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New Forum

Plant medicine definitely does hold much in store for us in our walk with the Plant kingdom in our lives again. As its always been but to exchange in awareness with our brother and sister plants and gain knowledge that we integrate into our daily lives. The plant medicine gives us many opportunities to get to know it, may we take these opportunities and do incredible things in gratitude.

Accepting that indeed, it's wisdom is needed desperately but there must be some education and some healthy regulation of it all verses a total governmental take over (because the people can't care for themselves and for the safety of all of course, which is what ends up happening).

Being that these are times for Action I will be starting a forum on my website. We are at groundbreaking moments when we can be of assistance and serve those to come.

This forum will just be to serve as a place to post any personal experiences where you felt your safety and the healing of your mind / body and soul were at risk.

Experiences that left a trauma.

It will be there simply to serve a purpose, if you have a serious allegation/accusation but please email and information will be passed on and spread throughout the community. It will not be for name calling or calling people out and starting something for which you must show proof.

An elevated forum. What we want to do is nip things in the butt right now and the right way. Raise awareness, if enough people report a: place, a retreat or bring attention to a location then those who maybe are tempted to do a solo trip down to a location who are google searching and being resourceful will find it, If people search and they keep seeing warnings about a specific location, area or practice to look out for things to look out for then it makes it easier for them to make their way around the plant medicine a little more safely.

No names revealed instead if you have a name to give I can send you other places and resources / organizations etc. submit that information to.

It's a forum to raise awareness about the other small part of the spectrum that is the shadow side world of the plant medicine. One that should be taken seriously.

There is already abuse of power and a dark side building. Just like the Guru that feels he has transcended ego but acts egoically in all he does.

So to, some of the people who take on the Shaman title without initiation, bloodline or education are found to be without ethics and are far more susceptible to get an ego trip off the title..leaving others exposed to sexual assault, misconduct and possible endangerment and harm all under the guise of the plant medicine. That needs to get attention as well. I helped some heal the scars of the gurus and organizations like One taste , but the "not ethical" doesn't happen just among the catholics.

It's the other side of good human nature.

The forum will be there to tell your story or advice and share things to look out for, dangers that might be encountered when traveling alone to the plant medicine as well as other places to report or that you have notified. Etc.

Mind you: again any specific name of a person can not be mentioned in the forum because in those cases if something can be done legally you want to proceed legally as well and dot all your i's dot all your it's. You want to send an email and we can send you a few places to notify and how.

As all the great things are created and blooming emerge so too must the elders make sure that we do not repeat the same mistakes again.

We are aware what happens and we know the mind us open and vulnerable in the wrong hands when it come to the sacred medicine.

Link to website in bio

Will begin March 15th!

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The more these unsafe practices and/ or people are reported the better. .this can be from being touched inappropriately to an individual that did not provide clean, safe, respectful settings or that seemed to abuse his position.

Above all a Shaman must be humble


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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