extend sexual play and discover new places and levels of passion instead of those that in fear or deep conditioning can not and simply whimper off claiming poor performance and quitting.  Patience and compassion towards yourself and partners always goes a long way.  Laugh and play  Explore and observe yourself, fearlessly get to know yourself.  Some Orgasms give us a bliss and a slight lasting Euphoria a deep happiness. Listen to those. Observe yourself and just welcome them in.  Your body is wanting you to just allow this.  Your mind will always struggle with the new and follow or go down the same roads of dissatisfaction and perform here ... Perform there..here goes the monkey there goes the monkey  But why? Just enjoy laughing and not performing.  Let it just be.  When men take that weight off of performing and how it should be they often find that they may not ejaculate but they end up staying hard longer simply feeling wave after wave of different pleasure sensations.  Release that need, those expectations and receive more. And by that I mean truly release that need and those expectations. Meaning 👉 own the Mind and you might just end up owning your dick.  And for women allow yourself to ride whatever waves you like.  If your orgasms are from the heart enjoy them. Play with them. But don't attach them to these "hollywood love" dramas of possession and control games.  Don't serve the mind  Own it  Own the mind and your orgasm might end up being a blend of emotions, waves of physical release sending trembling ecstacy throughout your body not just your vagina.  Women can experience longer throbbing feelings in the pussy walls and laugh and cry all in one beautiful "open" orgasm.  Receive longer lasting and more fullfilling pleasure the more open you are and the emptier your mind is.  Experience moments of fire under the skin and soaked in sweat allowing that body to light itself up with passion.  If you are open to yourself and partner you can experience moments of electricity flowing between your partner and you.  You can experience the connections that you already have with these lovers (like it or not you are connected with all beings especially the ones you are fucking), the more open you are.  No need to declare Hollywood notebook love to your partner at all but it would be nice for you to allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of hot sensations, feels and health beneficial things that can come with the different parts of the orgasm and the different orgasms in general.  The orgasm can be less than and same ole - based on the limitations you are allowing the mind to decide for you and it can be a lovely hump dooby hump boom boom pow ..finish ejaculate, discomfort or ahh its done. .thats it was great, pretty good now, wipe wipe roll over GN👉 for the rest of your life.  The orgasm can even become non existent based on the break down of the body, mental stress condition and all that you may want to place on it lol. But observing the self, owning the mind and exploring new uncharted waters although possibly scary is something that in the long run can be so very rewarding.  Simply accepting yourself and observing yourself and all that you are can be rewarding but when done openly.  Not in self judgement. Not in this self defeating manner people go about dealing with their sexuality.  The great part is that the more you observe the self, the more you enter in awareness of the self and experience you are living the better a person you become and the better lover you become.  So observe the orgasm as you close your eyes and allow yourself to witness it. Its a beautiful thing and a wonderful teacher.  After all the only Guru for your personal life path is You, So ya might as well listen to yourself. 

Observe the O

Is it coming from the heart at times, desiring that heart to surrender to higher quantities of self love?

Is it coming from the core belly?

Is it making you laugh letting you know that you need more laughter more bliss more surrender to that part of yourself?

Is it leaving you charged and open to create letting you know that the arousal and open*ness is what you need as a creator?

Is it releasing waves of emotions you needed to feel? Perhaps that you had suppressed?

Is it limited by the mind?

Telling you to let it be and begin again before anyone wrote on the walls of your mind and you surrendered your power over to the blind leading the blind?

What is that orgasm telling you?

What do you need or desire more of in order to live verses cope? Not just in bed but in other areas of this

Your great life ?

What soothes you?

What stirs you?

What senses get heightened?

What parts of the body get affected?

What kinds of dreams do you have after?

How do you feel when present in your Orgasm?

Sshhh just Observe the Orgasm

Witness it

You are after all the Guru

Listen with your being

Your essence

And explore yourself

Get to know yourself deeply.

Much love


©2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts 🌻


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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