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Plant Vibes and Iboga

Both Ayahuasca and Iboga clean house, blow doors open, get in your face. The Ayahuasca plant is loving, nurturing and colorful. An older, nurturing, wise, loving and often very much like a woman she talks in code at times (sign and symbols visual and auditory one word riddles) Grandmother or older mama vibe.

Iboga Iboga comes from the bark of a small shrub that is native to parts of West Africa. Known as the “Tree of Life,”

The Iboga carries a very solid

Masculine energy. An energy that is masculine in its delivery but balanced in its essence.

Sometimes you see people who are very balanced. You see a man or a woman in the flesh but you feel a very balanced vibe. They are soft or nurturing and firm needing to give little explanation. They can be very goofy and free, creative dancer or artist but also be very righteous, punctual, business or logical in solving things.

They have balance like the iboga but with a masculine delivery as if it were a balanced man before you.

It comes from a very masculine region. West Africa (Gabon, Cameroon and parts of the Congo.)

is very patriarchal in governing, in religious aspects, spiritual aspects and in cultural realms.

That soil has energy too.

This applies to all the plants, all the plant medicine. The soil affects their energy just like the composition of the soil in wine.

The arid and higher altitudes or the low in altitude and wet or the rich with nutrients soil from companion planting, all add something to the final flavor of a wine.

Iboga is very much like a stern but loving father.

It blasts open doors and takes you past the illusion you gave of yourself and takes you into your personal truth.

Most will do a few ceremonies in their lifetime or in the season of their lives when it came to them.

I recommend 1 to 3 times

Basically after even one or two 2 with good pre and after care if it is to help the person it will, hands down. Some may continue a maintenance plan of microdosing or do it a few more times. However one of the reasons it wasn't picked up quickly by the west is because you really don't need much of it. You don't need to consume it much. Even without the after care (integration I recommend). It's not like big pharma that keeps you coming back.

In many cases the plant medicine can already be done with you.

Meaning people won't experience after, let's say a couple of ceremonies and upon another one, the person has a very short experience and a seeker literally heard an auditory hallucination or the plant asking

"Why do you keep coming back you already know what you came for?"

Another example of this was with another plant, a journeyman came to the acceptance and conclusion that they would never trip again on the magic. They could take monster doses and to their very sad truth haha they would do nothing.

That isn't as uncommon as one would think.

Some say it is because you are vibrating higher than the plant and others that the plant is basically done with you. You must digest & process what you already received.

But back to the Energy.

A masculine fatherly energy has a different manner of being than a feminine motherly.


These writings and anything I write are always about getting you to mentally practice what you are reading. Like when you were a kid, a child. And as you read, you imagined and you would imagine the greatest things at times exactly like they would be and others far better than they could ever be on this plane.

Open mind.

That is why since it is about whimsical to either drive grammar techy gods and goddesses absolutely crazy. But out of their comfort zone so if they keep reading still, goal accomplished, out of comfort & mind opening.

Or a person can just flow and like a child you can imagine and allow yourself to create. Exercising that third eye and then not just reading something but going off understanding it. Feeling it.

No, the style of just chillosophy with very traditional doesn't appeal to all but then again nothing I do does😜🤣.

So let's continue.

Open mind, relax and imagine.

Because exploring the difference between the iboga masculine and the Aya and cannabis feminine helps one get into feeling energy. A feeling energy mindset.

A stern but loving father is normally not of many words. However the words he says are Fire.

Iboga gets to the point.

It is direct.

Imagine a father. If you never had one am sure you have seen one in person known of s good one or in a movie or book.

"Hint* When unleashing the imagination one can use the mind as what it is a toolbox vs a trap box. And draw from healthy memories or film and take off from there.

Playing along to better understand the plant medicines to either help decide which ones to explore and understand the energy better is very helpful to the wanderers on this path.

This father takes you into the home that you have lived in and takes you straight into each of the rooms and shows you, taking you face to face with a memory or action and magnifying it. So that you may learn from it.

Now that is different from just taking you to see it, or taking you to show you simply your action or the actions against or for you.

When I say it takes you to learn I mean it. The next day after an experience most retreats offer a day of contemplating. A person normally has that going on anyway. The want to contemplate, to savor, process and ingest all the lessons the father plant medicine taught.

One would ask but how? How do I go back and see a scene fr my life and learn from it when I went through it and don't know how to undo or fix it?

You can learn from it when you take your mind out of the equation.

You can learn when you see with more than the eyes.

You can learn when you see from other perspectives.

Like mentioned earlier the Iboga has balance in its energy. That nurturing leader vibe.

It wants you to learn from it and it takes you to specific parts, rooms within yourself where it knows you have stuff hidden or needing your attention.

It's like a heat sensor only in this case specifically going by patterns and energy vibrations so accurately and divinely that you can not escape it but can not hate it either.

What I mean is that perhaps, yes! You see a time or moment when you were ñadhinh out and not a very nice person but there isn't self-hatred involved, or accusation or victimization.

You see when you go back in memory you recall memories.

Memories can be used as tools but even the sweet ones are not as factual as you think.

The emotions have gotten to them.

When you do this alone what you really see and remember are the emotions.

Not the facts.

And the emotions are what we are solving, healing, filtering so we can't go by emotions alone.

The Iboga guides you to the facts to see the facts and to feel it all. Not just your personal experience and memory but it helps you gets you,takes you to see and feel what others felt, where they were coming from as people and what really happened.

Do you experience self hatred?No.

You see where you were coming from as well.

Most do experience a deep level of compassion born.

They truly get to see from eyes not looking through foggy dirty lenses.

You get to be open-hearted and it pulls out that courage in you to walk into the next part of yourself and look into the next room.

It is a loving nurturing but firm and direct energy and the way it's healing works self hate need and judgement have no place.

When we rise to an open mind open heart and truth level there is compassion, acceptance and realization.

There are other things too of course but those three are what the lessons are about.

Not like in the human monkey mind, chattering mind mode.

Where you judge and blame or take the blame and feel better or worse and it pretty much does and solved nothing really.

Nothing internal anyway.

When we learn from an experience trust is gained or a gained awareness of a boundary you must set, there is compassion because all are travelers and above all who is anyone to judge. And if they do judge by what?

We love because it's our life and we see from a broader wider lens that the real altered state is that of the mindless waking walking state.

We feel love and learn or access more love for our life experiences because the ego robes us of so much of it.

During these experiences the mind takes you down and far away fr you you are and distorts what indeed is around you on so many levels and in so many ways.

Example for your feels

When an abused child gets hit again and again etc.

That soul sees through eyes of a child.

Also the eyes of an abused and confused child possibly having lower cognitive ability to have him seeing through the eyes of an abused child at whatever age it started. The person can be 3 or 4 years younger in the emotional and mind body if it's been going on a long time. When the child grows up it re-lives the experience over and over, trigger after miniscule trigger as that very child NOT as an adult. It also has the distortion from media, culture, ancestry, friends..the works! The lenses many see through are much more than foggy lenses. Much that is developed after, many of the beliefs they form and cling to are based on an illusion. A painful one at that. And those spaces,those empty spaces and those weak links have hot to be filled with and in awareness and strengthened with courage that can only be found deep within.

The plant takes you there to that moment to See & experience it through the purest eyes of all. Your true inner soul lenses clear and so you see!

It takes many to spaces where they are able to comprehend with compassion the error of their ways. The next day, they are left contemplating and bathed in release and self love.

A wise Father energy it Is! Ceremonial and crowned. The energy of the Iboga is vast and many have described unique experiences that lead one to believe that it teaches like the others do, according to the student In ways /symbols/visual /auditory that each person can understand. In your language. Using your memories, your words.

When you picture that kind of energy add on the nurturing the balance,add the leadership add the family vibe (it knows you), add the familial vibe I'm that it grows on a bush , there's more than one and add the energy of the sun from the color of it's fruit. Just receive and you will come to the awareness of this energy and the others before working with them because you are already connected as all is.

Envision all that and then add the people of the land how it's grown etc. And you will feel the all knowing energy of the Iboga. Contemplate.

This is good to do if you wish to draw a plant medicine into your life and playing field. Do it and always share your adventures please 🙏✌️💕

Visual Mastery

Title: XOCHIPILLI Artist - Luke Brown Please enjoy the Art and the rest of the information on this Sacred medicine.

I will be sharing my own experiences with this plant as well. And now we continue to San Pedro Cactus and Bufo ~which though not plant medicine instead animal kingdom treasure~ I will include with the Plant Vibes series. As you can tell Igroup things and call them series no matter who reads or not lol, it helps me use this as a place to send people. A place to collect the quickies the quick knowledge drops when I want inspiration or have a lecture to do.

The root of the Iboga tree is yellow colored and produces the hallucinogenic compound Ibogaine, which is used for its medicinal and psychoactive properties. The Iboga tree contains high concentrations of alkaloids which are being researched by scientists to discover the benefits that they can offer to humans. The indole alkaloids in Iboga make up 6% of the root and are divided into Ibogaine, ibogamine and tabernanthine. The Ibogaine alkaloid is the one most commonly used for pharmaceutical purposes. Typical doses of Ibogaine are 500 mg to 800 mg and these have been shown to be safe for use in the majority of patients without other underlying conditions. Ibogaine is a natural hallucinogenic and has several benefits to offer the people who consume it.


Drug Addiction Treatment: Ibogaine has been used successfully in the treatment of drug addiction and substance abuse. It has been shown to be successful in reducing withdrawal symptoms from the detoxification process for opiates. It is useful in managing symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, cramps, chills, sweating and others that arise when an addict begins to undergo detoxification from drugs. Further, Ibogaine significantly reduces the cravings for drugs making it easier for the addict to overcome his habit and avoid relapsing back into drug use.

Management of psychological disorders: Ibogaine has been shown to have positive effects on people with psychological ailments such as depression and post traumatic stress. It has been shown to influence neurotransmitters in the brain, making it easier for the patient to handle difficult experiences better as well as deal with unresolved emotions in a more objective manner. Further, Ibogaine acts as a neuroprotector, stimulating the creation of new neurons in the brain, and leading to better management of conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

Treating Hepatitis C: Ibogaine has been proved to reduce the viral load in hepatitis C, helping sufferers to manage the overall condition.

Spiritual Benefits: Ibogaine has been used since ancient times for its mind altering and spiritual consciousness enhancing properties. The Bwiti religion in West Africa has used Ibogaine since pre-colonial times for the initiation of youngsters into adulthood as well as to achieve heightened mental states in order to communicate with deceased ancestors and spirit guides. Today, Ibogaine is used to help people achieve a relaxed, therapeutic state in order to help them deal with unresolved emotions and help them hit the reset button on their lives.

Repostedhttp://iboga-seeds.com/2016/02/01/top-benefits-of-ibogaine/ http://iboga-seeds.com

Before you take ibogaine

More and more people are taking Ibogaine as they discover its amazing benefits. Its ability to treat drug and alcohol addiction and especially its abilities to reduce withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse have contributed to its immense popularity. Ibogaine has been proven to be effective in the treatment of heroin, cocaine, alcohol and methadone addictions, and is being investigated to find out its effectiveness in treating tobacco addictions. One single dose of Ibogaine stops addiction almost immediately and continued intake ensures that the patient feels has a lower desire to relapse. Ibogaine’s psychoactive properties also give mental clarity and heightened consciousness that allows an addict to deal with unresolved emotions, achieve closure and make decisions that will help them make positive changes in the future.

Ibogaine is usually administered in capsule form, and has been found to cause no addiction in patients being treated for substance abuse. Addicts are advised to take Ibogaine in licensed treatment centers with licensed medical professionals who can monitor the dosages as well as check on the progress of the patients as the treatment program advances. The success rate of Ibogaine especially in addiction treatments is very high, with many addicts overcoming their habit just by taking one dose of Ibogaine. However, in some cases, Ibogaine is used as just one component of a successful drug rehabilitation program, in order to reduce withdrawal effects and provide mental clarity. In order to get the best out of your Ibogaine treatment or experience, ensure to follow the precautions indicated below:

Undergo a thorough medical test before attempting to take Ibogaine: you may visit your local GP for this or consult with the in-house physician at the treatment center you are attending. The medical tests should measure your heart rate before,during and after the administration of Ibogaine. They should check and ensure that you do not have any underlying medical conditions and that your heart and liver are not damaged.

Get Advice from multiple reputable sources: Ibogaine can be a critical component of your drug rehabilitation program or even if you just want to hit the reset button on your life. As such, it is important to conduct intensive research on the best places to purchase original Ibogaine, the best treatment centers, side effects and any other important information before beginning on your program.

Only take Ibogaine in prescribed doses and under the supervision of an experienced, licensed professional. Ibogaine’s psychedelic properties can lead to intensive reactions such as heightened consciousness, powerful emotions and an inability to keep repressed emotions under control. Wrong dosages can cause difficulty controlling muscles, nausea and vomiting and a change in the heart rhythm. Ibogaine should preferably be taken under supervision of medical professionals who can monitor your reactions and take action in the event of negative effects.

Cultivating Iboga indoors


About GITA

The Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to encouraging the sacramental and therapeutic applications of iboga, in addition to its own alkaloids and their analogs, through sustainability initiatives, scientific study, education, and advocacy.

“Pain is strange. A cat killing a bird, a car accident, a fire.... Pain arrives, BANG, and there it is, it sits on you. It's real. And to anybody watching, you look foolish. Like you've suddenly become an idiot. There's no cure for it unless you know somebody who understands how you feel, and knows how to help.”

― Charles Bukowski