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Shamanic alternative Healing (the original healthcare)

I have always done these at different spots, be it in workshops at festivals, in Orlando, Miami and Reno aside from doing learning them in Central America. But I am now listing them because I also am here with so much for my Divine feminine.

First I like to provide you with a recent grounding link, article to open your mind to the fact that this is ancient self care that is needed in these times. Not just for your vagina but for your karmic debris, ties and DNA.

This here is from a favorite source about womb massage https://www.huffpost.com/entry/maya-massage_b_2388751 This is also a beautiful gift offering. As the author says this should be Free to everyone! https://www.tomakeamommy.com/mayan-abdominal-massage-for-fertility-easy-self-abdominal-massage-to-help-you-get-pregnant/ There are a few different ways depending on the situation and purpose that we experience this massage. For fertility we maneuver in a way much like this with whatever emphasis is necessary one one if these A karmic contract Healing past life karmic debris A childhood trauma. Trigger anything to not just help you get pregnant but also clear your vibe, connection, journey with the future human gods and goddeses you will bring into the human experience. We clear you first So it's an add on Doing this according to most indigenous tribes is necessary at times in order to bring life into a woman's dormant or lower vibration portal of creation. So a true traditional Central American Shamanic womb massage You may also want to experience menstral relief, cleansing after a miscarriage or cleansing after a rape or unpleasant sexual experience or a blissful altered state pleasure! I design it just for you with your desired outcome in mind. That is why a chat so we can co pilot together is important. ***Phone Consultation Traditional healing Lomi Lomi massage

Legitimate exquisite Traditional Hawaiian Lomi massage Adding breath techniques at different times for increased relaxation, a little tapping and energy manipulation. Keeping attention on the physical but bringing in the Shamanic journey of the elemental body to then connect with land, ancestors, spirit guides, and breath of course. It is rhythmic, detoxifying at times enough to release a lil acid and have a little soreness if not treated ahead of time with a nice breath and hip opening lymphatic massage. So we do Lomi Lomi and lymphatic with a relaxing clearing shamanic journey. Variations in areas of focus can include but not limited to: Chakra Journey and Lomi Lomi, Native american Indian Sacred tunnel journey Be advised these will give you a physical experience as we journey through chakras.

Main chakras as well as higher and knees as well as hands and below feet Both sides Guided meditation Breath

Listen to THE FLOWER OF LIFE https://soundcloud.com/m-ms/the-flower-of-life-third-act