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Pairings seem to be in these days

A good pairing in Tantra and saying in lay terms " being picky" doesn't mean in tantric terms what it means to the average person. It is not about matching backgrounds And up bringings as much as it is about how you feel about it. What you did with what you had. How you healed it verses how you wear it It doesn't mean you have similar interests as much as it means, do your levels of passion when doing that which you love, vibe similar. It doesn't mean you share same religious or philosophical beliefs, as much as it means to believe in yourself enough and be comfortable enough with your grounds and reasons for having said beliefs that you are both open to embrace and respect core differences. It doesn't mean you have had equal numbers of partners as much as it means that you experienced people, healed, lived them and have little trauma debris from them, a nice clean vibe. Not a victim or victory vibe. It doesn't mean you have similar life plans. You trust, you glow n flow. Of course ever so difficult to hold the breath n jump at first, but you trust your energy reading, trust yourself, respect the pairing, experience the person and as you go further along it gets ever so very easy. You carry No judgement, you just trust your gut, know thyself and experience your life with no expectations to limit it.

It does not mean that you have had similar sexual experiences. It can mean many beautiful things but among them how you see, think and feel about sex and sexual partners. We all get what we attract so to ☆belittle a sexual partner says a lot about you or the one saying it Note: ☆☆For someone To say to them sex is nothing...means they are either a lying, emotionally ehhh, and or lacking courage to own a part of their lives. As in not believing they deserve fun (really really deserve it) and expressing it in a purely dramatic childish manipulative way.

☆☆They ( men and women) give the: "poor me I fucked 100 and it meant nothing" verses a sassy awesome "I like sex and each and every one was a goddess or god in the human form. And I have great gratitude for each and every one" end story. The first is not honest. It does mean something otherwise they wouldn't do it. It must satisfy boredom Satisfy the ego make em feel good Release tension Relax them At least own the pleasure habit. If you don't know why you do it then that says a lot too. Own that. A nice pairing IS ALL ABOUT the FeelZ.

The Vibration not in a new age or far off and far out way but in a mathematical scientific way. A good pairing has no certainty. Our vibe put us together! Fuck yeah The gut mind says all systems GO! The heart mind loves the experience and the mind is open to simply record and collect data as you experience from the energy body and the physical with an open mind that you OWN. Your Energy bodies know that energy is about to multiply in speed bringing a colossal raising in speed of your vibration in key areas of the totality of your energy body. Boom With liberation free to experience the life force in a whole other way another piece of the whole of existence having their Human experience That be a good Tantric pairing sexual dance!!

Ya feel me? Much love written by me at your service love Shakti Shakti Durga baby!

Find yourself a good pairing to go with that delicious body and raise your vibration!!

Mind your vibe Human Tribe