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"What we think, we become"


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New color ..back to Blondie more writes

And just like that A new begining. Not really But time eases the mind as much as it causes suffering. It gives structure and some kind of inaquarate measure to your time spent on earth. It can shorten it if you focus on only the ticking of the clock it can lengthen it if you only focus on its passing. It is a bit of a double edged sword. Fire never destroys. It transforms all. Good to understand the difference of its power and gift. Commanding respect and holding much pleasure in its wrath. All around you Reflects you. Even that which you create to measure in some way The moments of your life. Which is eternal and that That Be oh so much for you to comprehend. You are timeless. Nothing ends not really. That is why it is pointless to measure ..compare..hold on to or Suffer. Shakti

It's not that you haven't been what you were trying to become all the time Already. It's not like you haven't heard it all before. Or that you haven't been transformed even at atomic, molecular level many times before. It's not anything complicated even at it's source level of divinity. It's something more each time you look into it and peel the layers away. And so .....then what? So then what?

You are it. Just stop and really really look because all the keys, tools and codes etc are in your very essence. Much love Happy happy New Year. We made it Now Keep going. Gotta walk the walk not just talk the talk. Once in neutrality you become the stillness in chaos and because you know that you are the chaos as well, it unveils in a different level & way too. And so on and so on... Spiral out keep going It's quite a trip if I do humbly kneel down to say so myself. Lay your sword down for your wars end and when only love is left courage is what is needed in order to be guided by your own hand as deep as you alone can allow it. Shakti

My Tweet I honestly just like watching a man try to move. .speechless stare at the floor ..look at me a second all googly eyed and then look back down and say.."wow that was intense!" But maybe that's just me 😜 taking someone beyond what they have been doing or feeling (priceless) https://t.co/u8md40xGax