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Plant Vibes & Grandfather San Pedro

Many articles and reads about San Pedro (Huachuma) (Wachuma) will start the reader out with what I'm going to start off with. It's kind of a great starting point for the type of Energy to expect from this plant medicine. Whereas Ayahuasca is the Grandmother, San Pedro Cactus is the Grandfather. It's very memorable to say the least. It brings the past into perspective through memories that slip in. Aya and other plant medicines are about more inner world. San Pedro is to me a deep outer world experience in that it guides you to see and logically perceive the outer world and to some to comprehend outer dimensions more. Memories are often remembered through the eyes of the one that lived them. As in, through the eyes of the abandoned 8 year old, the restless abused & angry 12 year old, the raped 18 year old, the mean 15 year old, the betrayed lover, no matter how old the one remembering is. We never really can rely on memories. The facts are jaded by the emotional state of being. The age affects the level of comprehension, and they are remembered as who you were, not who you are. As well as what you were. Abused, betrayed, abandoned, lied to, laughed at, what ever, state of ego you were in at that pin point time of that memory is who is doing the remembering. The fact that many have memories pour in to the journey is very good. That energy alone can get you to so many wonderful "breakthroughs" as you get to, for once in your life, for the first time in your life, you get to experience those memories but by no scientific explanation, you experience them from both perspectives. From the perspective of the child, for example, and from the perspective of the outside observer. The compassion for self is born or a need to contemplate. And that is good. Through and with a guide you can bring those memories into even deeper perspectives and integrate right away on contemplation day. The experience is that of an all knowing grandfather. It makes you look directly at the interior and at the points in your life that need healing. The grandfather is loving, loving like ayahuasca. I loved a description of the plant medicine that I shared several times. A person said that his experience with San Pedro Cactus was much better than MDMA and added that it was not even at the same level. The love was deeper. Others say out of all the plant medicines it was the best journey, it was the most loving and deeper. . Since its grandfather energy I can say that it has been like that most wonderful grandfather who you have wanted to be like, make proud, that grandfather that has pulled that out of you. That desire to have the courage to look. It guides you and you go because the mind is not pussyfooting around holding you back. The grandfather is higher ground. Elder energy. Very ancestral experiences occur. Karma comes in wonderful ways too. Many times the great karma of the ancestors and from all that you are remains like gifts unopened forgotten at the door. These plant energy guide you to ancestral realms and it's good to be guided by another that has spent time there. The prefrontal cortex takes care of the logical, the decisions, the problem solving. We spend days at these tasks and because of the increased need to choose, problem solve and time manage, we have increased activity to this part of the brain and that is why it has grown from being a more undeveloped (to say it non scientifically ,🙃) part of the brain to a very active one in our human development. Before we were more active in our lower base of the brain/above the neck reptilian brain. The San Pedro Cactus increases activity in this part of the brain as well. Which is why the observing the memory along with reliving the memory is possible. The increased perspective and logic. That to me is the most fascinating part of this plant energy and when I guide using sounds and chants as well as cranial massage to assist the traveler make the most out of that increased activity to the higher heart mind and higher mind physically. We are beasts and animals. We are mammals but we are also conscious mammals and transcending along with evolution our humanity is very beautiful. As a collective. Mm mm deliciousness. Which brings me to the bliss that the grandfather energy may get you to feel and see like me. By that I mean synesthesia is also common on this journey. I add to that, that you access other senses. If you have never had a grandfather you perhaps have been around that energy in the physical or have learned what it might be like through films or books. The father energy is different than that of the mother. The father is the disciplinarian in some cases. Used to be in all cases but I must say "some' because our family structure is not what it used to be. The Grandfather however usually leaves that up to the father unless he sees the father has missed something and he takes the child to the side to talk about things in a fatherly way but in a softer, though, more precise way. Age softens you. It gives one more days of perspectives, of ego deaths and rebirths, of pain and happiness and of moments to use the knowledge and turn it into personal wisdom. Age can also anger you more, but that is low vibration which the plants are Not. Anger actually ages the soul. The plants are not of the human emotional body tantra and suffering. Much higher vibration so in getting to know this energy, if you had an angry grandfather, perhaps even wretched abusive and all that jazz, well hopefully you burned off some karma and my sincere healing vibes to you but that is what happens to people who stay low. Low in energy. Anger. Hate. Regret. All that can be within another but that's not your fault. At least not what they chose to do with that anger. So use if all you have is a bad grandfather experience use a higher version of yourself combined with some good grandfather exams in Novels and such. You will feel the energy for yourself upon doing it, but this (these suggestions for familiarizing yourself with the plant energy) is just to give an accurate description of the feels of the vibration of this plant making the familiarization an active meditative technique as well. Once you are present with the energy on a journey you can feel more trust and understand what the energy is about and able to help you with. I call it pre care. Many therapy places offer a pre care of sorts, educating people on the law suit preventative measures or recommendations. Educating people on the history and what to expect visual hallucination or auditory hallucination, it's a bit more rare to get you merging and mixing with the energy before hand but I believe it enhances the experience. You can even begin creating your playlist (if going solo and no guide) creating your setting and getting aquatinted with the plant itself. You can also call on these energies to come into your lives. Meditate upon a grandfatherly vibe and guide yourself in meditation or shamanic journey calling the energy in. Soon enough the plant energy will come to you in most unexpected ways. The grandfather energy as described before will bring out strength and courage. This makes it a good follow-up to Grandmother Ayahuasca. The grandmother 'shows you" and the grandfather gives you the "courage" to. It's associated with Saint Peter, the Spaniards brought with them their beliefs too when populating the new lands and the indigenous plant derives it's modern western name from Saint Peter. He who held the keys to heaven. Not my invented take on it. No, it's true. In the Catholic church Saint Peter does hold the keys to heaven. And in this case I love that connection to this cactus' energy. It does hold keys for people. It is a very giving energy and holds many keys of perception. It doesn't work the upper physical mind alone, though. It also opens the heart. Open heart, logical brain means higher heart mind compassion and true love and understanding. Knowledge without ego, true wisdom. I do recommend it for microdosing. It is a wonderful studious energy. Get better at problem solving with more activity of the pre frontal cortex and less anxiety over decisions and with that and other elements you get a relaxed mind that is open to the imagination and creates! Each of the plant medicines serves a wonderful purpose. For every disease and illness, there is a plant medicine "The philosopher and teacher Rudolf Steiner once said,"For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure." Says it in sacred text and the bible as well so quite possibly true. In the case of the plant medicines, they have such great potential whether microdosed or full doses but they only have a true life changing probability, if they are used in a sacred manner. Not because it's this way or the highway..good luck. But because the traditional ways of talking to the shaman and the shaman/curandero teaching you about the energy, not just the plant effects but so much more and then assisting in the integration make it much more full proof in bringing about the long-term success /inner peace and better long term Spiritual/emotional/mental body health.