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The New Energy Body series

The podcast ran all last year

Was totally happy doing that

It was a way of sharing and gave me the opportunity to reach

students and followers that I personally know in a cool way.

I have been asked for over a decade now lol to do a YouTube channel and I just do my path

I am not in it for the business of spirituality

Am in it for very deep lifetime purposes.

Yes I about went broke saving my eye sight to now be legally blind and lowvision iand conquer chronic conditions and need to eat but I am not going back

So this be my Karmic yoga for the day I suppose part if it

I am here of service

Just started this series a day ago

Energy body series

First Topic


All short video chats perspectives

Not a cure

Nothing works without your presence and your work

And courage

These are just perspectives

First ones no visual just audio

Here be the link to playlist


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