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Psilocybin guide or no guide

When wiggling around the idea of being guided by someone while consuming the plant medicine, explore everything and let yourself be guided. Talk to the clinical and the shamanic and to just a friend who may be who it was meant to be. Remember you absolutely have the right to decide if to guide yourself all on your own and just want a safety keeper, music player sound guide and Company or if you want a shamanic guide, clinical guide or full blown shamanic ceremony.

Sound healing scenery and all! When interviewing someone to guide you whether it be a friend or a professional take your time. In my case I offer a couple of shamanic breath journeys for many reasons. In other words I and other guides take their time as well, when it comes to choosing who we guide. The training of the person is key

Will they be able to guide you through that which you are seeing in a way to

walk out with keys and knowledge. Keys and knowledge for you personally.

At times a past childhood bullying experience will creep up and the person may have even

mentally blocked it. Or a person may have a guilt that has been blocking them.

A childhood question never answered.

Or if sick for example with Cancer, terminally ill, then does this person have

the ability to steer the journey into one where wellness and the elimination of fears

is ever so important. Being bathed in a white heavenly light

like the one I described in previous blog post, is described by a few 9f us , without

even knowing each other. Many describe a reset a mental reset that has assisted

them and on so many levels it had to do with really feeling that surrender and that acceptance of what the plant medicine had for them.

Do you trust yourself to get yourself into the best space for that or do you

trust that you will be able to get to those key mental spaces?

You can, but I am boldly honest and I have refused to guide people who change things up last minute or do not respect the ancient ways.

From the smallest nuance to serious must haves it's important to remember

some people need more tlc on those occasions than just a nice space and a playlist.

So although someone says they are a guide, it is you who have the power to choose.

Choose the comfort of the setting and choose your guide.

Not just by clinical certificates but based on their experience with the plant, their empathy,

their experience (personal /work not just book experience) with trauma and illness.

Mind you when someone has a mental illness that has them on

serious strong medications I responsibly would agree to speak to their doctor or

therapist first to see how they feel the medical background and

current medications, state of mind would benefit from the experience but I would

not guide.

Anxiety or past trauma yes but if person has schizophrenia or something

else it's important to work as a team.

If a person has a terminal condition bit also does require a team. The family

Is usually involved and wants to be involved and medical surroundings are common.

Whether it be a nurse or assistant present and at times if in pain it is more of a lighter dose and making the most of it through guidance, verses some monster dose.

Or we agree on a clinical setting that best suits them. At times I may be asked to

be there or to speak to the clinical specialist and that works out fine too.

Don't limit yourself and just like life make it your life experience, your way.

If you don't feel comfy then you will need more time getting into that space as well.

If you want a friend with you or someone that is not partaking in the plant medicine,

to be there, make sure to discuss that with your guide, remember all the key things

remember that for the guide, upfront communication works best.

And another thing I do is I get people into AN altered state first just through breath.

I have them do the shamanic breath practices I teach and some of the breath they will be doing

during the journey. First.

We go through a couple of sessions of Shamanic breath specifically for achievement of that

mutual comfort level and for maximizing the microdose or full dose.

So a good question is ..can they guide you through a breath journey?

Do they have holotropic or shamanic breath, breath work experience? How do they speak of the plant, what or how do they feel about a bad trip or a panic attack during a trip?

Remember: If you break down and cry do you want to do it with them? Paper certification this or that and knowing their plant medicine is great,knowing how much to charge you, but would they be great if you break down and cry for hours. That too is kind of important because it does happen at times. Also... Have they personally worked with the plant medicine. With the specific plant medicine you are working/ journeying with. It's key to me and others but there are clinical guides that have not used the plant medicine or have worked with one but not the other. None at all is surprising to me. But that exists to. I would be biased and would prefer a medicine woman ..no biggie ..would just remind me if my granny or tribe. Traditional indigenous training or otherwise. Integration is key And so not just or only documenting /recording what is seen and said during the experience but afterwards...now what. Integrating and addressing facing confronting whatever came up and yes integrating the knowledge into your life. The best way is to accept it and have someone who can guide you through you healing it yourself. So guiding yourself can be one way but always go with what you feel and resonate with. When integrating be compassionate with yourself. When integrating take your time if you have healing to do and remember The best spirituality is in your daily living. Community Live your life in a way that is in harmony with what you have learned in your journeys. The psychedelic community has a great potential in becoming a great bridge to things but not with just the I saw we were all connected and not integrating it and still not unpacking the baggage and accepting that you can not do the Psychedelic and do spiritual bypassing and expect it to give you the full benefits when you are not doing the work. Spiritual bypassing is an avoidance technique used by people who are not ready to do the work. Not ready to come face to face with the dark trips or the in your face things that come up when using psychedelics So feel for the vibe and no matter what you choose create a nice sweet environment for yourself with a guide or without. Much love



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