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The Crystal kingdom post one

Let's get a little proper groove going on into the New Year.

There are some people who are very drawn to crystals. More than others they gravitate towards them. They also feel very soothed, energized, protected, reactive or amplified with them or around them.

Other people a very similar vibe with certain animals and still others are pure plant kingdom.

Yes you can feel and experience your connection and beingNess with all kingdoms as I share them, but most people in my journey have been 1 more so than others or two very few went behind that outwordly resonant chime with more than that. Nothing extreme. We are just in cities or nature with cities near by and so it's all good.

Some have a planetary or magnetic strength in their connection experience. So it's all very very good. Always. No compete clause in effect because there isn't even anything to compare. All there is allowing oneself to experience the best and highest vibration one can experience within oneself in the limited though expansive, human condition.

There are very good starter crystals.

Very strong, easier to find powerful crystals.

I will also note some that are good to carry in your own medicine pouch which I too can prepare for you or with you if you are local.

The Smokey Quartz

Healing Properties Smokey Quartz disperses fear, lifts depression and negativity. It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety. Promotes positive thoughts and action, and alleviates suicidal tendencies. Dispels nightmares and manifests your dreams.

Also cleansing and clearing of soul debris and attachments.

Also don't forget that the shape further type of the crystal also expands the benefits.

Elestials are defined by their energy and their appearance.

They mostly occur as smokey quartz.

Master of releasing that debris and those attachments like small energy fiber optic threads invisible to the naked eye.


Fossilized Petrified wood

Aids in mobility

Strengthens bones

Grounding and also clears karmic debris

Good to use at base chakra,legs and below the feet to draw In and remind yourself of receiving that grounding Earth energy.

________Tension busters ____


Great for strained muscles

Tension knots if on the shoulder can feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders or your high expectations and large demands upon yourself along with the problems of other.

Some hold tension and stiffness caused by fear.

As defined by Charmsoflight

We have this explanation/recommendation:

Magnetite is anti-inflammatory, relieves muscle aches and pains, and is beneficial for asthma, blood and the circulatory system, skin, and hair. It stimulates sluggish organs and sedates overactive ones. Magnetite provides healing energy necessary for recovery.



Associated with the heart chakra

Influences physical and mental body.

It protects against radiation and has been used in the treatment of asthma, arthritis, swollen joints, broken bones and torn muscles. Note: Malachite absorbs negative energy easily, but holds it within the stone until it is cleaned, so it is important to “clear” your Malachite often. HealingCrystals.com

🌻 Healthy tip

Used along with a bit of a Lavender spritz a set 1 hour before bed phone and TV screen free plus cannabis or valerian root Malachite can assist in regulating those sleep cycles

Blue lace

Agate ______

Great for that throat chakra

Healing for my struggling communicators but also brings in that silk spun look it has of a soothing blue.

It is a calming one. A fluid one.



If you want to go deep look for Elestials when it comes to the formation

These can assist in purging getting out things you be working on. Great for soul retrieval, rewriting your soul contract and so much more

In the daily the Amethyst is about letting go of those attachments It is also the primary carrier of that violet energy so make sure you work with the real deal.

Also for those interested in its properties for carrying out the seventh ray directives in ritual, ceremony and personal alchemy practice.

The amethyst acts as a ray. It directs that strong violet ray energy directly where your intention goes.

,🌻Healthy tip

Make a good elixer out if it or simply have a crystal bottle with smaller amethyst and spritz it on yourself.

🌠Clear Quartz

Amplify those other healing stones.

Reduce the sensation of pain when used along with essential oils and herbal tonics.

______________Lapiz Lazuli______________

One of my old favorites

This one is not only a sacred stone found at the third eye of mummified pharaoh's and associated with Atlantis this stone is also wonderful for anxiety and depression.


I will continue posting about the crystal kingdom so just stay tuned for the titles though sometimes silly they do always contain a little somethin, somethin.


Ch love each post will go deeper

into specific ones as well as more into grids and

Practical uses as well. Again some may resonate to other things

and still others resonate deeply with

the crystal energy. All is good