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Ripping off the layers

The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself. Rita Mae Brown

I have taken a while to write and publish the unraveling Conditioning blog series because

I did it.

It was hard to take off rip off


To forgive my beautiful mother

My majestic father

For their conditioning

It was hard to look at myself in the mirror one day and realize that what wasn't right was that I was almost at the point of no return ...the point where and when you have allowed the world to drag you so far from yourself that you may never make it back.

Don't scroll and mindlessly click and tell me the picture is cool

Feel something.

Feel yourself.

Are you free ?

Who were you before they wrote on the walls of your mind?

Who are you without the layers of schooling and culture molding and suppressing and saying this or that longing to be liked or because society says

It's right?





You be?

Find out baby ..it may get lonely but why not.....why the fuck not?!

But then again I am very very odd and always wanted what others didn't have

The common ...bored me.

So be it.

I traveled the world but the most sacred land was the one I found in me.

Shakti Durga

©2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts 🌻

I went looking for the Guru one day

And found her ..

I am a Shaman why? Because I am a seer...I am a reader no need for cards

And I teach you to heal yourself.

No robes necessary they got far too bloody when I transformed lead into gold.

I don't lie to ya ..we get dirty ..but ask anyone I work with .ya purge ya go ..where no one has taken you before. Not all can do the journey and that be ok.

Universal timing ... universal timing

It's a soundtrack night

Leon #theprofessional

#hermit #lover #fool #goddess #priestess #magician #shaman #everything and #nothing

#shamanictantra #liberation #healer #healyourselfhealtheworld

#mystery #mystic #tantric

Judged and labeled by puppets in robes suites chains and shackles

But eh such is #abeautifulLife

#tantric #freewoman #berber #chillosopher

Nothing nobody yet All


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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