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The Tantric Journey

new episode The Tantric Journey, please check it out if you are curious....

Can't give away all the teachings because part is Shamanic and it would take forever to share from where the sequence of techniques and steps I do came from. One of my teachers has written 50 books so hey..

A summary of what in the fuck the experience is. It is not for everyone It really is for not the frustrated but for those that know life is good and want more. It includes Nuru so you can for once feel with your skin not your mind! It is sensual because life is sensual Life seduces you if you allow it to Every day it dances and unveils its grandeur before you. So it incorporates sensory overload Touch Scents Sounds Drums Heart beats Yes It is a journey That part you must be open to receive For a moment let go Allow your life to be celebrated and worshipped not cus of spiritual religion Just fucking because this is life We have another 90% of the power of the mind to explore But first own the mind Own your energy Arrive with me To the greatest show on Earth Your life Saving the world one Orgasm at a time lol 😂 touchless was literally only requested in Sin City!!! I kid you not. Vegas was all serious work!! Insane. It is in honoring your presence that I honor my own existence Deep bows

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