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The Sananga blog to go with IGTV post

Sananga and Amazonian snuff Rape' also called Hape' Sananga is in the Ibogaine family. For those familiar with my work I have been an activist for Kava Kratom Cannabis legalization As well as Ibogaine legalization to end opiate addiction and addiction in general when used with therapy and a long term plan. The mushroom legalization was taken over by Johnson and Johnson making big pharma a player in the new more commercial world of the plant medicine. I also am involved with fundraising as well as raising awareness about legitimate organizations such as MAPS ( a leader and pioneer in the study and bringing to legalization such things as MDMA and Ayahuasca for PTSD as well as for terminal illness or chronic pain). Cross-reference don't take my word as gold. Even the Buddha warned of the dangers of not questioning. So from their site itself Maps.org MAPS is a leader in psychedelic research. Since 1986, MAPS has been on a mission to create safe, legal, and beneficial opportunities for psychedelics in medicine and society. Moving on just a quick tidbit of the social and legal reforms I have been involved with and more recently my own studies regarding Sananga for chronic pain, my Fuchs dystrophy as well as second vertebrae damage to my ocular nerve. By this I mean presenting all Science (tests and diagnostics plus videos and pictures of the medical painful part of my journey) not just "he said she said" opinions but Facts and scientific wrong diagnosis, right diagnosis .$300 prescription eye drops and my Sananga experience across the board. Presenting my full experience when I work with someone regarding any plant, in this case Sananga, is a part of what you get when it comes to my offerings. Sananga being a part of the Ibogaine plant has many spiritual benefits and many personal testimonials are out there, plus studies regarding its physical benefits are available and in terms of studies there are several presently taking place. A common starter question is: what is Ibogaine in terms of its effects and why I am working towards legalization of it as described on Wiki it's most active ingredient is : The Tabernaemontana undulata contains iboga alkaloids,[2] naturally occurring psychoactive compounds. Ibogaine is used in pain management and to treat opiate addiction. In addition, it is used to facilitate psychological introspection and spiritual exploration. In low dosages, ibogaine is a stimulant and aphrodisiac, while in larger amounts it is a divinatory medicine, similar to both Ayahuasca and Peyote. Now in terms of the actual Sananga Tabernaemontana undulata, also known as “Becchete” or “Sananga”, is a milkweed species that grows in the Amazon Rainforest. It is very similar to Tabernanthe iboga and contains the ibogaine alkaloid in its root bark. Here from a pretty reputable source from whom I get nothing as far as not a brand ambassador Or spokesperson etc. I like them and mentioned them in IGTV video so figured would use their description along with my own added experience notes. From psychedelictimes.com For traditional Amazonian tribespeople, sananga is a powerful eye medicine used to sharpen night vision. For modern seekers of spiritual healing, however, sananga does more than help with hunting. Often used as a precursor to ayahuasca ceremonies by the Kaxinawa and Matsés tribes of Brazil, these powerful eye drops have a healing power that’s more energetic than physical, and that has the capacity to increase spiritual insight in the minds of those who use it. Sananga is potent medicine, and while you can administer sananga for yourself without undergoing a guided ceremony, it’s important to find a reputable source and to educate yourself on its proper usage beforehand. Benefits of Sananga Sananga is still used by many tribes in the heart of the Amazon, but its benefits are reaching the rest of the world as these tribes open up ceremonies to outsiders and train those who are interested in the administration of the eye drops. Used either in conjunction with ayahuasca or as a stand-alone treatment, sananga shows powerful potential to treat a spectrum of physical and psychospiritual illnesses:

  • Treats and prevents ocular diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and blindness

  • Detoxifies the body

  • Increases visual perception and enhances colors

  • Clears long-standing inner anger

  • Used in conjunction, helps with mental disorders such as addiction, depression, and anxiety

  • Resets energetic field

  • Treats spiritual diseases (“panema”) caused by negative energies in the body. These spiritual diseases can accumulate in a person’s energetic body and make a person depressed and anxious

This is a great article written by someone who used it and did the 30 day Burn challenge which inspired me https://psychedelictimes.com/the-long-burn-a-30-day-sananga-challenge/ ---------------------------------------- In my personal life obviously it was an interest in working with the plant as a shaman as well as as a hopeful eye condition patient. I was afraid of course that I would be sold something that would make my eyes worse. My eyes had a physical body serious condition going on. I had spent thousands of dollars on traveling from Tahoe to Miami to the Palmer Eye specialists (supposedly the best 26yrs straight) I spent thousands on Scleral lenses $300 eye drops $400 $200 Expensive lenses and this and that however there I was in pain for over 18 months. I began getting swollen eye issues while at the Ranch (bunny ranch love ranch brothels of Nevada...plenty of witnesses lol and sucked because I was unable to work even just Tantra and still had to pay to live there). I was dealing with the neurological and spending on chronic pain tests and such so my eyes taking center stage was not that easy but it seemed as if no matter what since I was alone in my travels ..my vision needed top priority. Reason why I warn about scams is ..... I was sold bogus drops in one situation and after one use and comparing it to when I used legitimate drops, I reached out to the company. Well guess what? After they received my email letting them know I had a serious eye condition and wanted any lab tests or more info because they did not seem or feel like the legitimate Sananga drops I had used from true Amazonian source before... ..they (the scammers) disappeared from the internet. Don't get so desperate that something serious happens. I totally understand. . but even though I had little $$ and I wanted the healing so much but I was not going to take the chance, I threw those fake drops out after just one drop. Absolute garbage is out there and if you are not familiar with the real thing and in the case of Sananga you only have the knowledge that it burns like hell ..well baby It can be piss, semen lol hot sauce or it can be whatever that ya don't know. The more credible The more knowledgeable The more education the company or person gives you the better!!!! When I administer them before a healing or therapy or offering I do it myself as well. I seal my word as my bond by doing it as well with you. Now A little on the spiritual side of it from my personal experience. Spiritually my Shaman recommended it to me but not promising 20/20 vision instead simply saying: " When you see what you need to see with your soul you will see much better with your physical eyes" My other herbalist and Central American root worker worded it very much the same. At the time I was also battling with deciding paths, fork in the road type of stuff. I was a seer To give you a basic explanation of that term Here is a quick meaning and use: 'In Creek culture, a kithla is a person who “knows” things. In English this kind of person might be called a “seer” or a “diviner.” In 1812, several Cherokee prophets reported a vision which showed that the Great Spirit was very angry with the Cherokee." I was having visions at age 7. I would tell my mother prophecy rants and unfortunately the fact that I told her one in particular stuck....and hurt ...a lot.. At age 7 .. i and others remember me saying.. " Mama, today I will need you to give me extra food and help because you know those 2 big buildings in the City. A huge plane flew into them mama, fire was every where it was boom boom and then the one building came down then people screaming ...." I saw the huge buildings known as the Twin Towers coming down exactly as they would 25 years earlier. Described in a very accurate manner to my mother. As soon as the event happened she called me ...saying and asking all in one, with an eerie vibe "Do you remember what you said and saw as a child....." So the Seer thing was something I struggled with or fought with for many many years. I have shared that many times on my path my Feeling- was - what was the purpose of seeing if I could not stop and prevent these things. I sat in front of an ex boyfriend once and was shaking, we had already had sex and been hanging out and partying and we were just chilling. There I was shaking and we joked, he joked. .... " you feel uncomfortable because of my energy haha but you didn't feel uncomfortable last night lol" I remember saying as an excuse/explanation "...it's your energy...something about it, it's really strong!" The truth was I saw myself in the bed laying with him in fetal position having a heart attack. I saw myself dying with him many times. I even told him once ..it would be beautiful to go live on the mountain with him however I knew it would never happen. I was not guessing or joking. I saw things that I shared with a couple of friends. Even saying to Cody, a long time friend, that Universe was giving me an open book test lol and that I was failing. I saw and yeah...I too didnt want to believe or have that responsibility. Because you see it is IT IS A gift As well as a RESPONSIBILITY Without a doubt. We may not be able to stop things but we can do other things. And in order to do these things one must be a clear and proper vessel plus be emotionally intelligent and accept that gifts are not yours. They are for you to give and for the benefit of the collective. I was also a Healer. The fork in the road had a lot to do with my belief that I had to choose. There were many things I was not seeing clearly. There was a lot of balance and elements that needed to come into play. When you see what you must ..you will see what you need to see. Was one way my Lakota granny put it. During my 30 day burn challenge I had very powerful experiences. One should do both eyes either at the same time if one has two attendants or as close to back to back as possible. It burns however I guide people with breath so they can flow through this. The breath and guidance, the burn and the experience during this and hape helps us with so many things. I had my eyes closed once and remember sharing on Instagram how I had a vision with a Bee. I was breathing and flowing with the burn and then I had a vision or lets say if you don't believe in visions if devil's advocate, that I imagined, a bee going into my eye. My right eye. It was mildly horrific to tell you the truth for about 30 seconds then I just surrendered to the vision of it. I felt little thread like things being pulled out. I heard the word Trust. I felt supported and I felt myself letting go. The experience was not painful but it was unexpected as well as beautiful in the end. The whites of my eyes got a brighter healthier white and the color of my eyes just seemed very vibrant as well. -------------------------------------------- Here is a bit of Science regarding the whites of the eyes Written By: Reena Mukamal Reviewed By: William Barry Lee MD Jul. 30, 2020 The white part of the eye, called the sclera, is a protective layer that covers more than 80% of the eyeball’s surface. A healthy sclera is white. But what does it mean when the sclera takes on a different hue? If your whites become yellow, like Michael Jordan’s eyes in ‘The Last Dance,’ or otherwise discolored, consult with your ophthalmologist. In some cases, this could signal an underlying health condition. Here are a few colors your sclera might turn, and possible reasons why. What does it mean if the whites of your eyes turn yellow? A small patch of yellow tissue that bulges out of the conjunctiva — the transparent film covering the sclera — could be a pinguecula. This is caused by ultraviolet damage from the sun combined with damage from wind or dust. Sometimes these patches can get inflamed and appear reddish. Left untreated, a pinguecula can develop into pterygium, also called “surfer’s eye”. This is a larger, wedge-shaped growth that can expand to the cornea and block vision. If the entire sclera turns yellow, it is often a sign of jaundice. Jaundice is caused by a buildup of old red blood cells, called bilirubin. These cells are normally filtered out by the liver and turned into bile. That bile is stored in the gallbladder and eventually excreted by the body. But when the liver, gallbladder or pancreas are not working properly, jaundice can develop. It's important to contact your primary care doctor right away if you notice your entire sclera turn yellow. The rest is here: https://www.aao.org/eye-health/tips-prevention/discolored-sclera-whites-of-my-eyes-turn-yellow

I use plant medicine but research all from University papers, studies as well as public clinical trials plus of course in person Q&A with doctors and in this case neuroOpthamologists and optometrists.

I don't get my info from facebook, YouTube or the streets.

My intentions are not to have followers but to actually help the human condition. I know for a fact that whether it be an illness or a mental block a cure is far more possible when healing the whole person




I like to be well informed and know what people are saying about things on the street but I prefer going to science, traditional native indian elders as well as sacred text, scientific and historical literature plus when I share ..sharing that along with my own experience of it.

When I say I work with the plant or a plant I mean I have spent a season or two using it, growing and cultivating it, storing it, learning under an elder, using it and then processing it crossreferencing and researching the results and personal findings more and then administering it etc.

I have not grown Ibogaine seed to dose but I have grown and cultivated it from baby seedling.

Just to clarify or further explain what I personally mean by "working" with the plant.

Will explain a bit on Hape in the next blog

For now do enjoy life and be as happy as is your Birthright meaning allow yourself to be ..be..be

Allow it

Receive it

Receive yourselves

Much love


More on the Shamanic classes at the end 9f the quick quick rundown of the plant medicine. As one does not find out about this in a 15 minutes or less IGTV

at least not in my reality.


you can use Plant Medicine alone or with a guide

if you have the emotional intelligence to unravel as well as not leave loose ends and transcend alone

more power to you and youtube

I had guides and Shaman

I did not do it the youtube way

I use science, diagnostics to know it's working, humility, curiosity and Guides even today when I want a good shake down.

also I have it all over Twitter and here

I don't buy any plant medicine online

I like my plants to listen to symphonies and chanting from seed to dose

am too picky and prefer them being grown by tribe in tribal land.

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⭐There is the link to the Igtv and also find them on my Instagram



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