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The Journey of the Sacred Masculine 

New episode Sacred Masculine Ssss..coming, check it out. If ya wanna 😋💪🙏❤😘 Such exciting times for you #gentlemen Much respect and #infinite bows wonderful #kings The ssss will make sense pretty quick. #spirituality #evolution #podcast #MiamiFL

Copy paste and enjoy As much as I enjoyed the journey through you


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Teachings to savour or scroll ❤The Sacred Masculine is very tiered. Women carried babies &walked beside them on the silk road and as they traveled across land and sea. The truth IS that the sacred masculine energy conquered the world for us and got us out of the dark ages. Protected as he conquered and hunted and his purpose was then taken away. Same as the goddess was told be more like a man otherwise she would not be good enough. castrated, knees taken out as you do in jui jujitsu. Purpose gone. The sacred masculine does need a moment to rest then Rise again. As does the divine feminine. But here lies the key. The past is gone. Quite heavy and big shoes to fill but we can not go back. The original purpose of man was to fuck, hunt, kill. Women were to nurture, gather keep the tribe strong as the men conquered We have a world conquered, we are divided on many levels, the wars are of a different nature. For the new Sacred masculine to rise and the new Divine feminine to rise we are looking at going where others have not gone before. We are developing technology that we ourselves are evolving faster than ourselves. That in turn is creating our lives. We can not go back. Its climate change, food crisis looming and peoples backs are breaking. It is Visionary times. The second coming is of Man Rest to Rise again Ascend to resurrect die unto all you have known before. For the #SacredMasculine to rise he must have the courage to reinvent and create himself once again. For it is when #Man created God that God created Man. By Shakti Durga Healing Arts The teachings of your white Rabbit 👉🐇🙃 More on Sacred Masculine podcast recorded already and up tomorrow For #Goddess Journeys Akashic, Tantric energy manipulation, past life, karmic cleansing and more DM Text Call or fill contact form to schedule a call. Come have a Sacred Masculine Journey connect with the tribe, grid and all that is goooood


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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