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The offerings and a Fun Guy

The plant medicine of the pscilocybe mushrooms is a sacred and old one. From drawings on tablets depicting a godly vibe about them in pictures. Pictures of a God or demi God offering another the plant medicine and it all being a part of the rituals/rites of passage and sacred knowledge. There are over 200 psilocybin mushrooms. There are mutations that occur and mutations occur, increasing the variety of strains. Also growers, eco system sustainers and stewards of the mushroom plant medicine end up adding variety as well at times. Basic way of saying, that's how you get so many strains but the truth is that it involves more than that. It involves the weather/climate and soil of course. Some of the Fungi Magic fungi only grow in certain areas. For example the Easy find link to a wiki Psilocybe stuntzii is found growing scattered to gregarious to cespitose, rarely solitary, in conifer wood chips and bark mulch, in soils rich in woody debris, and in new lawns of freshly laid sod or any newly mulched garden throughout the western region of the Pacific Northwest. From late July through December, has been observed growing all year long in the Seattle, Washington area, also reported from California, rarely as far south as Santa Cruz. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psilocybe_stuntzii And to go back a second Going back to the dated guesses of the cultural and the plant medicine history wise also from Wiki Imagery found on prehistoric murals and rock paintings of modern-day Spain and Algeria suggests that human usage of psilocybin mushrooms predates recorded history. In Mesoamerica, the mushrooms had long been consumed in spiritual and divinatory ceremonies before Spanish chroniclers first documented their use in the 16th century. In 1959, the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann isolated the active principle psilocybin from the mushroom Psilocybe mexicana. Hofmann's employer Sandoz marketed and sold pure psilocybin to physicians and clinicians worldwide for use in psychedelic psychotherapy. Let's flow as I usually do in my metaphorical writing and continue with the strains and the importance of knowing these for a deeper experience, to determine best dosage, usage, purpose/intent. Especially if planning on consuming it for a therapeutic purpose the more you know about the science of it proves to be beneficial and the clearer you have the mental and physical environment around this experience ..the better!! Knowing the different varieties and knowing what to look for is highly important if you are foraging for funguys yourself. Which can happen. For example: traveling through Central America, there were spots people claimed to be patches of magic! Many a gringo would go hiking around the mountains. So it CAN randomly not coincidentally happen. But some can be deadly and not respecting the plant will always bite ya. "Some varieties can also produce adverse effects when paired with alcohol or eaten within 48 hours of consuming alcohol. Some individuals may also experience allergic reactions to certain varieties of mushrooms, which others do not experience. Broadly, mushrooms can be very dangerous if not consumed carefully." https://www.explorehoodcanal.com/blog/2020/9/17/mushrooms I didn't have to read that to believe it. I actually traveled with someone who had a very bad allergic reaction and was not fun at all Doing plant medicine with care and respect is always a plus. Some strains are more popular or sought out than others. The penis envy, for example,called that due to its shape and size. "Penis Envy P. cubensis has an interesting history. It is theorized the strain was isolated from Amazonian P. cubensis (another popular strain) by legendary ethnobotanist and psychonaut Terence McKenna. Since Mckenna’s original isolation, many variations of Penis Envy have subsequently been created, such as Albino Penis Envy and Uncut Penis Envy. All of these variations have characteristics which are clearly distinct from other P. cubensis strains, consisting of substantially higher potency (30 to 50 percent); extremely thick, dense stems; and pale, underdeveloped caps — making them somewhat resemblant of the organ for which they were named. They are known to generate an experience filled with deep philosophical ideations and intense feelings of euphoria" https://merryjane.com/amp/what-are-the-differences-among-magic-mushroom-strains-and-their-trips I experienced a season when I was familiar with a small group of people that consumed these in whatever way. .in tea,just straight ..and in a variety of set doses. Some did a low amount of maybe 1.5 grams others a 3.5 or 4 Or more! All of them had one thing in common, though,they all cried. That particular batch had everyone crying. Whether if a teary moment or bawling from the heart crying, didn't matter as far as just the observation, goes. For some it was a door opening into their earliest trauma, for others just a crack and for others that door flew open and popped off the hinges. But no matter what, it went into those shadow lands for them. The plant medicine guided them to where they needed to place awareness and by doing so, guiding them into the shadow lands that needed their light. One woman spoke of remembering something she had blacked out and hadn't thought of in years, which was having been bullied. Made fun of Treated badly Judged Harmed Traumatized As a child. She said she wept like never before and she relived it in the altered state, vivid and real enough to give her that soul shake down. Another said he felt the sadness in the land, the earth, the plants and plant kingdom. He said he was consumed with sadness. A sadness he couldn't avoid or escape. He told of how his friends were each in different rooms doing this or that and that he couldn't make himself listen to music or touch fabrics or go outside and just sit there caressing the grass. Oh no! He said he could only feel a sadness that crippled him, kept him from wanting to move. He felt heavy, he felt polluted and a choking sadness. So he just accepted it and sent it love because he didn't know what else to do. He remembered to call on his animal spirits and guides but aside from that all the could do was send love and THAT was actually perfect. His breath calmed the crying. Then the crying simply turned to sobs and then to a huge bliss, a comfort as if being in the most amazing arms. As the sobs turned to a glowing smoke on his face so too did his feelings of being loved and being safe, nurtured and Alive, increase. It was pure content fulfillment as he later summed up. Everyone came to me with stories of something being moved deep within (metaphorically, spiritually is up to perspective & opinion) them and a trauma or necessary shadow requiring attention. Some strains, some grids are very in tune with us much more than you know. But there again what I have mentioned at times, the biochem soul vibe of the grower may affect it as can- sadness of some sort ... (Sadness meaning energy vibe ..imagine sadness or bring to mind a sad memory, now simply feel it...that particular vibration is what I mean. Though different for each the vibe is distinctly similar and can be recognized if one has spent time in one's own shadow lands). Whether it be less energy, more sluggish energy or less vibrant lighter energy or what we call sadness doesn't matter. What matters is that so much of this Earth has been lost. From extinction of animals to endless plants and trees, species that are no longer. The loss must be felt if it has any shred of awareness and consciousness. Remember, the quality of the soil and other environmental things can change things so never expect anything. Don't think every penis envy is going to bring forth the same experience because THAT is the beauty of the fun guys plant medicine, fungus among us. Another popular kind, just to give you another strain, before I move into intention/therapy/and other psychedelia. Huautla This strain was one of the first to be classified, and its name comes from the village of Huautla De Jiménez in Oaxaca, Mexico. Huautla are typically medium-sized mushrooms of moderate potency that sporate very heavily, often turning the caps purple-black with spores. They are known to reliably elicit spiritually meaningful experiences permeated with intense feelings of love and unity, along with a sense of connection with nature and the universe as a whole. And another one is the Golden teacher. Here again for more on the breakdown of strains please do visit https://merryjane.com/amp/what-are-the-differences-among-magic-mushroom-strains-and-their-trips As well as the links in the link drop at the end. Because now we are moving into another part or color in the spectrum. Mushrooms are super popular these days and many people ARE having amazing experiences so the dialogue and talking about IT, them, the Fungi has started and the most accurate information foundation on your part should start at the botanical level. This blog is also for my solo travelers that are partaking in the plant medicine but can not afford to or are in a position to be guided. No matter if you use a guide or not. You should learn as much about the dynamics of the Mycelium grid, it's nature, the various strains too of course and then after the basic elementary science the oldest stories/writings and then the shamanic books by elders or passed on verbally and then way after ...the pop culture he said she said he wrote a woke book individual who may not guide you in the safest and optimal way. Now,all is good and always will be so when people go about things in abusive or lower vibe way I simply allow their choice because their soul may need that hard lesson. But the fact is the plant medicine does teach and help unravel and explain. But just ...just Based on the fact that you are understanding, seeing, believing to experience something so indeed experiencing it in one way or another so many things, so much information at such a higher speed makes you want to take a pause. Microdosing in an intelligent temporary way, is fine and blessed. But prolonged and just doing that alone doesn't produce any notorious really cool results. Now we can flow into uses and intent while keeping in mind the strains and things we have mentioned up to now. I have known people who have microcosed 3 to 5 seasons of their lives. Maybe for 1 year then 3 months then 2 years and so on. With months or years apart and in-between. Who not only take and consume the plant but instead also work with the plant medicine. They meditate, do breath work, a martial arts or yogic or sports practice to incorporate balance/fluid body for fluid mind vs rigid and strengthening their bodies in order to house their faster vibrating energy and they use that knowledge before they move into another season. They full-on enhance their life practice. Others do mushrooms with the purpose or intent to heal a trauma. They use the plant medicine normally doing a package deal with me ...just saying.. Meaning: pre care, phone consultation, shamanic breath intro, microdosing, dosing 2x (large good comfortable dose), meditation, breath, diet, journaling in order to keep track of things that stood out in the day or larger dose trip, journaling about the feels. Writing about how weird a day it was (a week after your journey) or if you were hoping for excitement then writing about even "thinking" about that. Using your awareness and noticing how it heightens as you microdose and go along. Aside from journaling, using those things combined such as the microdosing/dosing/contemplation as fun Exploration of the self. Don't judge. Allow yourself to heal. Allow it and use it. When consuming the plant medicine for trauma the type of strain is important to me. (My practice places huge importance on pre-care and after). The setting may vary a lot or a little from person to person. There are many different traumas. So the strain and intent for me dance a bit hand in hand. Also the trauma is something we do pre-care and after-care for as mentioned before and I will say it again~ Pre care is huge for me so as to serve the person better. I ask for the phone consultation and give the offering if the Shamanic breath intro for free for a very priceless reason. The after care is important because if the person unraveled some shit ..it's best to not leave loose ends and to allow the plant to serve it's highest purpose instead of skipping steps and not allowing it. Maintenance in some cases is what the after care is. A person who was abused doesn't want to have extremes in boundaries or temper or isolation once the trauma is unraveled and healed. The person now faces a totally new perspective at times that may give them the expansion/power and strength to change their career or lifestyle. After care is something very few to none offer in this line of "Offering" to me ..but "business" to others. And when I say that I do so with all due respect. I do things from the heart-mind not the upper mind and so my life practice is my work or business practice. All paths are unique and the way I live my practice is my choice. Need not be that of others. However I will point out the slight differences as well as the endless similarities. In my humble opinion though... When you think about it~ not offering after care is like saying "Here little boy/girl....I got some candy..." Giving them a try and saying peace out. It's that instant gratification shit. That instant gratification that does not go along with healing and psychedelics. Not for long term progress. We can not build the new on instant gratification and more illusions based on the old ways. The pre care and after care as well as the guidance Is totally worth it in terms of the long term highest possible outcome. You can be guided by your heart and attract the plant medicine to yourself, you can read endlessly guided to what you need to read, you can attract a guide, you can draw higher minded beings into your field of play, you can stumble upon a retreat offer, you can win a prize of a retreat or trip to a place where it is allí legal and you find it easily or you can work with a tight close group of individuals with similar higher intents, or you can hire a Shamanic guide, etc. How you do it or bring it into your life practice doesn't really matter. Your way is the way and path. Be guided and trust. If you are surrounded by people dropping hits like candy and tripping balls and talking a lot about their connectedness experience and the destruction of their ego but not evolving or expanding from it then observe and attract others and perhaps another type of experience in your life when it comes to the plant medicine. If you experience destruction of the ego, that's beautiful however a type of ego still exists and resides if telling the story and making such a big deal about it believing yourself to be better/holier more woke, Now. If talking about the destruction of the ego evolves into just a telling of the story throughout time then all that is ...Is a good fucking hallucination, a good trip and a good story to tell by the campfire. If that experience includes the absorbing of the lesson learned and the transcendence by using that lesson as fuel to: strengthen the soul Balance out the energy body Experience that connection more and more throughout the everyday life Without psychedelic plant aid but instead using the knowledge of that connection to experience the connection that one is. A good reminder here People are aware of this essential equipment, their senses and their mind intellect & ego but they don't go into the power that drives the inner equipment. With the plant medicine people see the webbing the connection the fiber optic like threads and shapes, fragments, the sacred geometry and patterns so the knowledge is there. One can begin using the plant medicine knowledge right away during the "trip" but more so after. Using that awareness of the unity and connection and turning that knowledge into personal wisdom is up to each and every person. Each has different things needing adjusting in order to remain ⭐in that ⭐as that web of light and oneness mixed with noneness humility and bliss. Each person therefore has different after care that can be done in order to maximize the knowledge gained and accessed during the mushroom trip. The language a person speaks helps the Shaman guide them through the things seen)observed/witnessed/experienced during the mushroom trip. By language I mean The personal lingo. A shaman picks up on that lingo. I tell people the easiest way I can describe it, for it really needs no explanation really ...it's for experience For experiencing not really for reading and dissecting/overthinking/ analysis. The easiest way to explain is being at a poker table and being a Shaman. I may not know what exact cards people have but I know how they will play each card they have. Based on their vibration and their personal lingo ...language of their operating system. So much more to that but throughout the blog and teachings you find more on things such as this. Learning the person's lingo is something I will share more of in the future as well too. Seeing that which the traveler sees and knowing the person's lingo or understanding and being familiar with their vibe allows one to guide because you as the shaman and guide are following their perspective and their own soul's direction not your own or an agenda or limited element at all. We guide to where their soul tells us and we allow universe healing and guidance to flow into and through us to that open vessel traveler who is another reflection of the self. Knowing the intent or having an intent enhances makes more vibrant and clear the outcome of that trip. Did you Navigate or just escape so you can feel the connection you only seem to feel there .. in fungi land? Did you feel and learn, see and experience and turn that knowledge into wisdom or did you just seek that feeling trying to recapture that unity like a person does a second and third line of cocaine trying to relive the rush and the exhilaration of that first line? No judgement here to anyone's past experiences. Owning up to past intent and experience is good but let it go and moving on just accept that it increases the non judgement and awareness of self. Practice the compassion and non judgement on yourself as much as possible. So for the next journey or from now on... Intent. You can add a pure and useful to the soul.intent. Intent, can be reached at its finest and at its highest purity if we take the time with ourselves and/or with the person to be guided. For me it is in that pre care Phone consultation Shamanic breath and conversations before the use of the mushroom that get us to the purest true intent ..true reason the person was drawn to me and the plant. That is how I have found I can serve at my best Listening and "learning" that person to be guided (personal language and all) in a state of love and compassion ~ in surrender allowing a greater force to see through you and guide the other. I also choose the strain, the grower and setting to match our intent and have room for the undefinable spontaneous play that be the moment we create. Once the Plant medicine is experienced and that part is done then we go into the after care. When unraveling a trauma during a fungi session we work like surgeons at times. Healing, transcending, highest possible outcome happens to those that help themselves. ⭐At times, the after care, can take a few days of journaling or reliving the experience and writing about it and if "solo" without a guide, you can do all these things as well. Feel free to take advantage of the free phone consultation. I have no problem giving a nice 1 or 2 hour bit of shared knowledge and teachings passed on. I offer the free phone consultation to be of assistance anyway as well as to do a lil karma yoga do it's ok to just ask a few questions for your own solo journey even if you are not planning on using a guide or if you want to take your microdosing to a higher deeper level or if you wish to maximize that dose. Afterwards we work together towards setting up the best fluid way to incorporate, integrate that downloaded knowledge and turn it into your personal life practice wisdom! The setting I co create with the person no matter where is usually a safe/creative/ soothing space. I use scents and crystals of course I use things I love that I find enhance our experience as well as serve the experience/intent and ultimately our paths. People often consult with me on things like this too. I can create a temple wherever I go but that's just me. It is about the person being guided and if you are doing it solo then what you know about yourself is what you have to sign with. Which should be a wealth of information. Nature You are nature You don't need to bring in leaves/trees and roots or stones but you CAN allow your imagination to express and be. Bring into the experience that which you gravitate to. If you have a blanket you like that feels comforting then incorporate it into the space. If you want to record and just 4alk to yourself, cool! If you want to bring in fruits, teas, plenty of comfort things and also whatever you may need. When people tell me that they do battle with entities or something and they wish to do the plant medicine alone then I remind them to have things that they relate to as protection amulets or protectors. If they know the lights get too bright then preset proper lighting. If you already know you have to write a few things that may come up and that more importantly may be keys to healing a trauma etc. then I recommend having paper and pen to write with or a way to record yourself speaking. I also recommend using sigils and other things. Above all this is non-denominational. You don't have to be any religion or add things that you do not believe in. Mushrooms don't have a human religion or way. Their religion is simple existing I could add do much to this and will Baby steps though We are Eternal after all. If you would like a phone consultation it's in the booking page book online or you can submit a fully filled mindful contact form. It's not much to ask for do that I can serve your and my path in the highest vibe way. Your name What you want me to call you The offering you are interested in The experience you have Doesn't matter if your experience is a pro microdoser or "I just read a book" Please let me know. It dies make a difference as does letting me know of any allergies, or negative experience. Then express yourself You would think I don't need to express this but I get spammers just like anyone and get direct messages and incomplete forms through out the day, plus an low vision, so I go through inquiries that serve me. If a person can not write why they want me to call them and can not exercise basic vocabulary/love and respect for life and compassion towards this serious offering and towards me ..then ..I have no time for that. If it's in our best interest and serves the collective it will find a way. Life always does. We will continue on the plant offering later with just a simple youtube linked audio and of course the pimped up version of Conversations with Shaman audio is coming summer 2021 And the rough drafts will continue this coming week. Uploaded to the youtube (links are in previous blogs) 2021 I will open up the Patreon or Vocal creators I can't give it all away free lol literally hours and hours go into content creating and those are not just hours..it's my life so gotta charge for some of the content. Also having various small sources of income allows me to do free phone consultation..free shamanic breath..free hospital visits and keep teachings low verses going crazy chasing money or followers I just balance it in a way that keeps me from getting the Guru Flu (becoming that which I rose to transcend not become a part of the oppression patterns). So yes! Do kindly take advantage of Meaning "receive" the gifts of teachings passed on that are all over this site and receive the phone consultations and meditations ..receive receive receive and when you can Do support by following on social media Linking up a friend to the site Subscribing Buying something in the store Dropping a donation after a freebie Or sharing my info Or just dropping some love and letting me know of any comments, questions or concerns about building your highest purpose Life Path Gratitude Shakti www.shaktidurgahealingarts.com shaktidurgalove@gmail.com

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Here is a great little depository ..collection of pictures and findings https://mushroomobserver.org/species_list/show_species_list/306 https://psilocybintechnology.com/question-different-effects-from-different-psilocybin-mushrooms/

__________________________________ Link drop Here is a great little depository ..collection of pictures and findings https://mushroomobserver.org/species_list/show_species_list/306 https://psilocybintechnology.com/question-different-effects-from-different-psilocybin-mushrooms/