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Past life special Sunday and social media round up 

I spread unity We were taught to SEE the differences in our paths Through religion and conditioning. However from the caves Building of pyramids To the alchemist around the world The Shaman of All indigenous tribes The Kabbalah The bible if translated accurately (She came from his BREATH! NOT RIB !!) From the mystics To Einstein Tesla Darwin To all the greats We ARE SO MUCH MORE SIMILAR AND ABLE THAN YOU WERE CONDITIONED TO BELIEVE BECAUSE YOU ARE THEE MAJORITY OWN IT TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIVES OWN THE MIND MIND EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT FOR you are It This is THE BIG SHOW YOUR HUMAN EXPERIENCE Isn't it about time you arrive Arrive #podcast #twitter #linkedin #blog #pastliferegression #wombmassage #karmicCleansing #groups #private sessions #limpieza #sanacion #chaman #shaman #corporateEvents on owning the mind Getting in #creator Flow #thezone #runnershigh I am not about just sitting in Mama gaia The teachings I pass on are about Doing!! Opening up to receive It is not about Give and Take! Did you give and take and judge when you took your first breath? If you are lazy and don't do the inner journey work This will not help you #martialartists #athletes #doers Not afraid of rising up Then Copilots wanted for all journeys #neikung #taichi #kundalini flow sets early AM sunrise on beach starting end of Month #miami #miamibeach You Are the drug All else is absolutely nothing

Link to past life highlight story

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Instagram story

Shamanic Sunday afternoon special journey of the day. Amazing past life regression through breath (not hypnosis) **** watch highlight story titled past life on my main IG profile**** Past life the Shamanic way, get a friend journey 2 for 1 and YOU WILL GO BACK👉❤ just sayin. Mention IG and follow and get a bigger discount as part of me introducing this bliss of a ride to Miami !! Already done in Reno Tahoe Hawaii New Orleans!! Will have different non- massage zen specials every weekend Especial de Domingo Navegacion al pasado regreso a vidas pasadas A pura respiracion no hypnosis A lo #chaman Especial es 2 por 1 mencionar Instagram para especial mas grande Y los dos las dos personas VAN A REGRESAR De mi espacio no se sale sin tener una experiencia fisica e increible Sabes que regresaste Amorcito y paz website www.shaktidurgahealingarts.com Shakti@shaktidurgahealingarts.com miamifl curandera masaje de energia varios servicios chamanicos sin tocar limpieza karmica espiritualidad domingos twoforone miamievents shamanic healing