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The move to chronic pain, terminal illness and Death Doula/end of life

There is so much to say about Death.

And as I have said, I did work hard to reach people on the balancing of the masculine / divine feminine in the traditional tantric and the ones that got it and understood it ..

Received it.

I have always had the same offering of expanding that moment and this life experience for the Living and healthy. No difference there The moment Of the stillness. The stillness in even, the orgasm.

It was very hard to bring people to the realization that this was self care, that the breath, the inner journey, ending internal wars and such and that many paths, religions and practices had done all this for centuries. These are practices and ways that help us achieve a higher deeper level within that gives life a different meaning because it is not seen and measured and valued based on ridiculous lenses.

We are losing a respect for life and we are simply allowing ourselves to be bagged up and thrown or drugged up and left to die.

We can expand what this is and go deeper into this.

I would say it wasn't necessary if the wealthy and successful would *not* have come to me and if they weren't interested in the shamanic or plant medicine. But they are.

It is they who have helped me see that no matter how high in the success ladder or how low in addictions and glow .

This is about something far greater .. something that all paths spoke of and if we look at science we can see the language of energy and hear and understand the language of god. We will be ...

I have chosen to assist in end of life and with terminal illness because to give the gift of a deeper life and vibration at any age is worth it ..at any time and age in this here place...

to see the amazing gift that life truly is

We must end these practices of no respect for death.

Do any of you watch the show Vikings haha imagine we went from that..as a people honoring the dead to what happens today.

That is a diresprct to life

And the more that happens it adds to the vibration of hate, disrespect for life, anger, a not following the cosmic order way of things

We must bring back and bring on again the dignity in death.

There is a lot of terminal illness and chronic pain out there and people need to expand on those or in those moments when they feel good ..so in this way they can restore and live fuller lives even and especially at the end of life.

This care was present in the past as I have said even the Buddha had an attendant and in the book, "How a Buddhist monk prepares to die" the author too explains the tradition of having a death bed attendant as well.

We put people in sterile places and make sure that they are not in physical pain but we do not care for the emotional pain, the mental body pain or the energetic body.

This is not good. There are many working to save our lands and many working to bring balance back because we are, without going into beliefs or religion, we are clearly out of balance.


Just in the separation it can be seen, the lack of balance is what some can perceive ..you can see people struggling or a death of humanity on every level.

Allow me to explain

The end is near laugh, chuckle, eventually we will perish and that perhaps is fatalist but even if we transhuman it out we and we last longer, we will perish as a humanity in this human condition.

We will not stay in this form for long. And that's ok.

However we need not race to this place or state to the ending of that which we are.

No attachment for I can not wait to "light being" it out but why speed up our demise and history ending as a race.

To forget how great we are just to stray so far from it that we are forced by that longing deep within to remember how great we truly are and how much better we can do and be towards our living and dying.

We are far more than robots

Consumers or a class

Or just data



Another post

Just another like or emoji

Just as much as a person who is not with a Terminal condition. We are life itself and as humans we should have more of an active part in our end of life days.

(Ariel on one of his last adventures.) I feel even more a reason to give them, the brave warriors who are terminally ill, a choice if not choices in the sensitive time when all deserve care , dignity and respect.

The choice is what I want our people, humanity to carry forward into our demise or whatever.

I say bring in the shamanic because it opens you up to the connection that is already there. .

With the Tantric it was necessary to transcend through the body. Through it. Accepting the shadow but in a more coragroud and solitary way though if coupled much more intense and fulfilling.

At end of life, with chronic illness, chronic pain, terminal illness, end of life we can raise awareness about all the possibilities for living a more fulfilling life.

The offerings I offer and the offerings and gifts left in Shamanic teachings is the same for all.

all can benefit.

Our Retreat to Guatemala

To the Resort with plenty of lush earth energy land with trips to the Chamanic village, Great lakes Atitlán or Tikal, Will be

End of Life in the living


Why wait till the last breath to see your life embracing you fully, as deeply as possible loving you unveiling your highest potential.

You are light and energy so doing the shamanic offerings clears, fine tunes, hones your skills, and brings you to a point of being the proper vessel for universal energy to flow.

The mixture of resort and water park and solitude is with intent. You see we are in a very western world and so in the middle of the chaos we can and must find the balance, neutrality and total enhanced human experience.

Much energy is waisted on distractions.

Once things are seen clearly there is no suffering not because you don't miss them or gave up but because the illusion is not better than the other ..next. .layer of all that you are.

Life can be sweeter

Can be kinder

and one

Can be among compassionate loving people that are authentic and embrace knowledge not who is right and wrong but who can I learn from and not who can I teach bit who can I share with. Who can I pay today forward to?

It is no longer a choice even and so it is truly liberating on many levels.

Once the quality of Life depends on or is valued by things not of the living but material and parasitic or lacking the respect for what we are then Death and how we treat death is also reflected.

We are treating Death with out compassion and not caring for each other on do many levels.

There are many ways to Die with dignity.

The Shamanic plus 3 offerings strictly for #Endoflife and #terminalillness will include Leaving a Legacy

Very excited about

Providng information and details about my exploration of #greenfunerals


Plus I will also offer the most traditional which also may include

Bedside attending and last days rituals based on persons beliefs and or ancestral traditions.

Join me and receive information not on death but on Living

Also explore the baby new patreon

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