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Social Media round up

I want to apologize for the inconsistency of the blog.

I self heal a lot. My eyes I do alternative therapies for, acupuncture, floatation, spinal decompression and ice baths rarely but some.

I stay big pharma free for eyes and eyes have gone from being only 20% in the light to handling entire days of light. So light is ok and no more chemical burn etc.

However my fibromyalgia and hyper sensitivity is going on high alert

so I have had many nights of a lot of pain but no suffering so no worries but that

means I then have to self heal more hours and prepare all intentional liquids, herbs and mixes.

And anyway then I have to charge up so as to do what I do.

Healings and things.

It does all take my high energy and we must cultivate our energy.

Replenish. Tend to what needs tending to.

If our bodies are rejecting something then what state of the union is our energy?

In what condition is our energy?

What have we been around?

Surrounded by?

It's important to do these things when you are a healer or active duty


We must go to the animal kingdom and nurture ourselves with that

part of ourselves.

We must communicate with the plant and crystal energy.

Get elemental and commune with all around especially the moon.

We must always heal the healer.

Anyway a little master jam of social media posts

Le salad


Everyone is longing to be seen.


Men are blue stealing it (movie ref)

While women say 

Here I am


Me.as I am

.does that not ring true

Deep and

Wide for you?

If there be a collective consciousness

  ..is it saying


The agony in the ecstasy

Here I am

Look at me my love

For I am your mirror



I teach Nagual we definitely journey with the Animal kingdom

I ask you follow on Instagram or the New Baby Twitter

Had to start all over due to twitter hacking and bots.

So a meme drop and a book recommendation