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Plant vibes and the grandmother Ayahuasca

“Moksha Master” by Chris Dyer.

"With so many people having done, had, are having ayahuasca it's a wonder why the world is still one hot little mess"👍😂☹️ That be my horrible one liner. It's true though, many gave at this point, udmsedore psychedelics than before and like my 28yr old daughter said "people need to know all this, they are desperate and are going to use these in ways where they don't get all they could out of it." Which is why I share with all those that come to her and just have them call with a notebook and ready to take a lot of notes, book & website info as well as files from major studies and testimonials. It's our duty. To not repeat the mistakes of the past. In recent times you have many non indigenous serving Ayahuasca. Some go deep into disagreeing with that and others defend it, but for the most part the deep concern of all, is for "maintaining the respect for the Plant". I am not writing about that but it was important to note the mixed energy already getting into the field of such a powerful being. Ayahuasca us feminine and through this please open the mind to picture, imagine, feel the energies I describe. Live as an energy being in a physical body. It's what you are. And we all start somewhere. This can either be a "read" or a third eye exercise. Ayahuasca is~ Very feminine. Absolutely. A feminine but older energy. Goes both extremes as far as~she can be firm without laughter or softness, can be ever so soft and spoil you rotten and can have wrath. A wiser, more experienced energy verses a young mother than can still be fooled or be softer because of the newness of it all. A softness beyond that of a mother because she has come to an end and all there is, is but to give. Whereas a young mother will hold back just a little not wanting to seem too soft. The energy feels different. Take a moment to just feel. Get your shaman on. If a young mother walked in the room Vibration .....(?) If an old grandmother walked in the room Vibration ....... (?) Speed..fast slow .heavy . light The Aya has grandmother energy She be wise She understands you more than you know. At your most childlike level because she too is always entering the end into the new beginning. Like a crone. That's a vibration as well. When you are about to leave but not there yet and you already left in your head. Ending heavy New beginning ready to take off Creation has that energy too. Creating. That be the energy of the Ayahuasca. The grandmother is very orderly. No more time to play and waste so things are in much more order. Organized versus scattered energy. There is an order to the events or visualizations and point to them. Symbolic, metaphoric but there is a theme about the evening or day of ceremony. The grandmother cleanses. It's a very cleansing energy. Just reading and listening to testimonials and comments or history with it if more than a season ..it cleanses. A moment ago I mentioned Visuals. She is indeed. Although some do say that they had more of an auditory and extra sensory experience. By that I mean the feeling of the droplets if water within the air, if someone is feeling the air and to them it's like a thin pattern on pattern of water and dust particles and molecules and so stops being empty. That would be extrasensory. Feeling the light's energy. The energy of the colors. Dissecting that room around you and all its energies based on all that it be. Then it takes in a whole far more organic being in a collective in a super organism vibe. That is extrasensory. They are hearing but the words carry energy and they feel that sense and go into some of our many other senses on occasion. Those senses that begin developing as one I'd awakening. There are more. Even the sixth sense is treated as rubbish, comical,sci fi late night tv but it is real. Well there are more. More ways to experience the world. Keeping it simple, realistic, exploring perhaps the other 95 .90 percent of the brain. Being open to all the ways of seeing is important with the granny. She is elder energy and has learned to see with all that she is not just her eyes. That's why she is so wise. Be open to visuals by opening up and expanding, opening, closing and strengthening your 6th chakra and 3rd eye months before. Helps magically. I say this and will expand on being ready and open for seeing anything in any way because I have a personal testimony about this. I mean, you have to say testimony or testimonial because it is a sacred experience. Far more than a story and I will include that in another post. Ayahuasca Is warm Not hot like younger herbs or medicines. Whereas something synthetic is cold and clammy. The sweat but clammy hands the glazed eyes like fog. Different energies all over to get to know. The nature of it is plentiful, it comes from bounty so it will be a rich experience. Everyone has a different experience but where as always intent. Intent. Intent. And it is all about the feels ..ayahuasca cleans the whole house. Meaning your intent and feelings but also your thoughts under the rug, your fears you tell no one,your true joys and all of it. Just like you hear people calling the Amazon the lungs of the world, Ayahuasca carries that and energy and cleanses but also like the lungs it cleanses you by removing your waste. We have heard of the Aya purge and I have heard a poor festival goer get some very good Ayahuasca and he purged for the whole time a solid 4 hours a good 6 total. Some shit on themselves. It can be for many reasons but from what I have seen it has a lot to do with respect and things not suppressed in blind amnesia instead things suppressed that people are aware of and want to keep hidden. Grandmother cleanses so you can breathe. The grace is in being a clean and aligned vessel for the whole energy of the collective to flow. You are but a dot in the grid of it all but ever so important for you are it. As are we all. With the plant medicine we are given a gift to see them at the same level that they see us. You see they perceive experience and are energy. Simple pure, closer to source pure energy. They are also a part of it all. Within the grid as animals and humans consume them. Their energy in waves makes up the plant kingdom. They do see us. Very much so. They experience serving us, we effect them with sounds and they affect us or not (mostly yes they do based on stories I shall tell one day). Experience it for yourself is my recommendation with a guide that has navigated and is well versed in the lingo so you maximize your experience is the recommendation. As well as the fact that with a shaman you get a player 2 and more energy in your favor for your desired intent. A person may go into a deep rabbit hole and get stuck there. Just feeling and going through the purging. They go through the disgust or the self loathing or discomfort. Alone they stay there then come down with some awareness of what they need to heal and comfort that they released it. Much more of course which in itself is 4 to 10 years of therapy Awesomeness (counseling to psychotherapy). The benefit of having the guide is that a shamanic guide can get you deep into that moment if fear or panic but with stillness. A point of more neutrality so you can learn as much as possible, get the most downloaded, see clearer and feel the euphoric release instead of the purgative release. The euphoric older crone granny energy is like cotton. It's soft. It's lingering. Enduring and endearing. There is length in the tone. You feel it? Just go through it. . Little by little. You don't need to do ayahuasca to adjust the dial a little bit and linger. The beauty is that with the plant medicine we have an opportunity to see and experience them. A guide can get the person in, through, out, euphoric, less vomit, onto another level perhaps to the future to release when needed in your own time grid. If a person wants to do Ayahuasca to add to their past life when over in the jungle one can guide them through past lives to eliminate a karmic dept without creating a butterfly effect (much safer more efficient with psilocybin), or what it's good for ~ eliminating an attachment to the wound a wound that affected the rest of the life times to on occasion being a deformity or a birthmark even a discoloration right where they were burned with oil & lit up in the middle ages..where they survived but with half their body scared. Born again with a huge red and brown marking covering half their body. Repeating again and again the shame, the isolation, the violence at times and having a huge mental body relationship with the wound and perhaps the people's energies involved too. Ayahuasca helps us heal that. A person with chronic pain can use it to perhaps stop punishing himself. Use it to let go or now that they let go to do the act of allowing themselves to receive into that space again. Perhaps if it is about a chronic migraine condition and the darkness they must be in, a person wants to go past life to find out if there is any link. The plant medicine will help get him or her to the right life time and to the reason or time of something. They died in battle due to a blow to the head etc. Or they were trampled and lived the rest of their lives in a chair watching the world go by in excruciating pain or they caused a lot of pain. Even if a person is not with a shaman they Can go past life without even knowing it, on their own. They will hopefully chill and just experience it in an altered state of awareness. They may see the bond, the attachment to that pain. And one can unravel that and heal that. Later people do a lot more as far as integration but there are total healings in some cases. No matter how this is experienced it is very good. As with all, caution, care and purity (meaning Don't mix it with synthetic or alcohol at a festival!) There are recorded deaths when mixed with alcohol and synthetic drugs. When not using it in a dangerous way ~ the Ayahuasca purge is well known. But even if a person purge forever so much is earned and learned. Endurance Hope I know that young man I heard purge for 4 solid hours learned the glory of the sun..he saw hope, he learned a little humility, he lost ego ..was no one to have any. It was still, I am sure,a spanking of a granny experience. I hope the rambling has helped you feel the vibration of the plant. She isn't whimsical, she isn't lovey dovey touchy feely like that, she is derp, inside, touched from the inside, touches Reaches you in her own way As we go through more the way I, cryptic at times always metaphorical will pass on the vibes teachings so you can play like when a child reading and imagining as you went. So you navigate better. The knowledge is being made to be out there and accessible. People need the medicine. It is so very needed but all must be addressed. Over all the ayahuasca plant energy is a great experience for what it's meant for. It does clean it all though. Don't just expect it to heal just one thing. She is a granny and does not clean just one room, she cleans the whole house. On the strictly shamanic note. A guide can see how the plant expands throughout your whole energy body. It gets lighter in some areas and the patterns of your "make up' your being of light pattern reacts to the plant and that assists the shaman to heal disease, be it physical/spiritual/mental. I don't work with mental but I do love to work with healing physical body and spiritual soak retrieval. A shaman can help you get it all out and not just leave a little because your energy runs out. Instead stay strong so that you can purge it all out,cleanse & nurture preparing for the new with gratitude, preparing the land. No matter what, it is a great experience. Can assist in increasing the knowledge, familiarity, expansion in your divine feminine. Because you merge with her. You open yourself up to if a good trip journeyer, to seeing and navigate on awareness or as a victim being taken by the currents hahaha, but you open yourself up and you expand the way you see the world and yourself. There are a few things as far as the Plant itself. She benefits and grows sweet when caretakers sing to her. They read stories to the plant and tell her tales but she does love vibration. Reminds me of how I felt the first time I saw a dancing plant. A tribe cares for her and ceremonies are done around her. She is not a prop or a decoration. She is a being of the land. There is an exchange and a nurturing of the relationship between mankind and mama Aya. Therefore the handler/s are very important as well as the server of the plant. Some of us see the magnificence of this plant. An ally indeed and it isn't about just serving. It's about its people. Honoring it's roots and all it is for what it does. Because it is not easy to find something that goes into you and pin points the exact day and time that you became this off course. It's a treasure. To consume it can unleash a great amount of energy that has been scattered for life times. You can use this energy and direct it through breath and the shamanic guide. Direct it to resolve it to heal anything in the future and the world or just a person. Grower to handler to server Next We can dance with a masculine vibe. Iboga.

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