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Small reviews of past journey copilots

"Thank you for being you.

Our journey will have to continue on to a next chapter in 2 months or so. That was a lot to process. I revealed long buried fears that were root of needing to be in control. Thank you for your guidance" N~After a shamanic plant medicine journey.


Sessions with Shatki

This is not your normal “WOKE” therapies, sessions or conversations. I have been a student since 2019/2020, personal friends much longer and doing my own journey’s and practices since my early 20’s.

What I have experienced, witnessed, and participated in is the authentic teachings of a truly gifted and blessed Shaman. I have learned that all the power we need is inside of us to heal ourselves. NO BS or you have to buy this or that, you have to take this drug. NO NO NO. We are the drug we all have it inside us, we just have to reach it.

I have connected more with my plant, animal, crystal, and GODHEAD spirit energies, have deep breathing down to an almost science (TRUST ME ON THIS ONE ITS ALL IN THE BREATH- it almost got me!!), explored past lives (this is amazing and sheds so much light on your current life and things happening good and bad), and begun that beloved spiral up to the next delish level. 4 notebooks later and still counting. YOU let me say it again, YOU have to do the work. Even the greatest teacher alive cannot take you over the finish line. You and only you can do that for yourself.

Always available for a quick chat or 3 hour call, yes Shatki has your back and then some. She will tell you what is meant for you to hear, whether you like it or not. Those tough conversation are a must. That is the only way to get to the center and root of what ails you. If you are looking and searching for the true answers and tired of following the sheep, New Age movement, or the WOKE tribe then be good to yourself and introduce yourself to Shatki and talk with her. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Julie from Georgia student of the Shamanic 2020 to present


Been doing plant medicine a long time. This just took it over the top.

Not only the time you took for pre-care

Clearing energy centers before and after, linking up with guides and animal spirits plus the free shamanic breath twice before we journeyed was so unexpected awesome.

Am impressed at what a genuine difference it made. Making the journey as you call it much more expansive and easier to utilize all downloaded during integration.

Thank you. I will take a month or two to process all take my time and return again Sensei!

Angel Cabrera


Thank you for your support during a highly unexpected and upside down year.

The Shamanic from Africa to Aboriginal, Druid as well as the powerful Native American was a treat. How you went deep into the neurology and biology of things, the specializing in what I was already naturally able to do but just fine tuning it, the free readings included, the homework 😊 and making sure we put it into practical use, all was great last year Shakti. And I must admit, a total surprise! Can't wait to see "oh the places we'll go this year!

Genuine heart never change.

Anthony R.


The Shamanic breath and Microdosing ....brilliant.

Cassie, Sydney Australia


Am so happy I found you. I had been doing little things like youtube meditations and using scents but what surprised me the most was how I felt things in my body right after our first block of 5 minutes during the intro breath session. I felt numbness, tingles and definitely more like myself? Like the energy that I am? I also wanted to talk to you more because after the breath it was so easy for Me to talk to you about a trauma I knew I was still carrying but surprised me with what you said about how trauma can take a tole on nervous system and body in general. I have begun making more time to self care and I really appreciate you taking

the extra time. SweetyD


Thank you for teaching me how to open up myself to my body more. Thank you for giving me confirmation to things I had been feeling and thinking for a while. I listened to your podcast

all last year. Can't wait to learn new ways to connect with myself more or experience the connection as you say as well as others.

I have a lot to work on but you are right non judgement especially towards self. Woman! Thank you is all I can say! Don't forget me I don't want to lose touch. I want you in my life! Reno. Nevada


For the past life I apologize for our interruption. However i am happy that I got to experience or remember the nebula. It was such a beautiful place. I didn't want to leave. It was so peaceful. I was so at peace. Then to see a town that was by ocean that looked like Greece was great too and I know it was a very different life style or I felt different so am happy we will try to go back to that one next time.

Thank you for your guidance. After the second round of breath all the colors intensified and had I not been online with you may have had to stop. Was definitely very interesting to say the least.~ Past life Shamanic breath online



I love how you made it all about me. All of it. Thank you

Carlos. Miami


Thank you for being you. I hope you have been staying safe. We came up to solitude due to our health issues. I enjoy your onlyfans and definitely can see how average sex is not your thing, with all you know! Always an easy read and simple explanation to techniques I wouldn't do if someone like you would not explain it in a way I can follow!! Stay safe goddess.

Shasta traveleWhen I got to you my wife wouldn't even disrobe and the space you got us to!?! Wow! All I can say is wow! Thank you for the book too.


Venezuela couple


A crygasm. I had never heard of that but felt so light after that.

You are right it is a massage on steroids.

What can I say thank you for the crygasm, womb healing, full body wave and you. Absolute heaven.

Ms. Kay ~Yoni womb healing

Sexual karmic cleanse


That was from an individual goddess intro journey.

That was from couples workshop journey

And by the way if you do not want to be treated like a "Client" don't act like one. Si no quieres ser tratado como un Cliente no actues como uno. You must be open to Receive. If you are just open to receive a little flow you get a little flow. Just a little connection You get a little connection. And that is perfectly ok as well. But do not just speak like a mindless one saying what you believe I wish to hear. Because you can not fake your vibe. Enter any experience with respect and compassion for the other as well and openness. If I sense things I make sessions or interactions end rather quickly. So being open is key.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time and you, amazing and very different adventure! I hope you have a good rest of of your time in Orlando"

Otown intro journey

Past life regression

And YES my co pilots you entered into my history too!

It is such an honor to celebrate YOU

That you are here with Me

On this great Life experience!

Co pilotos ya se vieron anonimos pero entraron a la historia de Shakti Durga tambien. Que honor celebrar aunque sea un minuto de sus vidas en presencia!! Estamos vivos! Eso es Orgasmico!

And I get so many more that really are from people that have been willing to own their healing, their emotions, their energy and step out of the box and mind and

Own the mind.

Powerful stuff but you have to do your share because only you have the key. I simply guide you.

Much love

I don't play ..if you are open to receive the cleansing it is very powerful

The purple hair stayed but always have been a Chameleon so ya never know ..gotta stay aware and experience the connection we already have 😜

Come journey


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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