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Solar chakra bites

The Solar plexus Chakra

The third chakra and breath self love technique

So ready for some psychedelic sex ❤

Will obviously be slightly fucked if the I Am and the I have are weak or hyper or slow sluggish weak

Low vibe

Feel slow


The I can

The I can is the birth of that flow

The areas that stimulate the I can, be they emotional or logical or strength

Are all great for this chakra.

And you see the "I can" fires that energy up and once through the heart has a great chance if at least making it to the third eye.

You have to know thyself

And know that the best way to do that is through another.

Experience and find out who you are not. Experience your way. Safely and set your boundaries and state your truth, speak it , hiss it, moan it, groan it

Enjoy it

Let it build up

Fill it up

And pour out of you

Onto your reality

Send your orgasm to the solar chakra

Hold that perineum

Squeeze that sphincter

Inhale that energy up

Own it up to the center if the sun

At your center

If you be a goddess then you squeeze that asshole, that Perineum, and hold the breath

Imagine that fire that light going up the spine

To the solar chakra

Both genders Swallow your saliva

Center that energy

Will it

Compress it to the center

Imagine it spinning

At the speed of light

Sit there and empower yourself

Exhale and send that energy into the atmosphere

Into what you and only you CAN manifest.


©2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts