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Soulfood Sonic Geometry 

Sonic Geometry the language of Frequency and Form

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Sonic Geometry

https://youtu.be/FY74AFQl2qQ Part 2 Sonic part 2 Just click it baby 👇

Part two

Recommended links if ya wanna take it deeper baby copy paste link below for even more Recommendations https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVuh_WuXRDbIE_JXexyJVaLOeCQniQZ0M

I take my spiritual practice as science I cross reference and I studied math and science past 10 yrs through Harvard lectures, yale lectures books Biogenesis like conferences MIT lectures, research portals for those of us who research And made teacher friends for life But not Gurus Physical scientists etc And some in my group are building the new language We do exist The save the world geeks and those who will push the mind and dare to fry maybe In the attempt to use the mind past the 10% There is a whole mind to research, explore, navigate and control Mind is a tool The better you understand science and math the more you will understand Tantra the more spiritual you will see buildings, mountains and all around you. "Let the waters be gathered together..." Or, as it may be rendered: “Let the [masculine and feminine] waters become equilibrated and blended harmoniously together, then will the earth [physicality] become filled with the glory of Elohim and then will the dry land [solar body] appear.." i.e., the mystery of the divine unity expressed in the occult formula imparted to and made known only to initiated students and adepts of the secret doctrine." - Zohar All paths spoke of the alchemy of the Orgasm Shakti