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Plant vibes and Mary

Every plant has it's ways and purpose to serve. No different than all else on the planet. We will now begin to dance with my brothers and sisters ..the Plant medicine of the plant kingdom. Yes brothers and sisters. Plant beings not props. Not decorations in the decaying landscape. Let's dance a little with Each, most know I teach in Levels and we go deeper each time. Although I somewhat started the plant speak in the previous post I could do a lecture or two on the herbs and medicinal plants that are not psychoactive but that you can learn bountiful things from including the 2 language. I shall share the other medicinals later but since I am covering the Psychoactive plant medicines and altering medicine and since I facilitate Cannabis therapy let's begin with the Cannabis plant. Don't be fooled and skip this one because it will be the basis for understanding the other plants I cover. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 The plants of course are affected by the soil and place and peoples around them. The handling of them for the drying or preparation if then, environment for storing all play a part in our sacred plant medicine. All of those things play a part in the energy of the plant including *it's* ancestral ..what plant it derived from perhaps a hybrid, where in it's evolution it is, as all is evolving not just us. Much like the flower essences are used for different things because their energy resonates more with this or that or because their scent induces a bio chemical reaction allowing it to serve a purpose, so to is the rest of the plant medicine. "Although flower essences have trans-physical attributes, we can come to know and appreciate these subtle healing aspects by training our senses and thinking capacities when beholding plants. By consciously extending and refining what we take in with our senses, we can cross the boundary of the physical world of plants and enter into the higher dimensions of plant life." Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski Be it because of biological, botanical or spiritual reasons. Not all plants are good for all people. Mind you, there are many, my friends included, that feel that all people need anything, whatever plant medicine at this point. I can empathize, of course, the world's population is in distress but hold on there. Yes, it may take a lot of effort and above all action but those who are able to educate on this should and it should be accessible to all. People are very ready and willing to learn and shamanism is about service so in my case that is why I will share more here and all over and because I am already seeing negative effects of the glorification of the plant medicine and the way some have not been helped but given another trauma to heal. Going down some Rabbit holes in the world of plant medicine is not all fun and lights and shapes. So let's talk a little bit about the plants, the type of energy they carry, the way they flow and teach us, their vibes. Let's begin with Mary. Cannabis is a beautiful plant medicine. And although Mary and marijuana were born out of street slang and race meaning roots, Cannabis is very feminine in Energy. But what type of feminine energy? Young or old ? Not all women are the same now are they? Of course not, nothing is. How does she communicate to you? What is she like? She is soothing and gentle to some. Others react to her a bit paranoid and on edge. Hmmm Ever wonder why she be how she be? Some swear by her, while others dislike her with a passion. When someone has a medical card (of course) I teach Cannabis therapy. We do about 4 sessions Can be just one and a person gains so much insight. At times one session every quarter and other times they find they really get so much out of it that they continue at a cost that serves both of us. Cannabis therapy is offered by a few shaman and practitioners. ** Many believe the ancient ....would smoke cannabis before doing advanced meditation and breath, in order to go into deeper states of trance and altered states. By doing so, (no they didn't just get super high), they used the more relaxed mental body inorder to over ride the mind. The chanting and other things done would serve as a brilliant "reprogramming" of the attached or whatever ways they were experiencing that were keeping them from their highest potential. I use a very similar approach and add to that things more traditional to my path and in alignment with their purpose/intent. But back to its energy. We have the two main groups The love or dislike crews. For one much depends on the strain. When doing spiritual work it too depends on the strain. Not all strains affect all people the same way either. I can smoke a 32% pre*roll Indica and feelmybpain spread out, which is comforting because then it is not only severe in certain areas instead it is spread out and milder. It won't take the pain away it it will soothe it and lower it. I won't go to sleep though. Being a prime example of how not all strains affect people in the same way. When working with the plant for spiritual work as in help with dream work the strains and energies are important as well. There is much energy in the cannabis plant that can serve for far more than just to smoke, relax, escape, chill or soothe pain. Plants are Allies. They can assist us in so many ways and in so many levels. Now into the subject of paranoia and my crew that dislikes the paranoid fear inducing at times effects of the plant. For one the plant effects them in those ways because of who they are. What's inside of them. As far as the plant it may just Not Agree With you. There may be something in your psyche, memory bank or suppressed feels department and because it relaxes you, your deep insides feel that perhaps you will ...spill the beans, or let someone in because you fear your guard will get relaxed too! Oh no! Haha oh yes. The plant dances inside of you and is very receptive as you can imagine, look at what it does with light! Perhaps there is something far down and deep suppressed or something that should be faced and confronted within yourself. Mary be a Feminine energy so she is bound to dive deep till she gets it out. That, shamanic wise, can be the why some dislike it and then end up liking it because they stop having those fear paranoid experiences. And why some smoked it in college and then come middle age they smoke it because a nephew or son has it and they end up wiggin out. Things change. As do you. Mary is inquisitive. Induces creativity and contemplation. Thoughtful she is. Relaxes the body even if sativa, she does just a little, and relaxes the mind. With a relaxed mind one can create because the mind gets out of the way. If a yogi or meditation master or shaman one can use the mind masterfully, I suppose, as a tool but for the rat race crew the addition of Cannabis in their lives helps, to say the least. In spiritual working to manifest something of to do more efficient dream work we can pair cannabis with other herbs. Very much so. Other herbs can be smoked with it. In an organic way rolled together with specific herbs that also hold specific energy vibration one can smoke various other herbs only dependant on the outcome desired. Allies. I like spiraling around and further in when passing on teachings because that is how teachings, lessons and tests are. Plants are allies. Some plants get along and others don't. Plants are beings. Beings who are pretty foreign to most of mankind. How can it serve? Cannabis is great for that self acceptance and self love journey. It is soothing It does drop your guard a little or your fears depending on who you are and both are good for self acceptance. You can work with it and other herbs to target either the dreaming mind or to target the waking mind and pain. You can get comfortable with self acceptance, boosting your self love which automatically gets higher when you accept yourself more and vice versa. Then move into shadow work at the same time or when you are ready. When working with the plant as a therapy and a true ally learn about it. As I know many do research and look for information regarding the strains and the effects. If you find a strain that worked don't expect the hybrid to do the same. Get to know it. Meditate and contemplate the leaves and/or the bud Hold it and meditate Even if you can not open yourself up to play you can begin mindfulness and begin opening yourself up to receive from it. Communicate with it. Mentally Remember that strains are also affected by the names they get labeled with. Something named after something scary may carry that energy just by association. And remember that it takes two to tango here in the duality plane so how you feel and what you think about it also plays a part in how you experience it. Mary being feminine carries that feminine vibe triple goddess way about her. She can be very nurturing, very loving and very motherly and a mother at times makes you do things you don't want to got your own good. It's a beautiful type of way to enhance your practice especially if you smoke anyway. Perhaps you can say that it also enhances your smoking palette or blends, giving you a reason to expand and find new useful pairings. You can have you apothecary of dried smokable herbs instead of a big pharma medicine cabinet. The growing of the medicine and care are important too. Nowadays it's a bit harder to actually sample or perhaps very easy in some areas but you can tell a difference between a cannabis plant grown by a brilliant medicine man who grows small quantities but trims them like sacred medicine and cannabis grown in a warehouse purchased at a dispensary. It is not visible to the average man but there is a difference even in how the population that consumes it reacts/acts on it. Like I said- that one being that it is cannabis and how it is mainly illegal for citizens to grow it in most of the US I wouldn't stress too much on it. Yes it is priceless to get cannabis straight from a Master grower who cares for it in a sacred way but look more deeply at your journey than who you are getting it from. Unless of course the person is super low vibe of course because that will affect ya weed! In this case it isn't dangerous like with plants n the plant medicine world. 🌱 Next let's do the Granny 🌱 By Shakti 🙏 Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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Art by Tim Anderson