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Second Journey Exercises for Home Practice 

All in the Nevada area except for 3 figured it out. You do first journey and big fucking deal, you practice 3 or 4 times when you masturbate and come back for second and third journey and get a more powerful journey with more complex energy exercises. The Nevada or more specifically northern Nevada Male wanted to go further sexually and that wasn't going to happen because there was no effort. To get the altered state and journey going more it was mainly more of my energy.

I mean really with baby breaths and sighs I could tell the effort of even wanking. .jerking off and breathing on their own was not there so its Tantra not mommy n me. Hey am of dark blunt truth. 🤣😎✌👇 Plain and simply ehhh that turned me off and left me drier than the desert valley. Lol.

Yes! you should make an attempt to practice it alone. You should be from zero to hero with the blog, the podcasts and the breath exercises taught during the journey and practice after basically 4 journeys. 6 max No viagra No huge expense no meds Your own altered state or power house of energy and on advanced Tantra by the 3rd or 4th journey.

Hence my getting better on my own. Still nice about my journeys and all for the Sacred masculine but same laziness as women who complain about loose vaginas and don't do their kegals or buy the Yoni egg and look at it, show it off and don't use it. To me that is ever sorry ass laziness, especially when you practice about 6 different breaths and techniques in 1 intro journey and if used and practiced for a month or two then do a 2nd journey you Will experience a difference in virility, stamina to "last" not pound harder. Learn to own your mind/sexual energy/emotions and Dick/pussy first. So for those that are dedicated to better sexual energy use and owning their power here are sacred teachings passed on with absolute integrity. Much love Read it through first and then prepare your space. The benefits are amazing. SCROTAL COMPRESSION EXERCISE: STEP BY STEP The explanation is for men in general, pardon me but I have more Male readers unless my ladies are not subscribing and reading on the down low. Which is fine. Our cojones are our lovely Ovaries so just follow with ease substituting ovaries instead. For women doing this exercise substitute the ovaries as the source of energy, keep panties on to prevent any chi from draining out. 1. Sit on the edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor about a shoulder apart. Wear loose pants or wear nothing from your waist down, so your testicles literally hang out. For women sit on the edge of a comfortable chair. Or place a soft towel on a desk chair or harder chair. When well situated and as comfortable as can be, inhale through the nostrils into the throat. Slowly, follow the breath, You can add the straw shamanic sound like we do during journeys. From there swallow the air down to the solar plexus, stop with ease at first to get your breath points right. Your solar plexus is midway between your heart and your navel. So a little above the belly button and at the belly button. Imagine a big sun. Imagine the air as a ball. 3. First the ball sits behind the solar plexus. From this point breathe deeper sending it, rolling it down to the navel. Then into the pelvis and scrotum. ☆ovaries for my goddesses Meaning pushing the inhale down deeper at first feeling that flow of energy. 4. Forcibly compress the air into the scrotum for as long as you can do so. ( hold at the ovaries ladies) The minimum period for each compression should be 30 to 40 seconds. Slowly work up to at least one minute. Every single compression shoots tremendous energy into the testes/ovaries. With compression of an entire minute the exercise takes full effect. The anal sphincter and perineum muscle must be squeezed tight during this exercise to prevent leakage of energy. 5. When you have finished the compression, exhale and relax com- pletely. If saliva accumulates in the mouth during compression, swallow it before exhaling. 6. After complete exhalation take a number of quick, short breaths to recover your wind. Dart the air in and out of the nostrils to quickly regain capacity for another compression. Remember to breath through the nose, and do not inhale unduly large quantities of air. This is called "Bellows Breathing", because you must pump your lower abdomen in and out quickly in order to do it. This exercise quickly charges the whole body. If you feel ill or out of sorts, several scrotal compressions will restore you to good form. Perform the exercises in the following sequence: First do one scrotal compression. Then rotate the waist with the arms at shoul- der level. Rest for a moment and repeat the exercise. Remember to keep the tongue up to the palate when compressing the air. Perform 5 contractions. When you have grown stronger, you may do five compres- sions in succession and then rest with waist rotation. Then begin a second series of five compressions. Keep the breathing between compression short and shallow to not lodge power high in the body. Inhale through the nostrils into the throat. Then down to the lower abdomen. Among many benefits to libido circulation and more this exercise and others I teach you in the purest manner keeping the integrity of the teaching. These also are great for general lack of energy and associated symptoms with regular practice.