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The Shamanic Breath Intro & Psychonaught journey

Expanding this page has been a bit of a mobile platform issue. Looks great on a Desktop version. Lol.

So adding it here as well as these are what I have been offering for years now but are offerings/services that expanded taking off during the Covid.pandemic. lockdown times.

Pardon any typos as with low vision and having techy issues the task ended up being a Shakti adventure snd opportunity for growth 🤣🤔😉✌♥️🙏

The psychonaught tantric and spiritual seeker journey is one that evolved from an in person journey into an online offering during the covid crisis. Change is inevitable and this offering evolved into something that was more comfortable for many but above all more accessible not just during lockdowns but many saw this was also more possible in the comfort of home even in regular times.  For many this is a purely breath experience which is fantastic and I shall describe a bit more of the experience with some examples and following that I will explain a bit more of the experience with the use of microdosing or plant medicine.  But to give you a little more background on where I am coming from on this without making it a book!  Here is more info on my background, "feels" on this and info on the Psychonaught journeys.  When I was doing my own personal journeys for Shamanic path and living in remote areas spending time with either indigenous from those areas or visiting Shaman, medicine woman, etc. I learned various breath techniques for extending my journeys with plant medicines but also without the use of anything. Simply connecting again in spirit to the specific plant or Earth energy I had previously worked with or was working with. In the past I too had done my own set/season of past life regressions with breath alone as well and the power/energy of my guide.  A guide's energy, you learn,  is very precious and a big part of the journey. Bringing this up to the medicine women whether in Central America or Hawaii was something they already knew of and spoke with me about in sharing several trance inducing breaths and knowledge.  Later I found that some of these same ancient and at times indigenous techniques and practices ~ were also techniques being used by various "Certification" sellers that didn't give the indigenous the true credit they deserved. I too took a certification for a well known breath therapy practice and was later told that they ~ "certification seller"~ did not approve with me mixing it with mainly >Tantra< and tantric journeys. For me it was an obvious way to get to  that deep relaxation journey that took the massage (pressure point/meridian) healing hands and energy work to another level, so I made a very known statement even on this website saying that in that case I would not use the trademarked name nor deny and make known that; using healing breath was nothing new and not something that you can just pack up and coin and sell to anyone with the cash because it has been done since very early Shamanic practices all over global history and not only by them but the Taoist, Hindu and then some. Using pure breath for past lives was something I had been using personally with people that came to me as well as using breath for altered state release during tantric practices. Teaching it and passing the teachings on with integrity and giving credit where credit was due became more and more important to me.   These techniques and practices although needing to be passed on with utmost care should be available to all and not always at the key price of thousands of dollars. With these practices what is most important is being a true guide if you are a guide and an open-hearted, open-minded, ready to do the work, seeker if you are a seeker.  As a guide having the personal experiences in the "real" and not only in a classroom or virtual environment is important. Having hands on experience in the jungle or in the forest with a person who has not dedicated the rest of their lives to selling is key. Their vision is not cloudy nor intent for the work jaded. What they are interested in is your true devotion or true intent for the journey.  When a seeker comes the analysis is made. First off is this person truly a seeker. Are they interested in a journey. Whether it be a past life, tantric moment, shamanic, plant medicine or healing journey are they truly interested in the quest and fearless of the finds or are they just interested in a party mode (for lack of a better word) experience.  Most of the time the amount of commitment to the breath and seeking  eliminates many right off the bat. Why?  Because even in the Shamanic Intro, which I offer on a donation basis, all experience something within the first 5 minute block. We do three 5 minute blocks or rounds with inbetween rest periods that also include breath. By the second round~ colors get brighter, sensations get more intense such as tingles in the hands and feet etc. as well as other noticable things. What surprises many is the speed at which this works. The effectiveness. The next surprise is how intense the 3 rounds are in an absolutely "New" way and how suddenly things buried way in there (psyche or emotional blockage) come out to the surface. For some with serious trauma often the Intro session brings up things they need a moment to digest and to decide if they truly want to go into this because Guess what?You will and can and it's not a gimmick. The intro always allows that small taste of it and gives you a very real idea of what a 45 minute or longer  session will be like. After doing an Intro session with me there is always a chat, always an exploration/introspection  of the Session. At least 90% of the time, hands down just in the Intro session part of the true reason they were led to this comes up. Many times a recent trauma comes up that they did not tell me about originally. This being to test me or in very human nature, to protect themselves from being taken advantage of by a charlatan. Other times they will tell me before hand but not dive straight into it with alot of detail.  During the breath and guidance we end up going deeper into the issue and out comes a root. By root I mean what really needs to be healed.  Many times people choose to go slow and embark on their journey in very respectable baby steps, doing small Shamanic breath journeys like the Intro but going longer each time. Upon the second session we normally uproot something else, be it a childhood experience or a much earlier experience with a root to be healed. These elements of the process are very important. When something like this is done just like when dropping a hit of acid/LSD or doing plant medicine,  you may uproot things that you had buried deep within. If you do it or things like this it is so important to allow time to process this. People who do these as entertainment don't do well because they are not ready for this. They either didn't believe or knew in the back of their mind and true self that something might have happened but are not fully ready to embrace it and deal with it, uproot it and go through the, at times long and hard inner journey. The Shamanic breath Intro journey is what I use to not only prepare people for the longer journeys but to also give the person a clear experience and an intelligent choice.  Each incorporates different breath techniques and some add ons, for example: in-person past life regressions include the use of crystals and herbs. Herbs are used for the scents and the traveling energy or for the calming or for the person's personal connection to them. Crystals for the travel and healing energies or if someone wishes to go back to a specific time and place (if for example they had a previous past life regressions or experience or even glimpse in a dream that they wish to go back to. All is done very much with care and prepared for the individual himself.  Online the type of journey is established once done with the intro preliminaries and again because these practices should be done with care and tailored for the individual. A guide will not only know what to ask or look for but also often times we see the true nature of why someone is coming to this before even they truly see it because of our own devotion to staying in tune and integrated vs see ourselves as seperate from anything. All is there perhaps not in the "specific" sense in details but most definitely in the type of energy the person is carrying. This manner in which the guide approaches the journey is key. For example a gentleman came to me for one thing and then felt that perhaps these techniques would help him recall a part of his childhood that he could not remember. At the age of 8 or so after an accident he woke up in a hospital from a coma. Upon waking he didn't even recognize his mother and had to relearn everything up to that point again. When we used techniques similar to past life we were able to get him to recall parts of the childhood he had of course but buried within. I will never forget seeing one year come out as we were into it and him later saying,"Did you see the one year that came out! That's when I started remembering!"It was great to take him back specifically to what we needed to go into but also important to do so with care; because we would go back to memories and events that were produced by and occurred to a very young mind. All these things must be considered as far as possible findings, reading the person's energy and so on, in order to provide a safe and nurturing guided experience. Something that as far as guides go, is something you already bring in as part of your essence and can not be packaged up in your certification.  It is very necessary in my practice to offer that intro journey because not all can be described and what each person wants to dive into and explore is unique. Many times if there is a recent abuse there is prior childhood abuse but that not be the case always and each trauma, though it can be labeled as abuse has many many different faces. Much earlier in my practice before I even began traveling non stop I already used Taoist breath and have now an over 20 year meditation practice. As mentioned in the About me section the life long journey or quest of finding the similarities in the various paths (religious or otherwise) led me to finding~ indeed~ true similarities in the importance of breath. And not only the importance but the use of these techniques for everything from healing, to trance, past life, sexual energy raising, chakra/sacred energy  balancing, getting in tune with nature and ultimately with self and so much more. In summary the only reason I chose not to trademark or develop a certification is because these are not my teachings. The use of these teachings in a Shamanic way or "guru" way already means that you will work in assisting the person to *HEAL THEMSELVES*MindBodySoulOnce sessions are done you explore together the process of healing whatever comes up from the ROOT. When you heal from the root verses surface symptoms the success is not just longer lasting but overflows just like the negative wound/trauma/root did into other aspects of their lives in a most positive way. Communication, expression and creativity for example become easier and take on a more liberated form which is natural when root aspects of the self are healed. After these sessions the need to heal the fragmented self or childhood self becomes a next step and this is something the seeker decides to do at their own pace. I never rush or push something because only you know exactly when you are ready to either process something, confront it or simply let go of it. And all  are worthy of respect, space and time. The push isn't a sale, the purpose isn't a sale but instead it is more a decision and commitment on both ends.  If I sense the person wants a "rave" experience to put it easy to understand comically, I simply dig deeper at first to not assume but to also gather if there is an underlying issue the person may be playing aloof about or really bringing to the table. Respect for any practice even any type of yoga is important. Allowing the experience and actually commiting to doing the techniques and session. If a person interrupts the initial 5 minute time frame of the Intro journey I dive deeper because the person may have a medical issue they kept from me (on more than one occasion people suddenly remembered to mention that Yes! They had had seizures before!).  This is not a horrible session stopper but the type of breath should be less intensified and other guidance can be used to achieve same results of a journey in a safer way. Other times the interruptions are for lack of respect for the practices and so we do not proceed. At times because of in all honesty my looks people believe it can all turn into a web cam session and they believe I wrote all this and this whole website for shots and giggles? My WTF moments come in all shapes sizes and ways. Which is always ok. Wouldn't want it all to be boring. Other times it maybe a hesitation because something did come up and their memory banks were stirred or because"Holy shit! Shakti if I did not have you online right now I would be a little wigged out. All the colors are brighter and flat objects seem to have some depth to them!" Etc. Etc. There for a true guide will have key things they will look for and asses, perhaps not in my exact way but in a very similar way. Even in packaged Ayahuasca retreats they follow many systematic time lines. Group intro ceremonies with other plants, the month long  dieta and personal time with the healers and medicine workers present. Equally so just because you are in an urban setting the key elements prior and during should not be missed just because you are not in a rainforest or Amazon. The guide as well as the seeker should both have respect for the practice/session/ journey.  All that being said and kept to giving as much information as possible while keeping it somewhat short we move onto more description of the breaths used. Yeay! These breath techniques include and vary in terms of the type of journey and purpose but normally include a mixture of the following and include specific breath breaks for reasons specified later in this read.  The use of Shamanic breath. This meaning techniques used by indigenous peoples. Nagual techniques are those with birth in Mesoamerica and ways that took the seeker into awareness of the non ordinary. They believed much in the animal spirit kingdom in the connection of the person to specific animal energies. Even in passing on the teachings of the Quodoushka which are from the Nagual Medicine women of Mexico, the connection to the human anatomy and the animal kingdom is taught. Connection to the animal realm is much appreciated and important in my journeys because indeed, we are Animals. We are mammals and there just like in all else the connection exists. Someone that gave the Nagual mainstream at least Psychedelic main stream attention was Carlos Castaneda. The teachings of Don Juan and Carlos Cataneda writings gave much importance to many things but among them to the Dream state and the union of the healer/dreamer and warrior. A healer must have the courage of a warrior. The Shaman or guide can guide and teach you techniques and ways but ultimately it IS you who must confront and heal any aspects of the Shadow yourself. No one can do it for you.  The Nagual and other traditions use many techniques that are very animalistic in origin. Some techniques are much like panting even with tongue out much like the Kundalini (across the world Breath of fire for example). Other techniques similar to various traditions across the globe are those of the sweeping breath used to bring the seeker to a space of seeing the ties or energetic filaments that have a hold on us and deeper into clear vision of the root. Of the non ordinary.  Another great element of the Nagual, toltec and other indigenous shamanic traditions is the very beautiful method in which it's done which is partially how I work at this. The intent for doing these techniques and practices. The intent for choosing this path or journey. Eliminating what doesn't serve the process.Choosing what you want to dive into with care and open mind. As well as assesing that both (guide and seeker) have the courage and commitment to do this battle and/or passage..quest..journey!When in person I incorporate certain touch to specific places not only meridians but for example the area of the sternum which is for Dream travel/aware dream state facilitation and more. Here a quote from Don Juan:THE BEST WAY TO ENTER INTO DREAMING IS TO CONCENTRATE ON THE AREA JUST AT THE TIP OF THE STERNUM, AT THE TOP OF THE BELLY. THE ATTENTION NEEDED FOR DREAMING STEMS FROM THAT AREA. THE ENERGY NEEDED IN ORDER TO MOVE AND TO SEEK IN DREAMING STEMS FROM THE AREA AN INCH OR TWO BELOW THE BELLY BUTTON. THAT ENERGY IS THE WILL, OR THE POWER TO SELECT, TO ASSEMBLE. IN A WOMAN BOTH THE ATTENTION AND THE ENERGY FOR DREAMING ORIGINATE FROM THE WOMB.” Basically the breath techniques used from the Nagual are for that connection to the inner animal, to the animal web/connection and to the inner warrior and dreamer. All of which is most necessary. In dream state we pay attention to the non ordinary, our mind us not labeling and decifering for us what is important or not, we are not following the mind instead we are free to experience the dream and allow it to unfold. When in a journey we want to awaken that in the waking and use it while conquering the mind and owning it. Adding in elements like the fearlessness of the animal kingdom or the stealth abilities or the navigation system is part of all this in order to produce a safe and productive altered state. Of course an entire library can be written on the teachings of these people, traditions, ways and of the teachings of Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan but for this purpose am trying to keep it informative yet as short as possible for the intent of the web page.  Another tradition and where certain elements to the journey are detived from is the Yoruba tradition. Yoruba trance breath~The Yoruba culture originated in Nigeria and  they would perform sacred rituals in which they would enter a trance. This trance was often much more intense for some present at the rituals but all experienced a trance or form of altered state for the purposes of these rituals.  The state of trance very early on in my research became significant, as even back in their origin times they would use only breath and drumming, beat, frequency, rhythmic breathing, open mind open heart. Plant Medicine as far as chewing of leaves or roots was incorporated by some chosen ones in the ritual but not by all. The type of breath used has passed the test of time as has the drumming and the use has remained but the true more intense methods still used more so in very sacred and private religious/spiritual group practices like the making of a new priest/priestess and so on.  The value of the rhythmic breath in sync with the drumming and frequency was not only used in the Yoruba tradition but also in more advanced tantric and gnostic as well as Taoist traditions. So all very much related. Pranayama in Hindu yoga is the regulation of the breath through techniques and practices as well. Pranayama has benefits in improving the respiratory system, nervous system and heart rate. This being of much importance when designing a sequence for a seeker. Passing on daily exercises for before and after not only assists with anxiety but for regulation of heart rate and circulatory system. All that improves the quality of our breath is great not just for journeys but for daily life. Taoist breath techniques go hand in hand with much of the Hindu based in that they are geared towards bringing that beautiful energy not only into the body but into specific key areas like the womb, heart, Testies and higher energy centers or chakras. This specific targeting becomes of much importance when designing a session/ journey for a very specific reason. Also important when we stumble upon perhaps womb healing that is necessary due to sexual abuse or specific trauma. Other times people approach it from an energy body perspective. Theses people are knowledgeable about their chakras and how blockages at these can prevent them from living a fuller life, from experiencing themselves as the Physical and energy body that they are and perhaps diving into the raising of the Kundalini energy. With these journeys we go in increments because each center affects the next and blocked lower chakras or energy centers affect the energy from fully reaching the higher energy centers. It is always best to approach these journeys that produce or magnify an altered state with care verses rush for a sale. It is always however very individual and very much about the openess of both the guide and the seeker for the experience.  At times I pass on mudras which also direct the flow of energy when we must dive even deeper or need more of the physical bodies abilities as gifts for this. These mudras are things I teach for later use as well and are not used at all times. The use of specific sounds that have been historically used by more than one tradition is also something I incorporate. At times more so throughout the journey than with others. Always depending on the specific intent of the seeker/traveler/journey man or woman..haha and indeed the psychonaught. Which moves us into the various reasons people are experimenting with magic mushrooms, led and microdosing.  Each person I find has very personal reasons for doing these as well. From the I want to melt my face off more to the I wish to clear something I believe is past life related or perhaps an issue with sometgibg that they believe is from a past trauma they perhaps have blocked. The reasons and intents are as many as there are human beings experimenting and choosing to do this. For the journeys where a person wishes to extend their microdose, intensify an edible or a smoke or journey deeper with any assistance of a plant medicine the intent is of course of importance as is the type of medicine they are using. This be when a Shaman or guides knowledge and previous work with the plant is most necessary. Different plants have different knowledge and work very differently for specific cases. A DMT traveler will navigate a different terrain from a devils trumpet tea traveler or from a mushroom explorer. It will not be the same. So therefore the use of breath techniques is also not the same. The way to get you to the doors you need to open,  with or without plant medicine vary based upon the whole. A person taking a very mild daily microdose also will have a different intent from a person wanting a once in a life time experimental experience. And so on and so forth.  Doing these for the psychonaught psychedelic times community has been amazing because the benefits of microdosing are taken Next level. The focus and awareness, for example, is longer lasting as is the closer conbection to that inner bliss as well as longer or at times even daily and longer states of inner peace. During the lock down this is something more and more had a chance to experiment with because of being at home. Also because of that pull some had to take care of lose ends or finally deal with sonething that had been an issue through out relationships, careers and daily life. The times sort of have pushed us into that introspection as we are faced with uncertainty. An uncertainty that has always been there but which the ego has kept many from being at ease with. Change is inevitable and not even the certainty of waking up every morning is something that we as individuals truly posses. Instead we often adopt a fear towards even the word and in over thinking it we link and live more from a fixated version of ourselves which in reality does not exist either.  We form energy ties which keep us from moving forward. We are told where our attention goes so too does our energy but we really can't see or even allow ourselves to truly imagine that from the daily upper mind monkey chattering mind perspective. Microdosing, plant medicine, pure trance altered state produced by Shamanic or other traditional breath techniques allow us to use the mind and memory as a tool and flow with the changes verses resist the inevitable. They also place us in the role of that inner healer. We each individually know ourselves better than anyone else would and so being in these states allows us to fearlessly confront ourselves and heal ourselves as true warriors and healers.  Taking back our energy from things that no longer serve us can be a longer than one journey or season process.  The one thing I, personally approach with care isnot to leave things uprooted and not addressed or finding the root and not healing it. I have worked with people that did something, found an issue or blockage using a method which was presented to them either half ass or without care.I worked with some that were part of cults that used breath and other methods like sleep deprivation, partial sexual tantric techniques, plant medicine and were actually victims of brain washing and then some. Or people that went somewhere and had an experience which caused them another trauma! People that have shared that even just doibg a breath practice for the first time, it was done in such as a way that caused their heart to race or limbs to go numb and they were simply instructed to keep going. People that did a YouTube tutorial that did not have positive experiences because that individuality/ case by case/journey by journey specific guidance was not there. And so to finalize, within even the intro journey we use transition or "break time" breaths of a different and more meditative style. The breaks allow me to asses how the person looks, answers, his or her level of awareness, whether movement is necessary or water or a longer break or if we can go on as long and far as they want to. It also facilitates the transition from being in that altered heightened sensory state to being in the daily life surroundings. These techniques can include box breathing which is also used by the military for anxiety and panic as well as others that can either keep that energy rising yet controlled or make the reintegration easier. Afterwards we discuss, share at times the person also writes things that they experienced that they wish to remember or note for later. We discuss daily techniques that can assist with perhaps a more emotional state in flowing days and we go over all the techniques used. Noting which they can do safely without the use of a guide. If they wish to continue just in the manner of short Shamanic breath journeys, longer psychonaught journeys meaning longer and deeper altered states (with plant medicine on their end or not), or altered state self love online journeys, past life regression or whatever they choose is up to the them. I have no interest in pushing people into something they are not ready for because if they are NOT ready they will not get the full benefits from something, anything even success because they will block themselves and be their own worst enemy. In general 100% of the Shamanic Intro sessions include people "feeling" the experience, not guessing they did or wondering "I think I felt sonething".In all honesty many get surprised at what comes up. Many need a moment to digest the experience even just the intro. When people have come for the longer psychonaught journeys they too confess that they may need a couple of months or longer to really see what they are goibg to do with the knowledge obtained. One person who was a self proclaimed "control freak" and who was also highly successful after one journey was suddenly very aware that his need to control came from a total place of fear. This was alot for him. But it also great because imagine if he released that fear how much more successful could he be or better yet with the success he already had how much more could he actually enjoy it upon releasing that fear.  I always get smiles and wow! That was a lot to digest when giving information but in the written you can always come back to it, if you have specific questions or issues you have a better way to express them based on the info and it ends up laying the foundation for the nurturing environment needed for any growth and expansion to take place in a state of flow. Which is always great to take with you in daily life. Provide that nurturing environment for all that you are to grow here in the Earthly plane. I do my part you do yours and much sweeter thibgs will grow. Lay a foundation with suppressed or hidden shit and nothing of good will really have what it needs to grow. So I prefer to give as much good information as possible so the seekers that come to me can help co create and design their journeys. In awareness trust and grace. Namaste! Indeed! Because I do see it feel it and savour it Much Shakti

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